As a web developer specializing in WooCommerce, finding this tool has been one of the most interesting added values I have been able to offer to my clients. It gives them the possibility to see and control everything related to their products from an easy and well-known tool like Google Sheets.

Sebastián Echeverri Jaramillo (Sebasweb)

Web Development & WordPress Expert

How it works

01 Working step

Link Google Sheet

Provide the spreadsheet URL and the tab name where you want to store your products.

02 Working step

Provide Editor Access

Copy the provided ID and add that as an editor from the spreadsheet.

03 Working step

Apply the Script Code

Copy the script code and go to the extension menu of Google Sheets. Click on Apps script and paste the code there.

Embrace the future of WooCommerce inventory management

Variable product sync

Got different variations of same product? No worries!

Get organized with different rows for all types of variable products in one place. Easily view stock and manage pricing for simple, variable, and group products.

1 click product export

Export WooCommerce products with a single click.

Activate the plugin and you’ll get a new sync button on your WordPress products dashboard. Use this button to manually sync the details of your product after adding or removing a new product on your WooCommerce store.

Automatic stock sync

Automatically update products details on Google Sheets.

You can now connect Sheets and instantly update the details of your store products. Activate the plugin, connect a spreadsheet and follow the steps for exporting all the stock details. Stock synchronization for WooCommerce doesn’t get easier than this!

Update anything about your product

Editing details about your product has never been easier. The power is in your hand to edit any data that you want right from your Google Sheet

Edit product stock

Edit product name

Update description

Change SKU

Edit product pricing

Update custom fields

Product Name Pricing Short Description Sales Count Product Type
Product Name

Easily edit product name right from the Google Sheet. No need to visit back and forth through your WooCommerce store to edit the product name. It’s all easy and simple now.

Product Name Men’s Wristwatch Summer Combo Tshirts All Season Hoodie Bike Windbreaker

Save your time by editing the pricing of your products from the connected Google Sheet. Gone are the days of past when you had to edit pricing from the WooCommerce dashboard

Pricing 5,500 2,575 1,345 2,775
Short Description

Take your experience to the next level. Stock Sync plugin offers you the flexibility of editing short description of product right from the Google Sheet

Short Description Colorful Tshirt for su.. Men’s stylish satch .. Winter hoodie for all.. Windbreaker for bik..
Sales Count

Keep track of your sales and products performance by easy glance of sales count right on the connected Google Sheet. It shows the total sales if you have made for a product

Sales Count 673 445 438 137
Product Type

Easily track products of different type. Stock Sync plugin records the product type for each product so you don’t have to navigate to the WooCommerce dashboard to see what type of product it is.

Product Type Simple Variable External Variations

Manual sync from Google Sheets

Get options on the Google Sheet to Fetch or Sync from WooCommerce manually

Fetch from WooCommerce

Fetch product from WooCommerce store within one click right from your Google Sheet

Sync on WooCommerce

Sync your products from Google Sheet to the WooCommerce store

Format Styles

Fetch product from WooCommerce store within one click right from your Google Sheet

About Stock Sync

Know more about Stock Sync and how it work from the Google Sheet

Add new products from Google Sheet

Add products to the WooCommerce from the connected Google Sheet. It gets added to your store instantly

Sync WooCommerce Custom Fields

Edit and sync your additional product data (size, color, etc.) from Google Sheets. Keep everything in sync with your store without any hassle.

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Unique features that you don’t want to miss!

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Simple product export

Export your store products in a few clicks.

Block Image

Sync Unlimited Products

With the Ultimate version you can break the limit and sync unlimited products to Google Sheets

Block Image

Update product data

Update your stock data with ease, starting from the product name to product type and stock status.

Block Image

Two-directional auto sync

Enjoy bidirectional auto stock data sync between WordPress dashboard and Google Sheets.

Block Image

Manual sync button

Use this button as a backup option to ensure one-click data export to Google Sheet.

Block Image

Edit Restrictions

You cannot delete from the linked spreadsheet. So, no chance of removing products by mistake

Block Image

Variable product support

Control product variations and store each variable product in a separate row,

Block Image

Get ready to enjoy quick, convenient stock sync for WordPress.