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10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

Do you want to spend less and still want higher reach and sales from your marketing campaigns? 

Then utilizing referral programs can be a solution for establishing cost-effective and highly converting marketing campaigns. Luckily, WordPress users don’t need to search for tools outside of their ecosystem. WordPress comes with numerous free and paid referral plugins. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight the best 10 of them. So, keep reading to find which five WordPress referral plugins are worth considering and how they benefit your business.

What is a WordPress Referral Plugin?

A WordPress referral plugin is a tool designed for website owners that encourages users to refer products or websites to their friends and families and receive rewards in exchange. It promotes word-of-mouth marketing by sharing referrals.

Why Use WordPress Referral Plugins for Businesses?

Sharing referrals means expanding possibilities to reach more audiences who’ve more chances to convert. Because referrals are mostly shared with friends and families which brings trust and credibility to your business. Thankfully, this incredible trust and credibility can be achieved by leveraging a WordPress referral tool.

Besides bringing high-quality leads and strong credibility, referral plugins include many more benefits for a business. Here are the potential opportunities for using referral solutions in your business:

  • Referral plugins allow you to increase sales by closing more deals.
  • You can swiftly achieve the business goals you’re aiming for using referral solutions.
  • This will reduce your marketing costs.
  • Referral tools help you to stay ahead in this competitive business world.
  • You can grow your customer base by utilizing this plugin.
  • Website traffic along with performance will significantly improve with this WordPress referral program.
  • The referral plugin fosters marketing efforts and brings greater outcomes to your business.
  • A well-executed referral program can bring long-term results by gathering quality leads for your business.
  • This plugin lets you establish brand reputation and identity through word-of-mouth marketing and trust.

10 Best WordPress Referral Plugins to Check out in 2024

Here we’ll disclose 10 free and paid referral plugins you can rely on to run your referral program smoothly. So, let’s learn about them in detail along with their features:


EchoRewards, the best WordPress referral plugin

EchoRewards is a WordPress referral tool that empowers referral programs by generating custom coupons, reward emails, referral popups, etc. This refer-a-friend plugin boosts customer participation in referral programs by offering additional discounts. Besides, this solution allows you to encourage customers to join the referral program with a floating reward popup. Again, you will have full control of customizing referral coupons, reward emails, etc. to provide a tailored experience to your customers. 

Further, EchoRewards tracks performance and offers valuable insights on referral campaigns. Hence, it can be considered a powerful WooCommerce reward plugin for boosting traffic, sales, and performance.

Features of EchoRewards:

  • It supports generating unlimited coupons to share unique referral codes with friends and families.
  • EchoRewards has an option to adjust discount amounts for both referrer and referee.
  • It lets you showcase a WooCommerce tab, letting customers know about the referral program.
  • This WooCommerce referral program sends email notifications to referrers when a referee redeems a coupon. 
  • It tracks referral progress from the account page.
  • Users can share referral coupons on social media.
  • EchoRewards allows you to set usage restrictions on referral coupons. 
  • Coupon validity can be fixed using this plugin.
  • It tracks referral performance and generates reports accordingly.



AffiliateWP is a growing WooCommerce and WordPress referral plugin that seamlessly contributes to affiliate marketing, offering full-fledged features and customization options. From setting up affiliate programs to performance tracking, it facilitates every sphere of affiliate or referral marketing. 

Besides, it ensures you need zero coding expertise to successfully set and function your affiliate program. Moreover, AffiliateWP ensures one-click integration with essential eCommerce plugins. As a result, you need to spend minimal time integrating AffiliateWP with other eCommerce solutions. It is also best for creating custom pages, dashboards, and forms.

Features of AffiliateWP:

  • One-click setup with 28+ WooCommerce and form plugins.
  • It simplifies affiliate management and tracking.
  • AffiliateWP ensures the fastest payout system that requires a single click to pay all affiliates. 
  • This solution generates in-depth affiliate reports.
  • It can prepare a custom affiliate dashboard, highlighting your brand, affiliate information, etc.
  • AffiliateWP saves you from fraud affiliates with its smart fraud detection functionality.
  • This tool can instantly generate in-detail affiliate reports for your WooCommerce store.
  • Its Vanity Coupon Codes is well known for generating unique codes for your marketing campaigns. 
  • Marketing creatives such as banners, referral links, landing pages, etc. can be created using this affiliate plugin.
  • Its customized affiliate dashboard can accelerate affiliate participation and multiply revenues. 

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Yith WooCommerce Affiliates

If you’re looking for a free and reliable referral program, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is the one you can count on. It allows you to generate quality leads and sales by running the affiliate campaign in the right way. Additionally, this tool streamlines influencer and blogger collaboration with affiliate commission.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is not only advantageous for affiliate marketing but also good for its results or performance tracking. Therefore, you will get to know the top revenue-generating affiliates and reward them for boosting sales and motivation. Apart from these, Yith WooCommerce Affiliates is also beneficial for creating custom affiliate dashboard pages, registration forms, affiliate messages, etc. Thus, you can provide a personalized experience to your customers.

Features of YITH WooCommerce Affiliates:

  • You can create a custom registration form with shortcodes.
  • It can reject an affiliate and show the reason for disqualifying. 
  • Visitors, conversions, commissions, and payout tracking gets easier with this plugin.
  • This plugin can prepare a custom dashboard for affiliate marketing using shortcode.
  • It lets affiliates share referral links via social channels.
  • It prevents fraud affiliate claims.
  • YITH WooCommerce affiliates plugin supports manual or automatic commission transfer. 
  • You can automate approval for affiliate registration using this solution.
  • This plugin supports popular payment gateways for fund transfers.

Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager

Affiliate Manager is a robust solution for affiliate marketing. This shortcode-ready affiliate tool reinforces your referral marketing efforts and boosts sales by sharing referrals on social media. Moreover, this is fully customizable so that you can create custom affiliate registration forms and referral emails.

On top of that, the Affiliate Manager is translation-ready. Thus, you can cross national borders and market your products internationally. Also, it includes all the essential functionalities that let you carry out successful referral campaigns. Furthermore, you can effortlessly integrate with 22+ essential eCommerce tools using this WooCommerce solution. 

Features of Affiliates Manager:

  • It has options for both manual and automatic affiliate approval.
  • The Affiliate Manager generates performance reports on sales and traffic.
  • This WooCommerce referral plugin disables referrals for their own purchases.
  • It allows you to set the duration for your referral cookies.
  • Registration forms are fully customizable.
  • This plugin is translation-ready with 12+ languages. 
  • It lets you set payout rates for affiliates.
  • Affiliate Manager supports using unlimited creatives to run unique referral programs.
  • This tool can pay all affiliates using its mass pay option.
  • Affiliate Manager benefits your business with real-time ad impression tracking.


10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

MyRewards is a WooCommerce loyalty plugin that makes points and rewards creation super convenient. This plugin can easily convert points into WooCommerce coupons with a single click. Besides, you can display custom messages on the cart and checkout page using this solution. Additionally, MyRewards supports multiple languages to overcome the communication barrier and promote business to a broad audience. 

You can also highlight your loyalty program by showcasing different WooCommerce pages. Not only promotions but also boosting customer’ engagement is possible, thanks to this WooCommerce referral plugin.

Features of MyRewards:

  • MyRewards discounts referrers, first orders, reviewers, etc. through points.
  • Using this referral plugin, customers can convert points into WooCommerce coupons.
  • It lets you send customized emails to your customers.
  • This plugin is WPML compatible.
  • Through MyRewards, you can surprise your customers with more than types of rewards.
  • You can promote loyalty programs on all WooCommerce pages and encourage people to participate. 
  • Its gamification boosts customer participation by rewarding them with badges.
  • MyRewards provides points for sharing content on social channels. 
  • It lets you reuse points for canceled and refunded orders.


10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

Whether you’re looking forward to growing your email list or increasing customer loyalty with marketing campaigns, Gratisfaction is here to help you. It nurtures your brand awareness and unlocks more business opportunities for embracing greater success. Also, you can create a win-win situation for both referrers and referees by offering tempting WooCommerce discounts.

Further, this refer-a-friend plugin lets you share rewards and referrals on multiple social channels. As a result, more people will know about your loyalty program and increase your brand popularity. 

Features of Gratisfaction:

  • It has built-in templates for referral campaigns.
  • Gratisfaction increases traffic by letting you share referrals, giveaways, or other campaigns on social media.
  • Gratisfaction has an option to reward audiences for sharing service feedback and reviews.
  • Using this tool, you can analyze or predict product demand by creating polls and surveys.
  • You can reward visitors for creating or registering accounts.
  • This referral solution offers points for reacting to your referral or campaign posts. 

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce is another referral solution that is completely reliable for smoothly running your marketing campaigns. This plugin inspires customers to redeem rewards by utilizing points offered by WooCommerce stores. Further, its compatibility with popular plugins is highly promising for carrying out your WooCommerce referral programs.

You can also offer WooCommerce points based on customer’s actions such as referrals, signups, purchases, etc. Moreover, it doesn’t stop with loyalty programs. You can even create personalized customer experiences by sharing custom messages on the cart page. Overall, Points and Rewards for WooCommerce redefine your marketing strategies, swiftly achieving business goals and milestones.

Features of Points and Rewards for WooCommerce:

  • Users can purchase services by leveraging its rewards points.
  • Through this plugin, you can restrict users to enjoy WooCommerce rewards.
  • It lets you create beautiful custom account pages for a selective group of customers.
  • You can motivate customers by offering custom badges and boosting their participation in marketing campaigns.
  • This WooCommerce referral solution comes with additional gamification features. 
  • It lets you set expiration dates for customers’ rewards and points achieved through interacting with your WooCommerce store.
  • You can track every transaction that happens in your WooCommerce store.

Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce

10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

This is a powerful affiliate plugin well-known for its versatile features. Affiliate Coupon is so user-friendly that you can set up everything in minutes. Also, it has flexible customization options that facilitate creating and running affiliate programs the way you want. On top of it, Coupon Affiliates ensures simple and quick data migration from other affiliate solutions.

Its affiliate registration system allows automatic coupon generation on signing up for affiliates. Again, it detects fraud affiliates and rejects those submissions. Therefore, carrying out transparent affiliate programs is not impossible anymore using this affiliate plugin.

Features of Coupon Affiliates:

  • You will get individual affiliate dashboards for different coupons and share them with affiliates using this plugin.
  • You will get to view in-depth affiliate statistics on sales, conversions, etc.
  • It lets you prepare a fully customized affiliate dashboard.
  • Customers can get help with marketing creatives such as banners, images, etc while using Coupon Affiliates.
  • It facilitates tracking clicks and generates referral links.
  • You can create custom landing pages and link with affiliate pages.
  • Importing and exporting data gets easier using this WooCommerce referral plugin.
  • It automatically prevents fraud affiliates and secures your affiliate program.
  • You will get to enjoy all in-depth affiliate reports.
10 Best WordPress Referral Plugin to Attract More Customers in 2024

Unlike other plugins, myCred rewards users with points, ranks, and badges. It is a comprehensive point management system that enhances user engagement with rewards and discounts. Using myCred, you can manage points, track account history, import/ export points, etc. for seamlessly running loyalty campaigns. 

Its extensive built-in add-ons and third-party integrations make myCred a robust solution for store owners. Additionally, it is fully translation-ready which lets you avoid obstacles while communicating with your audience. 

Features of myCred:

  • myCred enhances user engagement through points, badges, and ranks.
  • Customers can instantly convert points to cash with this referral plugin.
  • You can create custom coupons for your customers.
  • Real-time status and reward notifications can be sent using myCred.
  • More than 0 integrations are available in this WooCommerce addon.
  • myCred has Gutenberg block support.
  • It fosters word-of-mouth marketing by sharing badges and rewards on social channels.
  • myCred is compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, etc.



ReferralCandy is a versatile referral tool that integrates with popular eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc. Using this tool, you can automate referral campaigns and gain positive outcomes. Also, it makes subscriptions super straightforward by ensuring easy integration with third-party tools like ReCharge, PayWhirl, and Bold. ReferralCandy is also helpful for avoiding fraudulent referrals by rejecting their affiliate request.

Further, referralCandy provides data-driven affiliate marketing reports to understand whether your campaign is on track or not. Therefore, it drastically improves customer acquisition and sales. ReferralCandy is an optimized, device-responsive, user-friendly, and flexible affiliate solution.

Features of ReferralCandy:

  • ReferralCandy automates referral rewards.
  • You can create a fully customizable referral program using a brand logo, tagline, etc.
  • It identifies and eliminates suspicious referrals.
  • This plugin gives you an overview of referral marketing with a detailed reporting system.
  • It encourages referrers through emails, discount referral codes, etc.
  • You can check the social activities of your top referrers with ReferralCandy.
  • ReferralCandy lets you check the performance of your referral programs while comparing business standards.
  • The forms, emails, etc. built with ReferralCandy are 100% device responsive.
  • ReferralCandy lets you send newsletters with referral promotions so that more customers learn about your referral program.
  • It comes with a friendly support system where you will get quick solutions for all your problems. 


Which One is the Best Refer a Friend Plugin for WooCommerce?

Considering user-friendliness and referral functionalities, EchoRewards can be an ideal solution. However, you will encounter many more referral plugins such as Coupon Affiliates, ReferralCandy, Gratisfaction, etc. These plugins can also be the best refer-a-friend solution based on your needs and preferences.

How to Achieve More Referrals?

You need to adopt strategic approaches to acquire more referrals for your business. For example, sending custom emails, advertising referral programs on WooCommerce pages, sharing referrals on social channels and blog posts, etc. By adopting these tactical actions, you can boost your store referrals.

Wrapping up

Achieving business goals doesn’t always require investing money in marketing campaigns. Rather sometimes, you can maximize revenue and gain sustainable growth without investing a penny. How?

Of course, through running affiliate or referral programs. And above you have already learned the most effective WooCommerce and WordPress referral plugins to do so. These tools not only contribute to Word-of-mouth marketing but also elevate website traffic, reach, conversion, and overall performance. So, use any of these tools and uplift your marketing results for greater business success. 

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