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Easy Video Reviews – Video testimonials for business growth

Easy Video Reviews - Video testimonials for business growth

In today’s information-heavy environment, buyers need easy and reliable ways to make quality decisions quickly. That is why social proof is important. And testimonials are considered great social proof. Especially the video testimonials. That is why it is important to collect video testimonials for business growth.

Testimonials and reviews are essential to driving sales online now. Because, over the past few years, most people have faced scams and fake news stories that have made them suspicious. Adding simple reviews can increase sales, as 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site that has reviews. 

We are going to share with you some tips while creating video testimonials and also tell you how you can collect great video testimonials.

Let’s get started.

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Things to consider for using video testimonials for business growth

Video testimonials look more realistic because users can see other users saying nice things about your business. They won’t need to consider if the review is real or made up. Be that as it may, simply distributing any video testimonials will not take care of business. You want to move towards this deliberately and offer the right survey in the correct manner. We are going to show you how.

Understand your audience persona

At this point, when users watch video testimonials, they are not simply searching for evidence that your instructing program works.

They likewise need to see themselves achieving the outcome you guarantee you will help them reach. You have to make it simple for them to picture this. You want to show video testimonials from individuals they can connect with. The individual discussing the testimonials needs to have a comparative history like them, and they need to have accomplished what your interest group needs to achieve.

Do a great deal of user exploration to sort out who your user is, the thing that their present circumstance is, and where they need to be. You can begin this exploration with studies and meetings and afterward incorporate the information into guides, personas, and market maps.

Ask your clients to create the video testimonials

When you know your users, you can pick the right applicants (customers) to make the videos. Simply ask your clients to inform people about their experience with the program. Request that they tell the perusers somewhat about themselves, what was their need, and how it helped them. Try not to attempt to provide them with solid guidance as the surveys will seem scripted.

For a few thoughts, look at the video testimonials on other YouTube channels. You’ll see that there is no rule for the video audits. There are various lengths and styles.

You can dictate the flow and tempo and improve quality if you hire a team of experts to help you out, but it won’t look natural. That is how you can use video testimonials for business growth.

Build a funnel around all the video testimonials

When you share a call to action in your videos, you will naturally have a basic funnel. In any case, we need you to go past that and make these recordings a piece of your general showcasing channel. Add them to points of arrival, share connections to the recordings in your email newsletters, and even offer them in promotions.

And when people watch these videos, you should retarget them with ads on other platforms. Vimeo makes it possible to add pixels from ad platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Take advantage of this. 

When you retarget people, make sure you use video ads. They just watched a video, so they probably prefer watching video content. 

Create a lot of video testimonials, test, and collect data

You need to create several testimonials. They should all fulfill the necessities of the various personas you need to target. While making testimonials for various personas, you ought to likewise try different things with various video lengths, utilizing captions, evaluating new channels, and so on, to see which one works best.

You can use the information you obtain not just to improve your testimonial videos but your entire coaching funnel.

So, these are the tips for using video testimonials for business growth. Now, to grow your business using video testimonials, you need to have the right tool. Like Easy Video Reviews. Interested to know more? Read the next section.

How Easy Video Reviews helps in creating the perfect video testimonials

Video Testimonials for Business

If you are running a WordPress-based website, then adding a video testimonial is easy. With the help of the Easy Video Reviews plugin, you can easily add a video testimonial to your website. And this plugin will also help you with video marketing.

This video testimonial plugin will help you collect video testimonials for business growth because,

Create great video testimonials

The Easy Video Reviews plugin makes it easy for you to create testimonials. Also, it gives the user freedom to manage everything including testimonials, subscription inside WordPress. They don’t have to leave the plugin anytime. How cool is that!

That will make the job of the user very easy and less complicated.

Users can easily upload their videos

It is not necessary for the users to use this plugin to record their videos. Yes, this plugin will give users the chance to upload their pre-recorded videos. There is no specific format. Easy Video Reviews supports all kinds of formats of videos.

Works with low bandwidth

How many places are there on this earth where the network is weak and the internet speed is slow? They don’t get the chance to use these kinds of tools in their region.

Don’t worry. The Easy Video Reviews plugin will help the user record a video even at a low internet speed. Moreover, the plugin is device-friendly as well.

Also, when clients come to record, they can choose their own choice of selecting specific I/O devices before recording.

Integration with popular page builders

In the age of WordPress page builders, users use many kinds of page builders to build their website. With that in mind, Easy Video has integration with every known page builder like,

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Gutenberg
  • Thrive
  • Divi

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So, you see that is how Easy Video Reviws can help collect the perfect video testimonials for your site.


Developing your business gets simpler on the chance that you know what you need to do and how to do it. A solitary client testimonial video can help you with associating with your users across numerous channels. Don’t let it sit idle on your server.

The way you utilize these recordings assumes a huge part in deals and income. There isn’t any correct method of utilizing these tribute recordings. What’s significant is that you’re prepared to change your methodologies and strategies in case they don’t work.

We hope our tips help you in collecting video testimonials for business growth.

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