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Flexi Addons

Lottie Animations are now on Flexi Addons!!

Flexi Addons Lottie Pro Widget

Animations have always been a popular way to trigger visitor behaviors over websites. Flexi Addons has released Lottie Pro widget using which we can now easily add Lottie animations by just dropping the Lottie JSON file or URL from Lottie Files

”Now that is good news for developers who had to code animation designs for websites. That was pretty hard work to be done.”

Talking about it, Lottie Files, was first introduced by Airbnb, and soon after that Lottie became an open-sourced animation library, it started to spread like wildfire. Instead of coding, now developers prefer to directly download the JSON file from Lottie Files and drop it on their website. Lottie designs soon started to become very popular due to it being a vast collection of animation library created by best animators across the globe. Also, it is super easy to download and drop the files to the website. You can now see how beautiful it looks on website pages without taking the pain of coding them.                                                                                                                     Flexi Addons has recently released the Lottie Pro widget. Now it has become much more easier to use Lottie Widget from Elementor Builder with your favorite plugin in Elementor

Firstly, Why Lottie Pro Widget is Amazing?

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