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how much


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You earn 25% of every transaction from users joining WPPOOL through your affiliate link. This means every upgrade and user-added during the first year they’re on the platform.

15 %

Recurring Referral


On top of 25% commission from each sale, you get a 15% recurring referral bonus whenever someone renews their product.


How it works?


Become an affiliate

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You'll earn sales commission for every user that signs up and upgrade to premium plans.



Please DO:
  • 01. Engage with the WordPress community and suggest our solutions on relevant threads
  • 02. Write reviews and Blog posts about our product and solutions.
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Please DON'T:
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  • 02. Use the Blackhat approach and unethical means to manipulate search engines.
  • 03. Provide false and/or exaggerated information related to our products by any means.
  • 04. Promote our direct competitors at the same time as it may create conflict.
  • 05. Promote our products on a coupon site as it does not create a new audience for us.


Why join us?

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