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The dos and don’ts of choosing the best WordPress theme for blogs

Best wordpress theme for blogs

There are thousands (10,000 or more) of best WordPress theme for blogs out there. So many that it would require days in a row to look through them all. So how would you limit it down to track down the ideal one for your site?

Picking the right theme is clearly significant — the right one ought to give your content flair, keeping it responsive across gadgets, while additionally stacking quickly. However, with such countless themes in the repository, it tends to be a fairly overwhelming undertaking to pick the most ideal one.

Prior to buying a theme, or focusing intently on tweaking one, make certain to peruse this rundown of dos and don’ts with regard to choosing the ideal WordPress theme. Depending on your brand and the products you sell, you may have a lot of options or a few. Either way, we’ll tell you how to narrow down your WordPress choices with a few simple do’s and don’ts and ease out your stress on how to choose a WordPress theme? Enjoy!

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What Should You Do While Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Blogs

Here is a list of what you should do while choosing your ideal theme for your blog site.

Note Down What You Want

The first step to choosing the best WordPress theme for blogs is to decide what it is that you want from your theme.

Set aside some margin to ponder the points of your WordPress site. For instance, do you want it to have a blog page? Would you like to install videos? Could it be said that you are intending to offer recruits or catch client information?

Whenever you’ve laid out what you really want from your themes, you can make the initial steps to waitlist likely choices. After all, there’s no point starting to look at WordPress themes unless you know what you need yours to provide. 

At this stage, it’s not worth pondering the sort of financial plan you’re working with. There are free theme options available, and – if your requirements are fairly basic – you may find your ideal theme costs absolutely nothing.  Then again, following through on themes that differ in cost, and expense can increment rapidly to highlight rich WordPress theme choices.

A decent tip is to investigate existing WordPress sites that are like what you need to make – and that work inside your specialty – and assess their themes. What do you like? What might be moved along? This will assist you with making your theme ‘agenda’, and work from that point.

Make Sure it’s Responsive

A responsive theme is one that looks and performs to the same standard on a mobile device as it would on a desktop. 

WordPress theme
Your WordPress theme should be responsive and adapt to all devices and screen sizes.

Responsive themes will adjust to fit the screen of whatever device a visitor is using to get to your site, without losing any of the usefulness or nature of the client experience.

Your WordPress theme ought to be responsive and adjust to all devices and screen sizes.
Of the 4.66 billion dynamic web clients on the planet, an incredible 92.6% of them utilize cell phones to get to the web. So in the event that your theme isn’t responsive, you will miss out on a ton of expected traffic.

A responsive theme guarantees that each guest to your site, regardless of how they’ve decided to get to it, will have a decent encounter – making them significantly more prone to return.

There’s another justification for why a responsive theme is so significant. In 2019, Google reported it would move to “portable first” ordering. This means the web search tool will utilize the versatile form of your site to list and rank it. In the event that it’s unacceptable, you won’t have a lot of possibility of showing up in Google’s indexed lists.

Go for Simplicity

When trying to choose a perfect WordPress theme, it can be easy to get tempted by an all-singing, all-dancing design that’s full of cool quirks and features. 

WordPress themes come with various color, font, animation, and layout options that may look exciting, but can end up being off-putting to users.

Keep in mind, you’re planning a WordPress site for your audience. Contemplate how you would answer assuming you were attempting to peruse content on a site that was loaded up with irritating movements and pop-ups, or that utilized various varieties and textual styles all through.

Assuming there’s a lot happening inside your theme, you’ll wind up confounding your users, they will not have the option to find the content they’re searching for, and they’ll wind up leaving (and as a general rule, finding what they need on another site!).

While having a site that looks great is significant, recall what the primary points of your site are, and ensure the topic you pick isn’t ruining your web-based objectives. Remember, the theme that suits your topic somewhat effortlessly is the best WordPress theme for blogs for you.

Make Sure it Supports Plugins

Choosing a theme that supports key WordPress plugins is essential if you want to provide the best functionality and user experience.

When choosing a theme, remember that it’s often plugins that will help to elevate it and provide the functionality that you’re looking for. 

WordPress plugins can help to improve various aspects of your website, including design and performance.

WordPress plugins Best WordPress Theme for Blogs
There are multiple WordPress plugins you can choose to help improve your website.

Some of the most popular and useful WordPress plugins include:

  • Yoast SEO (Helps to improve the overall SEO of your website).
  • Jetpack (Includes website analytics, spam filters, and automated social media posting).
  • Woocommerce (Transforms your WordPress website into an online shop).
  • WP Forms (Creates a contact form with a dynamic drag-and-drop interface).  
  • WP Dark Mode (Gives a dark effect to any kind of WordPress website and is the number one of dark mode plugin in the repository)

Choose A WordPress Blog Theme You Can Customize

The great thing about using WordPress for your website is that you can customize almost every theme to look exactly how you want it to. 

When selecting the best WordPress theme for blogs, make sure you pick one that offers you the option to customize elements such as font, colors, images, layout, and pages. 

Altering your theme will permit you to acquaint your image with your site, permitting you to guarantee that your business tones and style go through each page. Picking a theme that you can redo likewise implies that you can choose precisely which pages your site incorporates. You might conclude that an about page isn’t required, or you might need your blog page to be the primary concentration. Whatever route format you like, you ought to have the option to make it with an adaptable WordPress subject.

Read the Reviews

WordPress theme reviews Best WordPress Theme for Blogs
Always read the reviews for your chosen theme to help you make an informed decision.

When you buy anything online it’s always a good idea to read the reviews – and buying the best WordPress theme for blogs is no different. After all, those reviews are there for a reason – so make use of them to help inform your purchasing decision. 

When you’ve found a theme that you like the look of, take some time to read the reviews to find out what real-life users think about it. 

The last thing you believe that should do is download and introduce a theme just to find it obsolete or brimming with malignant code. Bad quality or obsolete themes can leave your site powerless against digital assaults, as well as affect execution components of your site, for example, page load speed.

In the event that a theme has no reviews, it’s likely best to stay away from it and pick an alternate one. The more high-evaluated reviews a theme has, the more certain you can be that it will improve your web presence.

Now let’s see what you shouldn’t do while choosing the best WordPress theme for blogs.


  • Choose a bloated theme. It might look interesting to have a theme rich with highlights, however this main winds up harming you over the long haul. Swollen subjects will generally run gradually, need security, and occupy clients.
  • Limit yourself to the free themes. Nothing bad can be said about the free themes, yet moving up to premium gives you a superior item. Premium themes will generally accompany more help, standard updates and fixes, upgraded security, and better coding.
  • Overdo it with fancy fonts. The best fonts are those that are simple and easy to read. Some themes have limited customization options, but some allow you to adjust the font using CSS. The fonts I recommend include Verdana, Tahoma, and Serifs.


Ideally, this article has given you a few thoughts on choosing the best WordPress theme for blogs. What’s perfect about WordPress is assuming you truly do choose to change subjects not too far off, you’ll have the adaptability to do as such.

WordPress theme is a building block of a website, and you don’t want to hurry in buying one.

Keep all the points mentioned above in mind, and make a checklist so you can check everything off when you plan on buying a theme for your website. After all, choosing a WordPress theme can be confusing. Hope you find your best WordPress theme for blogs without any hassle required.

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