Harness the power of video reviews. Increase sales by 62% 🚀

Customers retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% in the text. Use Easy Video Reviews to collect, manage, and display video testimonials easily.

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Using videos on a landing page, increases the conversion rate by 86%

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Of consumers say that, video testimonials make them trust a company more

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You receive a 10X ROI when a consumer engages with the review.

How it works

Easily install the plugin on your website from WordPress.org

Follow the simple steps to activate the plugin.


Install the plugin

No coding knowledge is required. Easily install the plugin on your website from WordPress.org

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Integrate recorder button

Ask your customer to record or upload a testimonial directly from browser using shortcode, Gutenberg block or Elementor

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Grow your sales

Embed Gutenberg/Elementor widget to showcase videos while new users can submit more video reviews

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Reasons to love video testimonial

Text reviews aren't dead, but it sure is boring. With Easy Video Reviews, you can allow your customers to record and send videos in just a few clicks – perfect for a busy customer.

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Create video testimonials in an instant!

Get started quickly. No login required! Your customer can record the video from any device. The easier you make it for your customer, the more you collect testimonials!

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Grow traffic, leads, and sales

Social proofs (i.e., video testimonials) increase search traffic and keyword rankings of your product significantly. This ultimately leads you to more conversion.

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Save customers burning calories!

Customers tune you out when they are required to burning more calories to digest your product info. Videos deliver more information. Help customers at burning few more calories.

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Google loves video

A well-thought-out video addresses the searcher’s intent, and by embedding it to a website, you can ensure that prospects spend substantially more time on the desired page.

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Gain the trust of your customer

A video is harder to fake. It creates trust and helps forge a real connection. This trust helps strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer.

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Increase engagement

Video content quickly engages visitors and ignites their emotions results in 1200% more shares than text and images.

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Video appeals to mobile users

Video and mobile go hand in hand. Mobile video views have increased by 400% in the last few years. People tend to give 1.4X attention to mobile videos.

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Manage everything from one place

You will have a dashboard page to manage all your spaces. You can add, update or remove the space as you want. No need to leave your WordPress site.

What our users say!

Don’t just take our word. Check the testimonials from our happy customers who are powering up their businesses with powerful video testimonial features.

The best out there!

This is seriously the best plugin for a flawless Dark Mode in WordPress Front AND Backend. They really put in the effort to make this great! Thank you, Lorenzo

Easy plugin. AMAZING support

Just installed the pro version after testing the free version. I am so glad I went with this plugin over other options. It “JUST WORKS!”. I had a few questions before purchase and support was easy to reach and quick to respond!

Excellent Plugin & Support

I have been using WP Dark Mode for several months. I am very happy with the plugin and how easy it is to configure. I am also very happy with the continued improvements in subsequent versions.

/ butchewing
Perfect – exactly what I was looking for

Perfect plug in, attentive and helpful support team. You couldn't ask for better.

Great Plug-in, amazing response from developers

Within 24 hours, my issue was resolved. I highly recommend using this plug-in and if you have any issue, they will resolve it very fast.


Had issues at first but it was my problem. It loaded fine, but when I went to visit a page on mobile, it was in dark mode and kept staying in dark mode on refresh. But it turns out the system on android was set to dark, so websites invoke it automatically too.

/ dude2k5
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Users are spending more time on video testimonials

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Video reviews on a website make customers spend more

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revenue increased

Less then


Visitor read reviews

Create video testimonials in an instant!

Get started quickly. No login required! Your customer can record the video from any device. The easier you make it for your customer, the more you collect testimonials!

Try it for free
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Your respondent simply clicks a link to record directly from their phone or laptop. The simple experience is optimized for high response rates, and easily customized to your brand.

Get video reviews from customers after each sale

1. Automatic review collection from WooCommerce

Ask for video review from thank you and check out page from your customer for your product in the WooCommerce store

2. Single product review on WooCommerce

You can collect video reviews from the WooCommerce store of every single product's page using the plugin

3. Automatic review collection from EDD

Whenever any purchase is done, ask for a video review from the customer automatically in your digital store

4. Collect video review via purchase email

Insert video review link automatically in the purchase email sent to your customer after they buy any product

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The other good stuffs

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Capture more info

You can prompt users if there are any privacy issues. Take the required permission from your customers to avoid any privacy issues and collect as much info you want.

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Drag and drop uploader

We made video uploading the easiest for your customers! They can upload the recorded video manually or simply drag and drop their files in a specific location to upload their video testimonial.

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Translate in any language

Easily translate to the language you need in Easy Video Reviews. You can translate the language of video popups and custom forms while requesting and collecting videos. Connect with your audience stronger than ever.

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Customize data form

You can create a data form to collect any type of information from your customers. Custom-built data forms of Easy Video Reviews help you do it.

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Share your video testimonial

Build trust with your audience by sharing feedback, reviews, and testimonials on your social channels.

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Everything is a click away

Quickly export or import any video with a single click. Use the single-click export and import feature for whatever you need.

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Collect as many video reviews as you want

The more video testimonials you can showcase on your website, the more trust you gain from your audience. Easy Video Reviews allows you to collect as many videos as you want! Even if you need unlimited videos - we don’t mind!

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Step up your word-of-mouth game!

You can collect more than 163 types of video testimonials for different purposes with Easy Video Reviews. Lead generation, audience engagement, sales, recruitment, etc., are just a few examples. Meet your business needs with word-of-mouth.

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Stand out with video preview

Customers can see a preview of the recorded video before submitting it. It allows them to check the quality and appeal of the video review. They can also cancel the recording and record a new video too.

Ready to collect video testimonials?

Collect & display the video testimonials of your happiest customers & they will sell your products for you. Start leveraging video testimonials, online reviews, and customer feedback to grow your business. Get started now! 👇