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Send contact forms data to WhatsApp

3 quick steps to setup your contact form


Provide your WhatsApp info

Provide your WhatsApp number where you’ll receive the contact information.


Customize the widget

Next, you will get the option to customize the floating WordPress widget. You can edit the icon, call to action text, & form information from here.


Activate the form

That’s it. Activate the WhatsApp form, set a delay and get ready to gain valuable leads with the WhatsApp form plugin.

Features you’ll love

With loads of advanced customization features, get ready to enjoy the most premium WordPress form plugin.

Contact form to WhatsApp

By clicking on a floating icon and users will find a customizable form to submit their information and queries. Also, you'll instantly receive new customer information through WhatsApp chat.

Personalized floating icon

Activate the plugin and your audience will now find a floating WhatsApp button on your site. They’ll be able to reach you anytime by using that button.

Easy form customization

Enjoy limitless customization on your WordPress website form. Customize the form information including header text, submit button text, and form size.

Call to action text

Encourage customers to take meaningful actions with a fully editable call to action button. Edit the CTA button text, style, and size according to your need.

Merge tags and preset messages

By using preset messages and merge tags feature — you can add things like {url} or {title} in the preset messages. Tags will dynamically convert to the actual URL and Title of the pages when users use them.

More sales with advanced analytics!

With FormyChat, you get access to leads details, form data & metadata. Combine them all to get outstanding analytics that’ll help you make user-centric decisions.

Access leads

Get all form submission data (date, time, name, email) in one place. You can also search, sort and filter the form submission data with this feature.

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Export leads

Get an export button on the top right corner of the page. With just one click of the button you can export all form submission data in CSV format.

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Form data & metadata

You can access form submission data by clicking on the view icon. Here yo will also find useful metadata to further filter your contacts.

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Contact Form 7 Integration

Send your contact form 7 entries to WhatsApp in two unique ways, and streamline your customer management.

Contact Form 7 WhatsApp Integration

Connect Contact Form 7 forms with WhatsApp with our CF7 integration. Once you connect a form, submissions will be sent directly to your WhatsApp account.

With WhatsApp Contact Form, your CF7 forms can be converted into floating contact forms and you can utilize modern floating form features like floating widgets and call-to-action.

Access entries submitted through Contact Form 7 forms with ease and get details on every lead. You can also filter and access individual form submissions.

More reasons to love FormyChat

Personalized preset message
Popup contact form customization
WhatsApp Web redirection
Widget behavior customization
FormyChat icon customization
Email notifications

Powerful contact form and email integration (Upcoming)

Get ready to enjoy integration with popular contact forms and CRM plugins like Mailchimp, MailPoet, and FluentCRM.


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