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Keenshot, the best WordPress photography theme 2022

Keenshot, the best WordPress photography theme 2022

Are you looking for the best WordPress photography theme? Well, your search ends here.

A photographer’s work needs to be displayed beautifully, and in high resolution, otherwise, its full potential won’t be able to shine through and therefore it will not connect with the audience.

For anyone doing photography professionally or as a hobby, having an online platform for showcasing your work is a must. And with WordPress, creating that kind of platform is easy.

When you have a photography theme like Keenshot, you don’t need to do much. So, today we are going to give you a detailed view of the theme. Stay tuned!

The necessity of a WordPress photography theme

See the source image

Photography, for some it is a hobby, some take it as a passion and some earns money from it. No matter how you see it, photography is a globally popular subject. And, with the smart devices in hand, everyone is now a photographer.

Although some of them take great photos, however, they don’t have the platform to show their photography skills. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is a great platform. But, among many stories and statues, their work gets lost.

That is why a photography website is a great way to do that. But, not everyone is a website developer and doesn’t have the resources to hire a developer. But these problems shouldn’t stop them.

They can use a photography theme like Keenshot to create a photography website in a few minutes. Yes, it is that simple that anyone with a working knowledge of WordPress can create their own photography website using one of the best WordPress photography themes.

That is power of WordPress themes. You can create any kind of website you like without wasting any time!

Keenshot, the features of the best WordPress photography theme

In the world of photography, it’s all about the visuals. For photographers, websites serve as a portfolio and as a way to turn their hobby into a business. Most photographers decide on starting a website very early on, but where they struggle in that process is creating a site that displays their work appropriately.

They can’t simply start-up any form of web site and add their work there; they require the appropriate layout, the proper theme. Since there are a lot themes, good and bad, focused for photographers, it’s difficult to formulate a choice on which one to choose.

That is why one of the best WordPress photography themes, Keenshot, is definitely worth a try.

Keenshot Photography theme is a free and wonderful WordPress theme with excellent and stylish looks, color, and format that’s finest for any photographer to showcase their work. It’s SEO-friendly, tremendous responsive for any gadgets and browsers, light-weight, and simple to customize.

Here is the full breakdown of the theme.

Home page

When you have your first glance at the theme and its home page, the first thing you will see is a fullwidth carousel in which you can put multiple high-resolution images. Under the carousel, you can find an “about me” section where the photographer can give a brief introduction of themselves and link their social media accounts.

Keenshot Theme

Following the “about me,” there are extra sections of equal width and peak the place you may write about different services you offer, forms of images that you just do, and insert a picture that may serve for example of your services and creative abilities.

Next comes a “photos” section where you can put some of your work on display by filling in a grid style gallery layout. When a user clicks on one of the images in order to view it on its own, it will be displayed in full size on a semi-transparent background, which will still have the rest of the page peeking through.

Lastly, you have the footer section where you can place contact and other relevant information like working hours, address and etc.

About page and pricing page

These two pages have a similar structure, made up of block sections with slide effects for their elements, which “slide-in” as a specific section loads, giving your page a little movement. However, the customization part is totally up to you.

Portfolio page

The portfolio page consists of a single section (with header and footer, of course) containing a grid style gallery, the same type that is located on the home page.


Contact page

The contact page is made up of a contact form, social media links, and a google maps section where it displays your address visually on a map.

Blog page

This is where you can upload articles about your work and other industry-related information and news. Moreover, the most recent blog posts will be displayed in a grid with each grid section consisting of a title and thumbnail for the article.

Best WordPress photography theme

Once you click on a blog post, you will be redirected to a page containing that article. There you can read the blog post, leave a comment, or explore the selection of other blog posts by using the search bar, categories section, or the “you may also like” section.


Keenshot is a completely free theme, which makes it great for those on a budget or for anybody looking to build the perfect site for their photography hobby or business.

Keenshot + WP Dark Mode, Lethal combination!

If you are a fan of the dark mode feature, then you are in for a treat. WP Dark Mode is one of the coolest plugins in the WordPress repository. It lets you add the dark mode feature to any of your websites.

best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins

Not only that it has features like,

  • 5 Exclusive Color Schemes
  • Multiple Dark Mode Switch Style
  • Dark mode Switch Widget
  • Excludes Pages from Darkmode
  • Excludes Elements from Darkmode
  • Dark mode Switch Elementor Widget
  • Dark mode Switch Gutenberg Block
  • Use Custom Dark Mode Colors
  • Fine Tune and Customize Each Element Like You Want
  • And more…

So, what if you combine the best WordPress photography theme and best WordPress Dark Mode plugins together?

You will get amazing result.

As a photographer, you surely want to add more diversity to your website. With Keenshot, you will get the perfect website that will honor your photography skills. However, WP Dark Mode will add the diversity of a dark mode feature to your website.

If you look at the above two pictures, you will understand how much of a difference the WP Dark Mode plugin can make!


Well, there it is! Our detailed overview of the best WordPress photography theme Keenshot. We have tried to give you as much details as possible and hope that will help you going forward in designing your dream photograhy website.

If you have any type of enquiry, don’t forget to share it with us!

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