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Easy Video Reviews

Genius Testimonial Ideas with Easy Video Reviews

Genius Testimonial Ideas with Easy Video Reviews

Positive reviews and testimonials play a huge part in promoting the website and products. It also helps in getting more sales. But the real challenge is finding ways to publish testimonials on your website. That is why you need some great testimonial ideas to publish great content on your website.

There are different types of testimonials that online marketers use on their website, such as:

  • Quote: Text testimonials from customers talking about how the product helped them
  • Videos: Customer accounts displayed through video testimonials
  • Hero images: Large images shown at the top of websites over-laid with quotes
  • Star ratings: Products and services rated out of 5 stars
  • Blog post reviews: Written reviews of a product or service published in a blog post
  • User-generated content: Photos and videos shared on social media reviewing the product
  • Case study: Long-form examples of how products or services helped customers improve their lives.

But we are going to talk about one of the most popular forms of testimonials, video testimonials. Video testimonials are a great way to showcase your customer reviews. When users are seeing that other customers are saying nice things about your product then they put their faith in your product, they will get the social proof they need and will buy that product from you.

However, there were no efficient tools to record and showcase video testimonials until the arrival of the plugin Easy Video Reviews.

With Easy Video Reviews, you can collect customers’ live video reviews, or they can upload pre-recorded ones from anywhere on your website. You can easily display those reviews anywhere. You will have the help of Shortcode, Gutenberg block, Elementor Widgets, or using HTML attr in a variety of ways, i.e., slider, carousel, grid, etc.

So, today we are going to give you some great testimonial ideas and show you how you can implement them using Easy Video Reviews plugin.

Table of Content

1. Dedicated Video Testimonial Page

A dedicated customer review page is a great testimonial idea. This way, visitors can browse endorsements without having any distractions.

Using Easy Video Reviews Gutenberg block, you can create a dedicated testimonial page quite easily. All you have to do is create a new page from WP Admin–> Pages–> Add new. Then give your page a relevant title.

Select the Easy Video Reviews Showcase block from the block menu section. Then you will see all the previous testimonials added to that page. If you want you can redesign the page and make it look more attractive.

testimonial ideas
Dedicated Page for Testimonials

2. Show Video Testimonials on Your Homepage

Showing your video testimonials on your homepage is one of the great testimonial ideas. That way your visitors get an instant snapshot of how customers view your service.

You can easily show the video testimonials on your homepage using the Easy Video Reviews plugin. It has a shortcode feature. With this feature, you can show testimonials anywhere on your website. So, you can add videos on your homepage as well.

3. Display Testimonials in Your Sidebar

Sidebar is an area that is often overlooked. But it is one of the most essential places to put your testimonials. You can easily highlight your testimonials, alongside other content.

Easy Video Reviews has a widget you can use to place your video testimonials on the sidebar. Just visit the Appearance–> Widgets section. There, click on the “+” button and find the Easy Video Reviews showcase widget and place it on the sidebar of your website page.

Easy Video Review Widget-Testimonial ideas
Easy Video Review Widget

4. Show Testimonials on Your Contact & About Us Page

Your contact page is where your potential customers ask about your products or services. Many of the websites only add logos and general information in the contact page.

Also, just like contact page, your potential visitors want to learn about you and your products in the about us page. It also create a first impression on your visitors.

So, you can make both of these pages useful by adding video testimonials in those pages.

And with Easy Video Reviews you can easily add your video testimonials to those pages. It has a single video page option. Just select the page title from the dropdown box and your job is done.

Single video page
Single Video Page

These are the great testimonial ideas you can use for video testimonials of your website.


So, these are the great testimonial ideas you can use to increase the effectiveness of your products and services. Testimonials are a very important part of any kind of website.

When your customers will see other customers saying great things about your products or services, it will create a sense of trust and it will create an impact on your sales.

After all, online product reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%!

If you can embed the customer reviews on your website then it will also help improve the overall SEO of your site, since it’s relevant content that search engines can crawl to rank you higher. This marketing strategy can result in a significant boost in sales, and with the right customer service, turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

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