“When it comes to writing, my productivity philosophy is simple: Keep it distraction-free. When I adopted distraction free writing practice, I saw my writing improve in quality and speed.”

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Jeff Goins, Best Selling Author of five books

including national bestsellers The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve

Why Markdown is better



The syntax is so simple you can barely call it “syntax.” If you can use an emoticon, you can write Markdown. Easy to use.



The simple formatting saves a lot of time over hand-crafted HTML tags or even a word processor. Speed ps the workflow of writers of all inks.



Markdown translates quickly to perfectly-formed HTML. No missing closing tags, no improperly nested tags, no blocks left without containers.



Your documents are cross-platform by nature. You can edit them in any text-capable application on any operating system.



Output your documents to a wide array of formats with Markdown. It is flexible with any format of the content in your write-up.


Fits any workflow

You can make Markdown work with any workflow. It can speed up just about any writing-related process with very little setup.

WP Markdown Editor performance comparison


up to


Times faster writing speed

Saves on average

5 Sec

Per word

Main features

Manage typography settings

You can change the typography of your editor screen, using four different fonts, and controls for font size, line height, line width, and paragraph spacing.

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Ready-made color schema

Quickly choose your favorite color from the ready-made color schema available in WP Markdown Editor. Highlight and edit your content the way you want.

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Syntax shortcuts

A Markdown cheat sheet is available for you, which shows other keyboard shortcuts for heading, formatting, and the interface.

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Emoji supported

You can make your content more interactive and attractive with emojis. WP Markdown Editor supports all types of emojis in your write up.

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Custom colors

You can customize the background text and color as you want with the custom color feature of our WP Markdown Editor. Pick the color schema of your preference and make it yours!

Listen music. Focus more.

Give yourself a peaceful and stimulating writing environment. Play music for productivity or relaxation in both Markdown and Gutenberg editor. You can also add the music of your own choice. Drown out the outside noises and create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and focus!

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Live preview

Excited to use Markdown for your next writing? Test your Markdown skills below. Our fully-fledged Markdown Editor below will give you an instant preview as you go.

Live Preview

Forget about blocks, writing in WordPress is now very simple

WP Markdown Editor makes it quick and easy for you to write in WordPress. Write and format your contents without the hassle of blocks. Super fast editing feature of WP Markdown Editor is a real time-saver for you!

Theme editor

Edit the theme of content with vast color resources and different font styles.


Write beautifully and super fast with WP Markdown Editor in the easiest way.

Writing option

Write on page or post quickly with Markdown syntax.

Thanks to Iceberg project, which made it possible to create the plugin. Some features were forked from the Iceberg plugin.

Thank you iceberg

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