"Modern light exposure requires modern solutions and strategies. Pay attention to your “light diet,” and use the help that’s available to make the light in your life work on behalf of your health and well-being."

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Michael J. Breus, PhD, DABSM

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Dark mode & light mode Lifelike colors for unreal beauty

Less eye strain. More user satisfaction. Dark mode is not only a modern-day trend rather a user demand. It is the future of the user interface. Research says users are going to spend more time in front of screens in Dark Mode that translates to increased ROI and superior conversion rate.

Core features

OS-based color mode

WP Dark Mode automatically shows the dark mode if the OS preferred theme is dark. Your hassle ends here!

wp dark mode

Time mode

No need to worry about scheduling time for dark mode! WP Dark Mode Pro will turn your website into dark mode based on the local time of the user.

wp dark mode

Multiple switch

Multiple dark mode switch button style is available in WP Dark Mode Pro which you can display for your user to turn on-off the dark mode.

wp dark mode

Ready-made color schema

Quickly change the dark mode color from the predefined ready-made color schema and make your website look standout for the user!

wp dark mode

Custom position, CTA & attention effects

Brand new switch styles with custom switch position feature. Seven types of animation effects for your dark mode switch. You can also add CTA text on your dark mode switch as per your wish!

wp dark mode

Make it yours

You can customize the dark mode background text and color as you want with the custom color feature of our WP Dark Mode. Pick the color schema of your preference and make it yours!

Popular page builder support

WP Dark Mode supports all the popular page builders in WordPress. After install and activation of the plugin, it works perfectly with all the page builders. You can also easily place the dedicated dark mode switch widget anywhere on your page or post with our page builder support.

Page builder Logo
Page builder Logo
Page builder Logo
Page builder Logo
Page builder Logo
Page builder Logo

Dark mode based image support

Worried about how dark images will look in dark mode? Don't worry, you can have a different version of the same image. Add a lighter version of your pictures, and WP Dark Mode will automatically serve that. Light or dark - deliver your audience an extraordinary website 24x7.

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Pro Features Pro Features
Woo-commerce Support Features

Full WooCommerce support

We really understand the necessity of having a dark mode on your WooCommerce website. So we have added the compatibility of WooCommerce in our WP Dark Mode. Just activate the plugin and let your users enjoy the amazing view of dark mode.

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Custom CSS support

Easily edit buttons, specific sections, or background color of the store in your favorite style using the custom CSS support feature of WP Dark Mode plugin.

/* Dark Mode Style */ .dummy { position: relative; display: inline-block; box-sizing: border-box; } .dummy:before { top: 0px; left: 0px; right: 0px; width: 100%; bottom: 0px; content: ''; height: 100%; position: absolute; background: lightgray; }

Dark Mode-ify Gutenberg

You can now change the Gutenberg editor color in WP Dark Mode. There are six different color schemes available for the Gutenberg editor. Switch to any color scheme among them as per your wish.


W-I-D-E compatibility

WP Dark Mode is compatible with thousands of WordPress themes and plugins by default. However, we have fine-tuned each element for the most popular WordPress themes and plugins.

Day & night difference

We asked our customers what was like before they used Dark Mode. And how it’s improved after switching to Dark Mode. Hundreds replied. Wow, what a difference.

The Customer Service response is quick and efficient. They managed to fix all my compatibility issues in no time. I highly recommend this plugin.


I absolutely love this plugin, it’s like magic! I was searching for a way to add dark mode to my site for months. WP Dark Mode is amazing. It’s exactly what I had been looking for. Highly recommended! 5/5.


Thank you for this pain-free plugin which adds a dark theme without any hassle! It works great!


I was searching for so long for a way to add a dark mode and I tried tons of themes and even tried hacking out some CSS code to make things work, but nothing ever worked the way I wanted it to until I found your plugin!...

Linda Benefield

I love this plugin, my eyes do get strained a lot as I stare at a screen for 17 hours a day! This plugin is amazing. Work very well on my site running Oxygen Builder.

Fabrizio Van Marciano

Really simple and easy to use! Had a question about a feature and support answered within a really short period of time.Tip: Get the Ultimate Version. Great features that enhance the user experience massively.


This is a great plugin. In addition, the support is very fast and accurate. This plugin deserves much more attention. I can recommend it without reservation.


The plugin itself is amazing. But that’s not only it. Their customer service is also excellent. I’ve recently bought their WP Dark Mode Ultimate and experienced a problem with the license activation (i.e. the cURL error 28)...


This plugin is very useful for your eyes especially you are doing blogging all day.


Very good plugin and also very helpful support. Even worked with slider revolution which I was surprised with!


I was waiting for over a year now for my theme developer to add this feature until I stumble upon this awesome plugin! the wait is over now I can totally guarantee that this plugin works perfectly and the best part is that the support is super helpful too.


I use this plugin with my elementor hello theme site and it’s working quite well. My use case is mainly for my blog posts this they are long-form and I am myself reading in bed late at nite and love dark mode...


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