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Why Online Marketplaces Should Embrace Chat Widgets Support

Chat Widgets Support

Chat widgets support is very important for any kind of online marketplace to embrace. Live chat is one of the most important elements in an online store.

Because with a live chat option not only you can create a more intimate relationship with the customers but also increase your conversion rate.

Today we are going to talk about why online marketplaces should embrace chat widgets support.

1. Makes it Easy to Contact Support

To put it simply, live chat software makes it easy for customers to contact your support team. When you have live chat options there’s no need to dial a phone number or listen to an instrumental song until someone from your team picks up the call.

The live chat feature can easily connect a customer to a support agent, and as a result, enable customers to receive immediate answers to any questions they may have.

Let’s assume that a potential customer wants to know whether you can deliver items to their location and what your delivery rates are. If these are commonly asked questions, you can easily set up an FAQ feature in your chatbot, that will automatically answer such questions.

Moreover, live chat allows customers to multi-task. For instance, when a customer is waiting to start chatting with an agent, they can be with doing something else, such as watching movies online.

2. Saves Cost

A great benefit of adding a chat widgets support to your business is that you can save money.

Here’s why though: customers usually contact you via phone or email. However, this is time-wasting for both parties involved.  Moreover, it can be quite expensive as you will need to employ people to answer the phone and respond to emails.

Live chat, however,  allows your customer support agents to address multiple queries at the same time. Therefore, you get to decrease the cost of labor whilst allowing your team to be productive.

Also, live chat helps you streamline your customer support process because it allows you to resolve customer issues right off the bat. It minimizes instances of having unresolved backlogs. As a result, your second and third-tier customer support agents can focus on more advanced issues.

8 Reasons why your eCommerce website needs live chat support
Saves Cost

3. Advantage Over Your Competitors

According to research, live chat support allows you to differentiate your eCommerce business from others.

First, you can easily respond to customer questions right away. There’s no need to put any incoming requests on hold since a live chat tool allows you to address multiple queries at once. That is why you need chat widgets support.

Second, live chat makes it easier for customers to contact you. Not everyone is comfortable talking to someone over the phone or email, and so, it’s beneficial to have an online tool that enables these types of people to contact you at any time with minimal effort and anxieties.

Third, it allows you to resolve issues as soon as possible. There’s no need to transfer or postpone ticket resolution unless it’s absolutely necessary. Therefore, live chat support prevents any hurdles from occurring in the customer support process.

4. Improves the Online Experience

As we said earlier, live chat support makes it easier for customers to contact you. They can continue their other work as well get support. Instead, they can just head to your website, open up the chat widgets, send their questions, and let the support staff on the other end answer it.

Additionally, adding a live chat support allows you to salvage as many abandoned carts as possible, as 57% of online customers leave their purchase if they fail to receive an immediate answer from customer support.

Also, providing quick support to someone who is on the fence when making a purchase is one of the best features that your marketplace can provide. By doing so, you are able to improve a customer’s online shopping experience and increase your chances of generating a sale from their visit.

5. Get Customer Feedbacks

Besides providing excellent support to the customers and increasing sales, live chat also allows you to learn more about your buyers. It allows you to collect customer data, which comes in handy when building an effective marketing strategy.

Customer data allows you to gain better customer insights, those are useful when looking for ways to improve your products and services. It should go without a doubt that you can also use this data for deciding how to promote your business and use it to grow in the best way possible.

However, in order for that to happen, you will need to review your chat history and conversations. From there, you can gather a lot of valuable information, such as frequently asked questions that point to common customer pain points. You can also use this data to collect common words and phrases that your customers use to describe your products.

8 Reasons why your eCommerce website needs live chat support
Get Customer Feedbacks

6. Provide Customer Satisfaction

Live chat software is designed to provide immediate and useful customer service and support.

In fact, it has the highest customer satisfaction rate among all customer support channels because it allows you to provide immediate resolutions in the most efficient way possible.

Say that a customer wants to know whether purchasing various products on your online store makes them eligible for free shipping. All they would need to do in order to find the answer is to open up the chat widgets, send the query, and then wait briefly for a reply.

There’s no need to call someone on the phone and stay on hold for minutes, or even hours, just to get a reply about something that can be  answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”

We know what you are thinking, what tool will provide that kind of chat widgets support? Well, we have one in mind.

Chat Widgets for Multivendor Marketplaces – The Best Chat Widgets Support for Any Multivendor Marketplace

This multivendor live chat plugin really helps you grab the selling opportunity within the first 8-10 seconds. This amazing chat widgets for WordPress multivendor sites will help you communicate with your customers easily. Yes, it has all the necessary features to make your live chat look attractive and smooth. It is one of the best WooCommerce Multivendor chat plugins.

Chat Widgets for Multivendor Marketplaces
Best Chat Widgets for WordPress

Also, it has integrations with popular multivendor marketplace plugins like Dokan, WCFM, WC Vendors, etc.


  • You can show up to 2 different chats to channels at a time.
  • Select the location of the widget (bottom left/right).
  • Select triggers as to when the chat widgets should appear. You can show it after a few seconds, on the page scroll, or use the exit intent trigger.
  • Choose from amazing attention effects including bounce, waggle, sheen, and spin, fade, blink, pulse. Your attention effect will help you capture the attention of your website visitors and increase the conversion rate.
  • The pending message icon will let your users know that you’re waiting for them to contact you.
  • Fully customize all chat icons including colors and text on hover and chat button opacity.
  • You will get different button designs
  • In the pro version, you will be able to show all 19 channels
  • For widget customization in the pro version, you can choose a background color, change the size of your widget, choose from different widget designs or upload your own.

That is why it is one of the best WooCommerce Multivendor Chat plugins.


If you are a marketplace owner, now you know that you need chat widgets support for your marketplace. The help it can provide is immense and it will certainly help you increase your conversion. We also provided a chat widgets name that will help you add reliable chat support for your marketplace.

If you have any questions, do let us know.

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