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Easy Video Reviews

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

Today, 84% of millennials don’t trust the message of traditional advertising. Rather most of them prefer looking into reviews or testimonials while they shop online. So, we definitely cannot ignore the impact of customer testimonials on a business. 

If you are running a WordPress website, and trying to utilize the power of social proof in your business, Easy Video Reviews is the perfect tool for you. In addition to its wide range of popular testimonial features, the new release (version 2.0) will elevate your testimonial collection experience to another level.

The wide selection of additions to this plugin including text reviews, a testimonial gallery, faster onboarding, and review widgets – ensure your testimonial collection will be more flexible than ever.

Let’s dive into everything new with Easy Video Reviews 2.0.

What’s new on Easy Video Reviews 2.0?

  • New (Introduced New UI 🔥): We’ve revamped the look and feel of the Easy Video Reviews plugin, making the admin panel more modern and user-friendly
  • New (Text Reviews): Along with video reviews now text reviews can also be submitted using the plugin. You can decide between text and video reviews or enable them both
  • New (Onboarding Flow): We introduced a new onboarding flow for the users so that they can get started with the plugin easily in simple steps
  • New (Review Galleries): Showcasing video and text reviews has now become a lot easier with the new review gallery creator. Users can now create review galleries from the plugin dashboard and showcase them anywhere on their website using shortcodes
  • New (WooCommerce Review Button Customization): The review button used to collect reviews on the single product page can now be customized from the plugin dashboard
  • Improvement (Logging in and Creating New Account): New users can now get started faster with the plugin just after setting it up without creating an account
  • Fix (Review Saving and Showcasing Issues Using Folder): Now reviews can be collected to a folder and showcases can be created with the reviews from any folder without any issues
  • Fix (Issues with Gutenberg and Elementor): Fixed several issues related to the Gutenberg block editor and Elementor page builder
  • Fix (WooCommerce Reviews Showcasing Issues): The issue with collecting WooCommerce reviews and showcasing them has been fixed in this version
  • Fix (Subscription Management Issues): The issue with the Manage Subscription button has been fixed. Now users can easily manage their subscription via Stripe by clicking on that button

Now let’s get into some details of the new features:

Text Reviews

Let’s get to the big news! Now, alongside video testimonials, users can provide detailed written feedback with Easy Video Reviews.

They can even choose to leave their reviews just in text. This feature ensures your customers get the convenience of choosing how they want to share their experiences with your products or services. 

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

The bright side of this feature is you can now choose to give your customers the freedom of choosing between video or written reviews. This feature ensures a more comprehensive platform, catering to the diverse preferences of users. 

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

You can enable text reviews from the plugin dashboard by navigating to the ‘Review Settings’. Once it’s activated, your camera-shy customers will be able to write their reviews in words instead of skipping just because they don’t want to come before the camera. This increases your chances of receiving reviews more often. 

The latest edition comes with new gallery management capabilities, which we like to call a Wall of Love that enables you to simply arrange and display your favorite testimonials more effectively. 

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

This new addition of ‘Review Gallery’ in Easy Video Reviews 2.0 helps you to make the reviews and feedback from satisfied customers stand up as you want.

Easy Video Reviews

By allowing you the freedom to better showcase your satisfied client’s testimonial as you see fit, it increases the chance of earning your potential customer’s trust in better ways.

Effortless Onboarding

The revamped interface in version 2.0 offers a seamless and intuitive experience, making it easier than ever for users to get on board with the plugin.

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

The new appearance blends style and functionality to improve the user experience overall. It guides users through the setup from the moment of activating the plugin and makes it possible to use the plugin for anyone without any complicated steps. Using the plugin is now a piece of cake!

Once you’re done with the onboarding steps, you can place your review button anywhere you want using Gutenberg block, Elementor, or shortcode and make it as easy as it gets for your customers to leave a review. 

Review widgets (upcoming)

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration

One of our biggest feature additions, Review Widget is on the way and we are ready to share a glimpse of it without spoiling much. This feature will increase your chance of getting testimonials grabbing your customer’s attention with a widget. 

Lots of times people forget to leave a review despite they are willing to provide one. They just need a little push. With this Review Widget option, you will be able to remind them to leave you their testimonials, reviews, or opinions. The little push they needed. 

This option will drastically improve your chance of getting more reviews resulting in a pace in your business.

Ways to use Easy Video Reviews

A user can use Easy Video Reviews for a number of purposes on his/her website. Besides being used for collecting video testimonials and reviews for the product or services, Easy Video Reviews can also be used for:

Product case study: You can show the impact of your product and services through a short video to interest your visitors in using your services or products.

Answering FAQs: You can make short videos with Easy Video Reviews answering FAQs about your products or services and guide users effectively through clear visual instructions.

Social media promotion: You can use testimonials collected through Easy Video Reviews to promote your product on social media.

Event promotion: Use Easy Video Reviews to create a short video about your upcoming event or sale and feature it on your WordPress site to promote the event.

People are using Easy Video Reviews for loads of other reasons in loads of ways. Some even use it to wish on someone on a large scale etc. The possibilities are endless. You can put your creative mind and use it for your needs

To know how to set up and get started with Easy Video reviews, visit here.

Celebrate Version 2.0 with a FLAT 40% OFF

Now a good news. To celebrate the big release of the Easy Video Reviews Version 2.0, we are offering a Flat 40% off on the premium versions of the plugin.

The offer is for a limited time only. Grab the discount now, before it runs out.

Everything new in Easy Video Reviews 2.0: Text reviews, testimonial gallery, slick UI, and eCommerce integration


Easy Video Reviews Version 2.0 represents a significant evolution, introducing enhanced features that redefine the landscape of customer testimonials. Beyond aesthetics, Easy Video Reviews presents businesses with the ability to produce compelling product narratives with dynamic video testimonials that offer a sincere and powerful perspective on the practical applications of their products. 

Update to version 2.0 to improve the online visibility of your product or services and easily harness the power of real customer voices.


Q: Is Easy Video Reviews compatible with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce?

A: Yes. Easy Video Reviews Version 2.0 has integration with e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This ensures a seamless experience in connecting video testimonials with your product pages.

Q: What benefits does Easy Video Reviews V2.0 offer compared to the previous version?

A: Easy Video Reviews V2.0 introduces a sleek and modern user interface, streamlined gallery management, and enhanced integration features. It now allows users to leave written reviews if they want. 

So, Easy Video Reviews are now more convenient and user-friendly with its version 2.0.

Q: How can I encourage my customers to provide video testimonials?

A: You can motivate your clients by providing rewards, simplifying the procedure, and emphasizing the positive impact that their endorsements can have on the community. Easy Video Reviews offers those resources to collect testimonials more easily.

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