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Highlight the benefits and real-world use cases for your products/services through authentic video reviews. Video reviews work like charm and will boost your sales.

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5 popular video review types

Find unique ways to utilize different types of video reviews

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1. Pros and cons review

These types of review highlights the positive aspects of your product and any potential limitations. They help buyers make informed decisions that aligns with their specific requirements and preferences.

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2. Real-life usage review

Real-life usage reviews showcases how your product/service work in daily life. Users with firsthand experience of using your product are perfect for collecting these reviews. They give your audience the potential benefits of using your product in real-life scenarios.

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3. Expert opinion review

Video reviews from industry experts can do wonders while convincing your potential buyers. The best part is it takes only a few minutes to collect testimonials from industry experts with our plugin.

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4. Long-term use review

These reviews offer insights into the quality of your product/service over an extended period. They also highlight key aspects, including product updates and quality of support.

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5. Client review

Client reviews are crucial in showcasing your buyer experience. They highlight key benefits, satisfaction levels, and reliability of your offered product/service.

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Create video tastimonials in an instant!

Collect authentic video testimonials in just 10 seconds. Your customer can record the video from any device. Absolutely zero coding is required.

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Social sharing

Social sharing is a must-have feature to power up your social marketing. With Easy Video Reviews, you can share your collected video testimonials in a snap and reach more audience than ever.

Leads collection

Easy Video Reviews allow you to collect information from people after they record their testimonials. It helps you to keep track of everything and connect with them in the future.


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The best out there!

This is seriously the best plugin for a flawless Dark Mode in WordPress Front AND Backend. They really put in the effort to make this great! Thank you, Lorenzo

/ loge99
Easy plugin. AMAZING support

Just installed the pro version after testing the free version. I am so glad I went with this plugin over other options. It “JUST WORKS!”. I had a few questions before purchase and support was easy to reach and quick to respond!

/ thehiredgeekca
Excellent Plugin & Support

I have been using WP Dark Mode for several months. I am very happy with the plugin and how easy it is to configure. I am also very happy with the continued improvements in subsequent versions.

/ butchewing
Perfect – exactly what I was looking for

Perfect plug in, attentive and helpful support team. You couldn't ask for better.

/ techunicorn
Great Plug-in, amazing response from developers

Within 24 hours, my issue was resolved. I highly recommend using this plug-in and if you have any issue, they will resolve it very fast.

/ thehiredgeekca

Had issues at first but it was my problem. It loaded fine, but when I went to visit a page on mobile, it was in dark mode and kept staying in dark mode on refresh. But it turns out the system on android was set to dark, so websites invoke it automatically too.

/ dude2k5
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