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Meet EchoRewards: WooCommerce referral plugin to skyrocket your sales πŸš€

Meet EchoRewards: WooCommerce referral plugin to skyrocket your sales πŸš€

The concept of referrals has been here for ages. Regardless of its market size, nearly every successful business today has some referral strategy. Selling good products is no longer enough if you’re not providing additional incentives to retain customers. That’s why having a thriving referral program is a must-have for any online business.

If you are running your store using WooCommerce, you will find that the plugin by default doesn’t offer any features to run a referral program. That’s why you need a plugin like EchoRewards to take charge.

EchoRewards is a WooCommerce referral plugin, that turns your customer into valuable affiliates. It helps you launch your refer-a-friend program with a few simple steps. Keep reading this article to learn more about the plugin and decide if it’s the right choice for your business.

What is EchoRewards?

As we just said, EchoRewards is a referral plugin for WordPress that lets you instantly launch your customer referral program. Using this plugin your customers can share referral coupons and get rewarded for successful referrals. It’s the perfect solution that integrates the concept of a double-sided rewards program into the WordPress ecosystem.

EchoRewards provides a range of powerful features like coupon customization, email notifications, and more advanced customizations that are catered toward powering up a successful WooCommerce rewards program. Before we get into the features, let’s take a look at why you need EchoRewards on your site.

Why you need a WooCommerce referral plugin

Having a functional WordPress referral plugin reduces the headache of managing everything on your own. When you activate EchoRewards, it takes care of your entire referral program. It gives you peace of mind and helps you achieve:

1. Increased customer acquisition

People are more likely to try a new product or service when it’s recommended by someone they trust. Using EchoRewards, more people get to know and try out your products after getting a referral from their friends. This WooCommerce coupon plugin turns your customer base into a sales force.

2. Reduced marketing expenses

Having a double-sided referral program can reduce the cost of acquiring new customers, as compared to traditional advertising channels. Using the plugin your products get organic exposure, so you spend less on paid marketing.

3. Enhanced customer loyalty

Offering rewards for referrals shows appreciation and increases customer retention. EchoRewards streamlines this process by instantly sharing referrals with signed-up customers, providing incentives to make future purchases.

4. Tracking valuable customers

EchoRewards has an analytics feature, using which you can track customers who provide the most referrals. You can then filter them and offer them additional incentives to keep them happier.

5. Sales growth

Referrals always help in bringing in new customers, which leads to more sales. EchoRewards takes it to the next level as both referrers and referees get the motivation to make future purchases.

Top features that make EchoRewards unique

EchoRewards offers plenty of options to customize your rewards program according to your needs. We’ll now discuss the top features that will elevate your sales to the next level.

1. Create & customize referral coupons

Who doesn’t love rewards? With EchoRewards, every customer receives a unique referral coupon to share with their friends. When their friend redeems a coupon, the customer also gets a discount coupon for their next purchase. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

As an admin, you can customize the type of discount that your customers will receive, whether it be a percentage or a fixed amount. You can also customize the discount amount, set minimum purchase amounts, and add discount capping – giving you total control over your customer referral program.

EchoRewards - WooCommerce Referral Plugin Coupon Page

2. Reward email notifications

Only sharing coupons is not enough. Send email notifications when your customers get a reward for successful referrals. You can also customize the email (change subject, heading, and description) according to your needs.

Meet EchoRewards: WooCommerce referral plugin to skyrocket your sales πŸš€

3. Floating referral widget

Enhance your referral program’s visibility with the built-in floating referral widget, a dynamic tool that effortlessly promotes your referral program to visitors. This eye-catching widget remains visible as users navigate your site, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. By seamlessly integrating into the user experience, the floating widget captivates attention and drives participation, ultimately boosting referral program awareness and conversions.

Meet EchoRewards: WooCommerce referral plugin to skyrocket your sales πŸš€

4. Include/exclude coupons on specific products/categories

Want to filter out specific products/categories for the referral program? No worries! EchoRewards lets you customize the referral program by selecting specific products or categories to be included or excluded. 

5. Reporting and analytics

Analytics are essential for any rewards program. With EchoRewards’s advanced analytics features, you can monitor your referral statistics including total coupons, new customer acquisition, and total generated revenue from the referral program. Take proactive decisions based on your program’s performance and enhance your future marketing efforts.

6. Social sharing & email invitation

In the age of social media, it’s a must to provide every possible option for your customers to share the words among their friends and families. EchoRewards offers 15 social media apps to let customers share coupons on their preferred platform. In addition, they can also use the email invitation option to send the referral coupon via email.

Meet EchoRewards: WooCommerce referral plugin to skyrocket your sales πŸš€

Watch this to get a better idea of how you can set up a refer-a-friend program in WordPress with EchoRewards πŸ‘‡

Pricing of EchoRewards: Choose the most affordable referral solution for your store

EchoRewards Pro offers two pricing schemes: Yearly & Lifetime. Each scheme comes with multiple variations to offer you the perfect option to choose from. 

Meet EchoRewards: WooCommerce referral plugin to skyrocket your sales πŸš€

Yearly Plan:

  • Single site: At $53.1.
  • 10 sites: At $79.2.

Lifetime Plan:

  • Single site: At $89.1
  • 10 sites: At $149.4
  • 100 sites: At $199.5

These prices are only available for our early-bird sale and will leave our store soon. So don’t forget to make the investment of a lifetime and get EchoRewards Pro now.

Still thinking? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to create a Referral Program for WooCommerce using EchoRewards πŸ‘‡

Final words

EchoRewards offers the ultimate referral solution for WordPress, automating the entire process for you. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your WooCommerce store, boost customer engagement, and watch your sales soar with EchoRewards. Let’s create a more rewarding shopping experience for your customers together!

If you have any feedback about EchoRewards, feel free to comment below.

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