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How to send contact form data to WhatsApp with WordPress Contact Form easily

Whatsapp cotact form

Today we are going to show you how to send contact form data to WhatsApp with WordPress Contact Form.

The Social Contact Form is an amazing lead collection plugin that will help your customer connect to you through WhatsApp. Also, they will be able to reach you with a single click.

That way you can collect all the user’s form submission data and send it to WhatsApp instantly. It is a simple yet powerful, easy-to-use, beginner-friendly WordPress plugin that puts WhatsApp Contacts in the front.

How to send contact form data to WhatsApp using WordPress Contact Form?

You can easily send contact form data to WhatsApp with the Social WordPress Contact Form plugin. We will show you how.

Step 1: Install the Social Contact Form plugin

Installing the Social Contact Form plugin is as easy as any other WordPress plugin.

At first, go to WP-Admin–> Plugins–> Add New from your WordPress dashboard and type the Social Contact Form plugin in the dashboard.

go to dashboard Social Contact Form
Install Plugin

Then what you have to do is, you need to activate the plugin in order to use the plugin.

activate the plugin Social Contact Form WordPress Contact Form
Activate Plugin

Step 2: Enter your number and messages on the dashboard

Then you will see the dashboard where you can enter your number and custom messages. Be careful about adding your number and messages.

enter number WordPress Contact Form
Add Number

Step 3: Customize icons and fonts

Next, you need to customize your icon, fonts, messages, etc on the next page.

customize Social Contact Form WordPress Contact Form
Customize the Form

Step 4: Save your settings

Once you are done with your customizations, save your settings.

save settings
Save Settings

When you go to the website, this is what the form will look like on the website. Users will send messages from there and they will go straight to your WhatsApp account.


When you click on the Leads button from the dashboard, you will see all your collected leads from there.

collected leads Social Contact Form
Lead List

This is how you can send contact form data to WhatsApp with the WordPress Contact Form plugin

Have a more detailed look at the video below,

Top Features of the Social Contact Form plugin

Social Contact Form is one of the easiest WordPress plugins to use. And it does its job well, sending form leads directly to WhatsApp. All leads that are being sent to WordPress are also saved as a lead saved message on your website as well. So you can always trace back where the message originated from.

Let’s see what kind of features the Social Contact Form has to offer,

Merge tags and preset messages: Using the preset messages and union labels — you can add things like {url} or {title} in the preset messages. These labels will powerfully switch over completely to the genuine URL and Title of the pages when clients use them and would be shown in totally sent messages at the top.es at the top.

Link the Contact form to WhatsApp: Social Contact Form module’s key element is to connect your WordPress site contact structure accommodation to your WhatsApp. You can get your supporter’s information in one spot soon. Social Contact Form removed the agony of getting information quickly on WhatsApp structure and made it simple.

Embed your personalized floating icon: You can undoubtedly implant your Social Contact Form on any page with an upgraded WhatsApp symbol. With the drifting symbol, clients can just tap on it and fill in their data. For legitimate organization and look you’ll get three changed sizes of symbols on the Social Contact Form. Likewise, you can set the symbol with your decision on the left or right of the screen.

Great personalized call to action: Social Contact Form provides you with the choice of customizing your source of inspiration button. You can undoubtedly alter the text of the button whenever with a little, medium, or enormous textual style.

Personalized popup Contact Form: The Social Contact Form is worked with a SUPER SMART plan that you can redo whenever for personalization. You can plan the popup contact structure with your number one textual style. There are numerous text style styles for your customized header text, footer text, and submit button text accessible. Make the structure size little, medium, or enormous with your site style, as well.

Easy and Simple setup wizard: The form templates will give you the most beginner-friendly experience for setting up any contact form than any other contact form in the industry. You can easily set up the widget behavior of your forms with just a single click whether WhatsApp opens by default in a new tab or closes after submitting the form for your site users.

WhatsApp web for desktop: Navigate WhatsApp web directly from your desktop. Social Contact Form challenges your site visitors to fill the form within a minute. Just walk through WhatsApp web directly, fill up data and submit.

Get your own personalized preset message: Set your words as you like. Social Contact Form ULTIMATE will allow you to make preset message customization. Edit and preset text words, give line breaks or make words bold on your custom message.

More premium fonts: Get a number of fonts for customizing your form. Personalize your Social Contact Form widget with the provided fonts which go well with your site design.

Custom size: Make the size of your form short and concise or make it big. Design with your style. The desired size of your form is not an issue on the ultimate version of your Social Contact Form.

Get the lead details: Get every submission information in detail like date, time, name, email, contact, and messages in one place. The best thing about this feature is that every single thing is customizable for you.

Sorting, filtering, searching: Get a search box on top of the leads screen page. Found any user with a custom search. Sort your data anytime and filter these user data with the filtering option.

Easily export the leads as CSV: Why concise into the site dashboard only? Get an export button on the top right corner of the page. Just click on it and get all the user data in one place in a CSV format. All you need to do is to hit the enter button and download the CSV.


We are at the end of the tutorial and hopefully, now you know how to send contact form data to WhatsApp using WordPress Contact Form.

Collecting leads has always been a challenge for marketers. Some tools were expensive or some tools were too complicated. But when you have a plugin like Social Contact Form, it becomes easy to collect leads. After reading our article, you will become an expert in collecting leads.

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