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Easy Video Reviews

Boost WordPress video marketing with video testimonials – Easy Video Reviews is the best help for you

Boost WordPress video marketing with video testimonials - Easy Video Reviews is the best help for you

The best way to improve your WordPress video marketing is by making video testimonials.

Video marketing is when you promote your business through the use of video. However, it may sound simple, but incorporating video marketing into your marketing strategy takes practice and finesse. This is why customer video testimonials are so important.

In simple words, a customer testimonial is positive feedback that is given by a customer after they purchased a product or service. You can get this feedback can be given voluntarily or when a company asks for a testimonial.

The difference between customer reviews and customer testimonials is that the reviews aren’t always positive. Unsatisfied clients who are disappointed with your product or service sometimes leave negative reviews.

However, testimonials are sure of trust and they are always given by happy customers.

That is why the need to collect video testimonials for WordPress sites is fast becoming a trend. Everyone is trying to collect as many video testimonials as possible.

Today we are going to talk about the need of video testimonials for WordPress and also mention a tool that will help you collect video testimonials with ease. Lets start with,

Written testimonials vs video testimonials for WordPress video marketing

Almost 90% of consumers trust customer testimonials as much as the personal recommendations from their family and friends;

Still written testimonials are the popular format of testimonials. But when we look at the stats above, people are starting to trust more on the video testimonials more than the written format.

Written testimonials are easier to get from customers. People like to write their opinions rather than show their faces. Don’t get us wrong! Written testimonials can be very effective and they are definitely more useful than no testimonials at all. Moreover, WordPress users have the luxury of choosing between a variety of great testimonial plugins packed with useful features.

However, video testimonials have a greater impact on the viewer, regardless of your target audience. Want to see the power of video testimonials for WordPress video marketing? Well, let’s see.

Written testimonialsVideo testimonials
Hard to strike an emotional chord with the readers and customersVery easy to strike an emotional chord with the readers and customers. You can easily form a deeper connection
Boring and not eye catchingVery exciting and quite eye catching
Conveys less information, takes up a lot of spaceDeliver more information in less time. Easy to place anywhere in the website. Doesn’t interfere with the website design.
12% of all text content is remembered by the reader95% of all video content is remembered by the reader
Not very trustworthy and easy to manipulateVery trustworthy and not easy to manipulate

So you can see from the comparison list why video testimonials are absolutely necessary for WordPress video marketing.

How to collect video testimonials from customers?

customers leaving testimonial for WordPress video marketing

Displaying customer testimonials on your site helps you generate up to 62% more revenue;

Now you know the benefits of video testimonials for your business, make sure you know how to collect video testimonials from your customers.

Here are some tips you can follow to collect video testimonials from your customers,

  • Pick the right time to ask them for a video testimonial. Usually as soon as they have purchased and used your product/service. This way, their memory is still fresh and they appreciate it better.
  • Explain to them how their feedback can inspire and help other people enjoy the benefits of your products/services.
  • Schedule an interview. That way you will get an opportunity to ask the right questions and bring out the best version of your video testimonials.
  • Send them examples of other video testimonials to encourage them and show them what they usually contain.
  • Make their job as easy as possible; you can provide them with the video recording methods, or you show up with a camera yourself, use remote directed video, a dedicated service.

If you follow these tips then you can easily collect video testimonials from your customers and boost your WordPress video marketing.

There are plenty of plugins and services that help you add and manage video testimonials on your website. But you can use this plugin,

Easy Video Reviews – the perfect tool to help you collect video testimonials

WordPress video review plugin for WordPress video marketing
Easy Video Reviews | WordPress video review plugin

If you are looking to start collecting video testimonials for your WordPress website with ease and place them in the right place then Easy Video Reviews is the way to go.

Using Easy Video Reviews, you can easily collect customers’ live video reviews. They can upload pre-recorded videos from anywhere on your website. You can display those reviews anywhere with the help of Shortcode, Gutenberg block, Elementor Widgets, or using HTML attr in a variety of ways, i.e., slider, carousel, grid, etc.

Here are the available features,

  • Unlimited website
  • Up to 60 videos
  • Shortcodes
  • Custom form
  • Custom style
  • Custom translation
  • Social shares
  • Embeddable video
  • EDD integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Elementor widget
  • Gutenberg block
  • Upload pre-recorded videos.

If you are looking to collect video testimonials, then we suggest that you install this plugin and start your work right away.


So, displaying testimonial videos on your website is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your conversion rates. And video testimonials is the perfect way to boost WordPress video marketing in the year 2021.

That is why you need to collect as many video reviews as you can. We tried to tell you all about the tips and tricks. Hopefully if you follow these then you can easily collect enough video testimonials quite easily.

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