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Easy Video Reviews

Collect video testimonials and increase sales on WooCommerce platform with live video testimonials

Collect video testimonials and increase sales on WooCommerce platform with live video testimonials

One way to increase sales significantly for the eCommerce platforms is to collect Video Testimonials for a WooCommerce store.

If you look at Facebook, Instagram, etc., these social media platforms are flooded with videos. Businesses that are using testimonial videos can improve their brand’s image and certainly help build strong customer relationships. There are almost 81% of businesses are leveraging the power of videos as a marketing tool. 

So, for marketing personnel, you need to have the right tool to attract visitors and build their trust.

WooCommerce is the perfect platform to start your online eCommerce store. You can easily create an online store within minutes using this WordPress plugin. However, if you can combine video testimonials with your WooCommerce platform then you can easily increase sales on WooCommerce store.

And that tool is Easy Video Reviews. Fully compatible with WooCommerce, customers can easily record and send video testimonials right from their browser. You can manage and showcase anywhere on your WordPress website. Because video testimonials can,

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Why is it important to collect video testimonials for WooCommerce store?

Video Testimonials are a great way to help people understand your products/services in an engaging way. Also,

1. Increase your retention rate

According to the statistics, video has a 95% retention rate than normal text. That is a huge difference. If you convey your message through videos, it will stay longer in people’s minds, increasing their chances of making a purchase.

The more people remember your product/brand or services, the easier it becomes to convert those visitors into leads. 

2. Improving brand trust

Word of mouth is pretty effective when it comes to an eCommerce store. It is an effective tool that helps organizations build trust and credibility.

And to build trust companies use video testimonials to convince their customers. Even with those who have never heard about your business/brand ever before. 

According to the research conducted by BigCommerce, 72% of the people say that they are able to trust a business more by reading positive reviews and testimonial videos.

3. Convert more leads

What is the ultimate goal of every marketer? The ultimate goal is to attract visitors and convert potential customers into buyers. You may also aim for the same.

Also, testimonial videos can help you achieve your target quite easily and generate more leads. Because, video testimonials will tell your users how your product works and how it can help you meet your goals. Some of the biggest brands like Ford, Salesforce, etc. are using testimonial videos to convert customers and generate revenue. 

4. Video testimonials are cost effective

One of the other reasons organizations are using testimonials for it’s brand is its cost-effectiveness. Using the Easy Video Reviews plugin, customers can create and upload testimonials with ease. Moreover, you can put the button for testimonials anywhere you like.

5. Improves social proof

If you look around then you will see, to do social marketing, many organizations use testimonial videos. Because social proof is an important factor that helps people in making the right decision.

If you publish these amazing testimonials form your customers is social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, it becomes really easy to grab the visitors’ interest and build strong relationships with the target audience over social media. 

You can easily increase the social awareness surrounding your product.

Now, you may want to know how you can collect video testimonials for the WooCommerce stores right? Well, let us show you.

How to collect video testimonials easily with Easy Video Reviews?

Step 1: Install WooCommerce on Your WordPress Site

If you have already installed and activated WooCommerce then you can ignore this step. But if you haven’t, then navigate to WP Admin–> Plugins–> Add new. There write WooCommerce, then activate the plugin.

install WooCommerce_Collect Video Testimonials
install WooCommerce

Read: How to setup WooCommerce.

Step 2: Install & Activate Easy Video Reviews

Now, you need to install Easy Video Reviews plugin from WordPress repository. Navigate to WP Admin–> Plugins–> Add new. Type Easy Video Reviews. Install and activate it.

install easy video reviews to Collect Video Testimonials
install easy video reviews

Step 3: Configure Easy Video Reviews

Now, you need to configure the settings of Easy Vidoe Reviews. Go to Easy Video Reviews–> Integrations–> WooCommerce. Enable Show video review buttons for a single product page and after order complete page. Also, edit the thank you message for your email. choose the button color, label. Then hit the save settings button.

Easy Video Reviews+ WooCommerce to Collect Video Testimonials
Easy Video Reviews+ WooCommerce

Step 4: See the End Result

Now, you can see the video testimonial button on the Single Product page and the After Order Complete page.

Customers can record videos,

record a video
record a video

Or they can upload a new video,

upload a new video
upload a new video

Click to upload a new video,

uploading a new video
Uploading a new video

Thsi is how you can collect video testimonials for your WooCommerce store quite easily.


Customer testimonials are the best way to build trust within your customer community. You can inspire them to believe in your brand without any hassle.

Also testimonial videos help in creating strong emotional connections. And now you know the easiest way to collect video testimonials for your WooCommerce store. So, what are you waiting for. Install Easy Video Reviews and collect testimonial videos for your site.

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