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  • All free features
  • Recording up to {{time(plan.limits)}} minutes
  • {{plan.websites == -1 ? 'Unlimited' : 'Up to ' + plan.websites}} website{{plan.websites > 1 ? 's' : ''}}
  • Shortcodes

    Use shortcode to embed videos and set dynamic recorder on the website

  • Custom form

    Create a data form to collect any type of information from your customers

  • Custom style

    Set customized messages for your customers with color and style of your choice

  • Custom translation

    Connect with your customers in your own expression

  • Social shares

    Share the collected video testimonials on all your social media handles

  • Embedable video

    Embed the collected video testimonials anywhere you want

  • EDD integration

    Collect video reviews anywhere in the Easy Digital Download platform

  • WooCommerce integration

    Ask for video testimonials at the product checkout, thank you page, and even in the emails

  • Elementor widget
  • Gutenberg block
  • Upload pre-recorded videos
  • 24x7 Support

    Our support team will help you to give a smooth video review collecting experience.

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We want our users to pick the right plan for their websites. User satisfaction is always our first priority. With this thought in mind, we’ve created several packages with different features in them. These are priced according to the value they deliver.

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The more video testimonials you can showcase on your website, the more trust you gain from your audience. Choose the best plan from the pricing table.

Record video from any device

No device dependency on Easy Video Reviews. Record on any device such as Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, using any operating system such as Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Options to choose cameras, microphones before recording available.

Video preview

Customers can see a preview of the recorded video before submitting it. It allows them to check the quality and appeal of the video review. They can also cancel the recording and record a new video too.

Single dashboard

You will have a dashboard page to manage all your spaces. You can add, update or remove the space as you want. No need to leave your WordPress site.

Shortcode support

No code needed. You can embed the video testimonial anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode. Showcase the best customer feedback on the website wherever you want!

Import and export settings

Easy Video Reviews make it fast and simple for you to export or import anything with a single click. Use the single-click export and import feature for whatever you need. Just a click is enough!

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Custom form

You can create a data form to collect any type of information from your customers. Collect additional information such as name, address, phone number, etc. Custom-built data forms of Easy Video Reviews help you do it.

Custom style

You can set customized messages for your customers. Set title, header, or footer of the message in the video recording popup. You can also choose the color you want for the popup. Easy Video Reviews is fully customizable and adoptive with any website style.

Custom translation

You can translate the texts of video popups and custom forms while requesting and collecting videos. Connect with your audience stronger than ever.

Social shares

You can share the collected video testimonials on all your social media handles, alongside the website. Make your video reviews reach more potential customers. Social proof is the best show-off for your product!

Embedable video

You can embed the collected video testimonial anywhere you want - not only inside the website, outside too. Embed your video reviews using the shortcode, iframe, Elementor widget, and Gutenberg blocks.

EDD integration

Seamless integration with the EDD plugin lets you ask directly for video testimonials from customers. Collect video reviews anywhere in the Easy Digital Download platform with this WordPress testimonial plugin.

WooCommerce integration

This easy testimonial plugin allows you to ask for customer reviews for WooCommerce anywhere. You can ask for video testimonials at the product checkout, thank you page, and even in the emails with Easy Video Reviews.

Elementor widget

You can collect and manage the video testimonials using Elementor widget in this plugin.

Gutenberg block

You can collect and manage the video testimonials using Gutenberg widget in this plugin.

Upload pre-recorded videos

Your customers can record a video earlier and can upload the file anytime very easily with the drag and drop option.

Live chat support
Basic support

Our amazing support team is always ready to solve your any problem 24/7

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Frequently asked questions

How does this plugin work?
You can use this plugin to collect video reviews on your website. Learn how to get started with this plugin.
How can my customers submit a video?
Your customers can record or upload video from any device without login. Learn how your customers can submit a video using this plugin.
Are the videos being hosted by you?
We use Google Cloud, which is the most secure cloud platform. All the videos are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Google uses the TLS protocol to protect data and prevent interception. All the requests and operations are performed through oAuth2 authorization.
How many video testimonials can I collect?
You can collect up to 5 video testimonials for free. For more, you need to upgrade the plan.
Is there any time limit for each video?
Yes. Every video has a limit of up to 10 minutes (free credits have a limit of up to 2 minutes). It's more than enough to cover the whole testimonial recording. You can set the range of video recording time as per your wish within the time limit.
Can I approve a video before it publishes on my website?
You may use the publish policy as a notice from the administrator. Besides, we have an auto-publish feature, so if you turn it off, the video will be stored and awaiting its administrator approval before it publishes.
Can my customers submit testimonials in the text?
Your customers can add text with the video testimonial. You simply have to add some fields and the video recorder from settings.
Is there any shortcode?
Yes, we have two shortcodes to render the recorder button and showcase your testimonials. Learn how to use shortcodes to display video testimonials.
How can I embed the video on my site?
Yes. We provide embed code for each video. Click on the share icon at the bottom of the video and click on the code icon. You can copy the code and place it anywhere you want. Learn how to embed video recordings with the Easy Video Review plugin.
Do I need to know any programming language for using this plugin?
No. Easy Video Reviews is a very user-friendly and straightforward plugin. It's a plug-and-play type plugin. Just download and use it accordingly.
Can I download the video testimonials?
Yes. You can download all videos in WEBM format then you can convert the video to any format you wish. Learn how to download video testimonials easily.
What happens to my video if I cancel the account?
If you want to cancel, we recommend downloading your videos before canceling the service. But your videos will remain in your canceled account and will be there if you re-subscribe to our service within three months.
What information can I collect from my customer?
Using the custom form builder option, you can collect different types of information from your customers, such as - name, email, phone number, address, etc.
Where can I find the tutorials about using the plugin?
Please visit our Youtube playlist, where we put all the videos on the plugin’s features.
I want a refund for my purchase of the plugin. What is the procedure?
We have a 14 days refund policy. Please email us at support@wppool.dev explaining why you would like to get a refund.
Whom do I contact for any kind of support?
For instant support, please send us a message on our Facebook page, or you can also reach us through contact.
Easy Video Reviews

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