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5 best blogging platforms for beginners – Free!

5 best blogging platforms for beginners - Free!

The first thing you will find on how to get traffic on your website or how to promote your product is publishing blogs. That is why you need the best blogging platform.

Blogging platforms will help you bring out the best content from your with its interface and other necessary elements you need to write articles. And we must say that there are quite a few blogging platforms available online that will help your cause.

Today we are going to list the best blogging platforms to make money.

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5 best blogging platforms

We are going to show you the best features of the best blogging platform. So read carefully.

1. WordPress

WordPress: what is it, how can you use it, and the main secrets

Powerful and highly customizable, WordPress is one of the best blogging platform for blogs of any size, and bloggers of all levels of experience.

Making your first blog is extremely direct, with a straightforward wizard that guides you through the most common way of picking a name and appropriate subject.

You can leave it there and start composing posts right away, however, the genuine tomfoolery lies in the further developed supervisor, which allows you to alter essentially every part of your blog’s appearance. Unlike some publishing content to blog destinations, WordPress isn’t an intuitive undertaking, and you’ll need to find out about its arrangement of menus. Doing as such is certainly worth the work, however, and empowers you to make something genuinely private.

The editorial manager likewise permits you to make static pages – like an author’s life story, for example. The post-composing point of interaction is similar to a normal work area word processor (however a few choices are introduced in a toolbar at the top, while others are in a menu along the edge, which can a little confound from the beginning). Once more, time spent getting to realize the point of interaction is compensated with cutting edge highlights like adjustable web-based entertainment sharing buttons, geotagging, and the capacity to pick a custom style for individual posts.

Sometimes you should make a photograph exhibition, for instance, and at different times a more text-centered style would be more fitting. You can likewise see and alter the HTML source.As your blog develops, WordPress allows you to follow its details, including site hits, guests, likes, and remarks after some time.

You can likewise perceive how perusers arrive at your site, which content they saw, and where they are on the planet, which is all exceptionally valuable as far as having the option to tailor your substance as needs be.

2. Wix

How to make a website with Wix | Tom's Guide

Need to make your blog to advance your craft and configuration work, rapidly and without any problem? Then, at that point, Wix is the best free writing for a blog stage for you. It allows you to construct a blog (or for sure some other sort of site) utilizing basic intuition.

There are loads of good formats. What’s more, you get 500MB of online stockpiling and 1GB of transmission capacity, for free. Wix isn’t explicitly focused on specialists and creators, yet it draws in a ton of them, for every one of the reasons referenced previously. For instance, you can see a few decent instances of artists who use Wix here.

The disadvantage with the free version is that you’ll have a promotion for Wix on your site and a Wix area name. To eliminate those and open different highlights like an internet-based store and Google Analytics, there are paid-for plans that are sensibly evaluated.

In other words, it’s a good idea to start with the free plan, then upgrade once you attract readers and want to make everything look more professional.

3. LinkedIn

Top 4 Tips for Creating High Engagement LinkedIn Posts

You probably didn’t see this one coming. LinkedIn isn’t most people’s first choice when considering which of the free blogging sites to choose. That being said, it really does deserve some attention!

Two main reasons for this: easy to use tools, and pre-existing audience.

About that subsequent thing – the crowd – what’s incredible about LinkedIn’s client base is that those are exceptionally engaged clients, experts, and entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, it’s accounted for that in excess of 30 million organizations are dynamic on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, they’re not only there for it. Different information shows that 94% of B2B advertisers utilize the stage as one of their essential lead sources.In short, LinkedIn simply fills in as a stage where you can get openness, and this makes it one of the most incredible free publishing content to blog locales of all.

The crowd on LinkedIn is a highly informed and professional one, and you’ll need to bring your A game when it comes to publishing quality content on the platform.

Donald Chan, Founder of IMPACT! (a B2B content marketing agency)

4. Medium

What is Medium?

Medium is a multipurpose platform tackling diverse topics, where anyone with an account can write. Unlike most other free publishing content to blog locales, the large benefit of Medium is that your articles will be presented to a wide crowd since the stage is visited by 60 million perusers each month (and the number expands each year).

It’s really easy to utilize – you basically join and begin composing. In any case, the drawback is that all your substance is on Medium. That is, you’re not actually fabricating your own “space” as you would with WordPress

5. Weebly

Are Weebly Websites Good for SEO? | Weebly SEO Review

Not everyone is tech-savvy. So if you’re an artist or designer who’s a little intimidated by the process of building a blog, we recommend Weebly, as it’s even easier than Wix (number one on our list). 

The two stages are really comparable. Weebly is likewise founded on an intuitive framework, which allows you rapidly to make a site utilizing a layout. The fundamental distinction is that Weebly doesn’t propose as many customization choices as Wix. Yet, on in addition to side, that makes the framework significantly more straightforward to use.

Like with Wix, the free arrangement incorporates a Weebly promotion and you’ll get a cumbersome Weebly space name.

You additionally gain admittance to adaptable formats, a few free subjects, and every one of the social sharing highlights you want. Once more, in the event that you move up to a paid plan, you’ll lose the advertisements, get a custom area, and appreciate more customization choices.

Choose the right blogging platform for you!

So here they are, the best blogging platforms for you. They are all free. So, before you choose any one of them we suggest you try out everyone.

That way you will know which one of them you are more comfortable in and also which has the features that you require.

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