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Choose the Best WordPress Table Plugins 2021

Today we are going to list the best WordPress table plugins in the WordPress industry right now. Tables are a great way to showcase your data. Your data will be organized and well described. However, if you want to create a table manually it might take some time. Because there is a lot of processes goes into making table for a website. However, if you are using a WordPress website. Then you are in luck. Not only are there table...

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WP Dark Mode Update: What’s New in Version 2.1.1

WP Dark Mode

Today we are here with the new WP Dark Mode updates. We have recently released the new 2.2.1 version of the WP Dark Mode pro where we have added some new features and of course bug fixes. After the release of WP Dark Mode in the WordPress repository, it has taken the WordPress industry by storm. In a quick flash, this plugin has touched the 8000+ active installations mark. It is a great feat to achieve this milestone in such...

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Google Embraces Dark Mode on Search 2021- Say Bye-Bye to Eye Strain

google dark mode

"Google embraces dark mode." That is the talk of the town right now. It is not new that big brands are offering dark mode to their users. If you look at brands like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all have an option for dark mode. And it didn't happen because they wanted to change the design. Users were demanding dark mode. Turns out people like dark mode. It helps with the eye strain and makes it easier to read at night....

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What’s New in Google Sheets To WP Table Live Sync Version 2.2.3?

We recently launched the new WordPress table plugin, Google Sheets To WP Table Live Sync. Now we have released the latest Google Sheets To WP Table Live Sync Version 2.2.3 in the WordPress repository. When we first released this WordPress table plugin, we added all the necessary features. Now we are adding some features that were requested by our clients. And we are going to discuss what we have added in the newest version of the plugin. New features in...

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Introducing the New Google Sheets to WordPress Table Live Sync Plugin. Setup and Forget. Auto Sync Forever.

Well, we are here with some good news. We are launching a new Google Sheets to WordPress Table Live Sync plugin for WordPress users. Displaying the data from an Excel sheet, like Google Spreadsheets, has always been a troubled area for WordPress users. They didn't have the proper software or tools to export the data correctly. If they did, the process was too complicated. Keeping that thought in mind, we are bringing this new WordPress table plugin that will help...

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Top website design trends for better conversion rate 2021

Every year there are some website design trends. So, why 2021 will be any different? Yes, some new web design trends are going on this year as well. When a visitor comes to your website What’s the very first thing they notice? Or we can say it another way. The things that attract the visitors most are Animations, graphics, color selection, logo – all these things create a great first impression of your website and this certainly helps the visitor...

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How to pick the right plugin for your website that does trick 2021

Today we are going to share with you some tips on how to pick the right plugin for your WordPress website while also listing the best WordPress plugins according to their categories. WordPress plugins are awesome and if you want your site to have a specific function or add additional functionality, the chances are there is a plugin out there for it. Plugins make WordPress a dream come true for beginners. However, with over 60000+ WordPress plugins available in the...

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Best photography themes for WordPress 2021

Are you looking for the Best Photography Themes for WordPress? Well, today we have rounded up some of the top photography themes out there in the WordPress repository. A photographer needs the perfect theme to display his/her work beautifully. And a WordPress theme designed specifically for photographers can help showcase their work, find more clients, and connect with other like-minded photographers. If you’re a passionate photographer looking for the right platform to showcase your photos, creating a photography site in...

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Why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world in 2021?

The reason why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world is because In recent times dark viewing mode for websites has gained a lot of popularity from users worldwide. You will get a slight idea when you see that Google right now offers you the ‘Night Eye’ feature where you can apply dark mode on any website as long as you’re using Google Chrome as your browser. Think practically. If you are lying in bed with your lights off and want...

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Benefits of using Markdown Editor for technical writing

As a writer, anyone would like to write faster, better, and more efficiently. From HTML, note-taking apps, to-do list apps, and email, Markdown has made its "mark" pretty much everywhere. Intrigued? Let’s not waste any more time chit-chatting and getting straight into the amazing world of Markdown and the benefits of using Markdown Editor. Markdown can be defined as plain text formatting syntax used to write content on the web. It’s commonly used by writers and programmers to write quickly...

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