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WP Jannah – Best newspaper theme for WordPress 2022

WP Jannah - Best newspaper theme for WordPress 2022

If you are looking for the best newspaper theme then you are in the right place.

As this the case with any traditional technology, newspapers have transcended and evolved past their humble origins. Some people see this as a negative thing; relocating to the internet somehow diminishes the effectiveness and validity of the medium.

However, that is wrong. By posting any type of publication online, you are shattering barriers and making it easier for people to read what you and your team wrote. Once the middleman is cut out, and the content can be delivered directly to your followers.

There are many WordPress newspaper themes out there that you can use to create a news website that will serve all purposes. However, finding the best one may be a challenging task. But we are going to make your life easier.

Introducing WP Jannah, one of the best newspaper themes out there to create the perfect news website. We are going to review this theme today to give you a genuine idea about this theme. So, without wasting any time, let’s get right into it.

WP Jannah – Is it the best newspaper theme?

Creating a newspaper website can require a lot of finesse. You have to take care of a lot of things before making it live. But when you have a great theme taking care of all that then you can relax. WP Jannah can be one of those themes.

A good WordPress theme is similar to a picture frame. It somehow enhances the overall value without drawing attention from the centerpiece: your content.

Let’s look at WP Jannah shall we?


When you want to use the WP Jannah theme you need to download it from the here. You will find the theme downloader option there.

15+ Custom Widget options

When a WordPress user first installs a theme, he/she wants complete freedom to redesign the outline. Because let’s face it, everyone wants to personalized their site.

Well, don’t worry, WP Jannah has all the options available for you. Being a newspaper theme, it is very flexible. You have 15+ widgets to redesign your whole site as you like. These widgets are customizable. You can create your own customized theme. Tell me that doesn’t make it the best newspaper theme ever?

best newspaper theme

Multiple paged posts, Create different categories

If you are running a newspaper website, you need to view all your recent posts, and also create different categories. Because there are various kinds of news. You can just put them into one section.

WP Jannah will let you create a whole new layout for your blogs and news. Also, you can create different categories and view the selected posts there. But the beauty of this best newspaper theme is that you can do that for multiple pages.

That means you can show different kinds of news under different categories on different pages. How cool is that?

Animated weather & Instagram widgets, with Twitter supported

Well, one thing we always get from the news is the Weather report. You will be glad to know that WP Jannah has an animated weather widget. That means you can add the weather forecast for any country and city.

Also, you can show your recent Instagram and Twitter posts using the Instagram and Twitter widget. All you need to do is insert the API key and you are good to go.

Major page builders supported

You know you can create any kind of website using the page builders. Like Elementor, Divi etc. If you are WordPress user then you must know how popular these page builders are!

You will be happy to know that WP Jannah supports all kinds of Page Builders. So, you can customize your website with this theme+page builders.

best newspaper theme


50% people use mobile devices to enter a website!

You need to build your website in a way that is responsive to any kind of devices. Thankfully WP Jannah is responsive to all kinds of devices. Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, etc. So, your users can visit your website from any kind of device.

Social sharing & profile icons

After reading or visiting your site, your users may want to reach your or share your site with social groups. You will need to flaunt your social icons and profile icons.

WP Jannah lets you add social icons to the footer or anywhere on your site.

Speed optimization

WP Jannah is fast and reliable. Yes, when you use the WP Jannah theme to build your newspaper website your users will get the fastest experience.

WP Jannah has taken the speed up a notch with several advanced developments behind the scenes to give you truly blazing page load speeds and website performance in general.

Sticky navigation menu & sidebars

By using Sticky Navigation & Sidebars you don’t need to scroll multiple times to switch pages. Your user can go to the next page anytime. Also, the design will stay intact and will not affect your overall design.

Gutenberg & WooCommerce supported

Gutenberg is the default page builder for WordPress 5.0. You need to use Gutenberg to build your WordPress website. You will be thrilled to know WP Jannah supports Gutenberg. You can create your dream newspaper website using Gutenberg and also applying this newspaper theme.

This is a bonus. You can make your online store gorgeous with an out-of-the-box design. With its appealing WooCommerce integration, it’s got all you need to build your high conversion store precisely as you want it.

More Features:

  • SEO Optimized
  • Translation & RTL Ready
  • Dark Skin
  • Flexible, Handy and Light
  • Lifetime Free Support.

WP Jannah exclusive features


We have been talking about the default features you will get with this best newspaper theme. However, we have some exclusive features as well. Like,

Lifetime free updates

Yes, when you download and install the WP Jannah theme, you will get updates for free for a lifetime. So when we add a new feature and do some bug fixing you will get an update right away. You don’t have to worry about paying any money.

You’ll get a notification after each update and it is free. So, what are you waiting for? 

WPML plugin compatible

You know about the WPML plugin right? WPML lets authors write content in different languages and translate content. It also includes advanced features for translation management and an interface for professional content translation.WP Jannah is fully compatible with the WPML plugin.

So, with this newspaper plugin, users can view news in any language they want!

Custom logo

Every newspaper site is unique. That is why they have a unique logo as well. With WP Jannah, you don’t have to worry about placing your newspaper site logo. WP Jannah will help you set your company logo in the perfect place.

Custom colors & background

Want to give your brand a unique color customization? Well, with WP Jannah you can easily create a unique color scheme that represents your brand. That’s not all. You can easily customize the header, footer, and top bar color design. How cool is that? You will feel like you have created a whole new design.

Moreover, you can customize your background color as well. Yes, we are giving that facility to WP Jannah as well. So, selecting a catchy look won’t be difficult anymore.

Light speed

When users install a theme on their site they usually think about how it will affect the overall site speed. Sometimes the theme slows down the site. That happens when there are unnecessary codes added to the theme. Not with WP Jannah. We have made sure to add only the codes that are necessary.

This will not only optimize your site but you will also get extra speed. You know when you site loads lighting fast, the bounce rate will automatically go down.

Breadcrumb navigation

User navigation has been quite a problem for site owners. There are lots of news sites that have poor navigation. So, readers get frustrated and it affects the overall site time. No, not with WP Jannah.

It has breadcrumb navigation support. That means your readers will never get lost. That gives you the freedom to customize your site in any way you like. And no matter how big your site is, your visitors will enjoy visiting your site


Creating a newspaper website is not an easy task. But having a suitable theme will make the work easy. And when you have a great reference then it makes it easy to customize.

That is why WP Jannah is the best newspaper theme right now! So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy right now!

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