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The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins compared 2022

The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins compared 2022

Dark mode has been in the trend lately. Many websites including the big ones are taking initiative to introduce the dark mode feature for their users. So, why WordPress should stay behind. That is why we came up with a list of the best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins for you.

However, it wasn’t easy. Because there are not many notable dark plugins available in the WordPress repository. So, after many hours of researching, we found the best 4 dark mode plugins for you.

Let’s see what features they are offering shall we?

1. WP Dark Mode

best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins

The first one to make our best WordPress Dark Mode plugins list was this amazing plugin capable of giving any website the dark mode feature “WP Dark Mode”. That is why it’s at the top of the best WordPress Dark Mode plugins.

It offers both free and pro versions. So, users can easily try the free version first and then go for the pro version for more advanced features. It’s features include,

  • 5 Different Exclusive Color Scheme
  • Multiple Dark Mode Switch Style
  • Dark Mode Switch Shortcode
  • Enable Switching Option in Page content or Posts
  • Dark mode Switch Widget
  • OS Based Color Mode
  • Two different Styled Floating Switch
  • Dark mode Switch Elementor Widget
  • Dark mode Switch Gutenberg Block.

As you can see this plugin is full of features and all the necessary ones.

2. Go Night Dark Mode

The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins compared 2022

Go Night Dark Mode/Night Mode WordPress Plugin enables dark mode or night mode with multiple options for your website. This plugin has a unique feature,

It’s Save Last Time Mode allows you to save user’s choices and enable it when the user comes back to your website. You can insert the dark mode button on all pages or specific pages that you’ve selected.

It’s features include,

  • Define Custom Colors
  • Set Button Size
  • Theme Elements
  • Replace Site Logo in Dark Mode
  • Set Button Location
  • Custom Button Text
  • Select Page Activation

3. WP Night Mode

night mode

It is a simple WordPress plugin that adds the Night Mode to your WordPress websites. The plugin dynamically changes your website’s styles (typically from white to black) for a more comfortable experience while reading articles and watching videos at night.

Similar to the ‘Turn Off The Lights’ and iOS ‘Night Mode’ features.

However, this plugin has not been tested with the last three WordPress versions. So, it’s services may be discontinued.

4. Blackout: Dark Mode Widget

The Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins compared 2022

It is a simple Dark Mode plugin that you can use to enable/disable the Dark Mode feature on your website. You will have the option to toggle between normal and Dark Modes using a widget.

It uses the CSS mix-blend-mode to bring dark-mode to any of your websites.

It has a standalone version that allows you to implement it on your website by copy pasting a simple JavaScript script. However, it changes the color of images and Google Ads which user’s find irritating. Also, there is no manual help with documentation.

So, we can’t purposely say that it is one of the best WordPress Dark Mode plugins in the repo.


FeaturesWP Dark ModeGo Night Dark ModeWP Night ModeBlackout
OS Based Color ModeYesNoNoNo
10+ Exclusive Dark Mode Color SchemesYesNoNoNo
Dark Mode based image supportYesNoNoNo
Color SchemeYesYesNoNo
Multiple Dark ModeYesNoNoNo
Time ModeYesYesNoNo
Custom CSS SupportYesNoNoYes
WordPress Post Editor in Dark ModeYesNoNoNo
Custom Switch IconYesNoNo No
Customizing ElementYesNoNoNo
Dark Mode Based Image SupportYesNoNoNo
Compatible with all major WordPress ThemesYesNoNoNo
Place Switch Above Post/Page ContentYesNoNoNo
Excludes Pages from DarkmodeYesNoNoNo
Excludes Elements from DarkmodeYesNoNoNo

Winner: WP Dark Mode!

So, if you are looking to add the dark mode feature to your website, then we suggest you go for the WP Dark Mode plugin. It has all the necessary features you need in both the free and pro versions.

Also, if you purchase the pro version, you will get 24/7 support from their support team. How cool is that? Also, they test with all the WordPress and PHP versions, so there is no worry about a conflict.


So, we are at the end of this comparison blog. There are not many Dark Mode plugins at the WordPress repository right now. So, we tried to give you a picture of what the available plugins can offer in terms of features.

And it can be clearly seen that WP Dark Mode is way ahead of its competitors. In terms of features, services, and everything, no other plugin comes close. So, if you are looking to add Dark Mode effect to your website, then you should go for WP Dark Mode plugin as it is the best WordPress Dark Mode plugins out there.

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