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UGC SEO: How to use user generated content to improve SEO

UGC SEO: How to use user generated content to improve SEO

With the rise of social media and the use of the internet, User Generated Content, or UGC has emerged as a game-changing element for any business.

UGC refers to content created by the audience rather than the brand itself. These contents created by real users hold great value from the perspective of other users in a sense of credibility and authenticity. 

With the technology of search engine optimization (SEO) advancing regularly, UGC SEO, or online footprint created by user generated content is now an important factor that is considered to improve search rankings.

Because search engines prioritize regular and updated content from various sources on a topic. And what better way than UGC SEO to cash on that? 

UGC or review and content from users are thought to boost a product page’s SEO ranking by up to 25%.

It is now obvious that user generated content can significantly boost your website’s SEO performance. That’s why massive companies are now increasing spending on UGC for their marketing.

In this blog post, let’s explore some ways you can harness the power of UGC SEO to improve your website’s SEO rankings and achieve wider exposure for your business.

UGC SEO: How to use user generated content to improve SEO

What is UGC or User Generated Content?

First, let’s see what do we generally mean by UGC or User Generated Content.

Any information, including text, photos, videos, reviews, and more, that is produced by users or customers on a platform about a service or product rather than by the company or brand itself, is known as user generated content or UGC. These are not the works of professional producers; rather, they are regular people sharing their ideas, insights, and thoughts.

In this age where information is free-flowing through the internet, user generated content (UGC) has grown in importance, especially with the emergence of social media and online platforms that facilitate content creation and sharing.

UGC or User Generated Content includes:

  • Contents on social media. For example Facebook posts and comments, Instagram images and reels, Twitter messages, etc.
  • Articles and blog posts like evaluations and review blogs, references, personal blogs, etc.
  • Videos content like how-tos, tutorials, and unboxing videos on YouTube, Twitch, etc.
  • Pictures and visuals. For example, funny photos, memes, and product photography are made by users
  • Audio including sound effects, music, and podcasts.

User generated content or UGC is gaining traction as a means for marketers to establish a more genuine connection with their audience. Users are now more likely to be influenced by other users rather than company ads and billboards.

Benefits of UGC or User Generated Content

UGC comes with several benefits including improving SEO for business. Some notable benefits are:

Better credibility for a business

User generated content helps a business gain credibility like no other thing. People tend not to trust ads, people trust people.

So, when someone recommends your product or service it works better than getting to know about the product or service from your paid ads. People would rather trust the words of another user than the promises of the brand itself.

That’s why more than 99.9% of customers go through reviews before purchasing online. Even 97% of consumers look up local companies online through reviews before engaging with them nowadays.

User generated content or UGC builds a personal connection and encourages openness, even if it’s frequently less polished than materials created by brands.

Consumers are more likely to trust a product or service when they witness another person recommending it through his own content as they find the message in there more authentic than that from traditional advertising. 

This intrinsic authenticity connects with viewers, strengthening the brand’s trustworthiness through genuine, unvarnished sentiments and making it more relevant.

Creates a community that cares 

Engagement and community building are pivotal benefits of leveraging user generated content or UGC in a brand’s strategy.

This encourages people to talk about experiences with the business which fosters a sense of belonging. A brand may make a virtual community where people contribute their experiences, stories, and feedback. It helps to make people feel someone is listening to what they think.

This feeling of community builds a stronger bond between the brand and its audience than just a transactional one. UGC-oriented interactive programs, such as challenges and contests, not only draw attention but also encourage involvement, transforming users into advocates and active contributors. 

In addition to enhancing the brand’s online visibility, this interaction creates a lively community centered on common interests and values which ensures long-standing support for a business.

Benefits of better SEO

Search engines appreciate user generated content or UGC. It provides new, diversified, and regularly updated content that has substantial SEO benefits.

Because search engine tends to prioritize the latest and updated content. With UGC you get new content almost regularly without any extra effort and time investing.

Additionally, user generated content SEO adds a variety of keywords and natural language to the website, improving its overall keyword profile. Good user-generated content serves as social proof, influencing prospective clients and promoting increased click-through rates. 

Again, search engines evaluate user engagement and time spent on a website, two important metrics to determine the quality and relevancy of a website. These can be increased by the interactive components of user-generated content or UGC, such as comments and debates. 

Essentially, better performance and exposure in search engine results may be achieved by incorporating user generated content or UGC into a content strategy.

Better marketing at a low cost

As user generated content relies on real contributions among mass people, it is particularly advantageous as a marketing tactic because of its trustworthiness among other people.

Where 84% of millennials don’t trust advertising from brands, 79% of people admit UGC highly influences their purchasing decisions. So, UGS is a highly effective marketing tactic for businesses.

On the other hand, brands got access to a consistent supply of authentic and varied content without incurring the high production expenses of in-house content creation thanks to various UGC, such as social media posts, reviews, and testimonials. 

So, this low-cost but highly effective aspect of UGC SEO makes it a lucrative content for marketing a brand.

Diverse content and reach

One of the main benefits of user generated content or UGC is its diverse content, which offers a wide range of viewpoints that appeal to a wide range of viewers. UGC is a diverse collection of media like reviews, testimonials, photographs, videos, and more.

Because of this versatility, marketers can use a wide range of channels and content formats, guaranteeing relevance across many platforms and target audiences. 

Whether it’s captivating videos on platforms like TikTok, insightful product evaluations on e-commerce websites, or aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos, UGC’s varied nature allows marketers to engage with their audience in a variety of ways.

This adaptability promotes more inclusion and participation within the community while also enhancing the brand’s overall reach and visibility.

Access to feedback

UGC provides companies with unrivaled access to real ideas and experiences, making it a vital source of customer insight and feedback for businesses. 

Businesses get direct access to unfiltered feelings and opinions about their products and services by monitoring user-generated content, which enables them to comprehend consumer expectations, pain spots, and preferences.

UGC’s reviews, comments, and debates offer a real-time gauge of customer opinion, which aids firms in improving their offerings, identifying problem areas, and making wise business decisions. 

Using UGC for SEO in this way not only improves the customer experience but also shows that you value and are willing to listen to what the audience has to say. This builds better ties with customers and increases brand loyalty.

Provide insights to adapt

Brands can achieve flexibility and adaptability using user generated content or UGC. UGC SEO is highly dynamic and adaptable to shifting trends, in contrast to conventional, inflexible marketing tactics. 

Brands can easily adapt to the changing interests and preferences of their audience by encouraging individuals to engage with the business with their own content.

This flexibility is especially useful in quickly evolving digital environments where customer patterns and behavior can change within a very short span. 

Brands are able to quickly adapt their story, capitalize on new trends, and stay current via monitoring user-generated content. As UGC is mostly likely to align with current viral trends and topics, brands can easily capitalize on those to reach a broader audience and increase brand identity.

How to Gain UGC to Improve SEO

As we already know, UGC SEO is quite beneficial for the exposure and reach of a business. It also helps with SEO. For example, user generated videos on YouTube bag 10 times more views than brand-produced videos.

Now let’s discuss how you can gain some UGC for your business by encouraging your customers:

Make your website user-friendly 

UGC SEO: Make your website user-friendly to gain more user generated content

Encouraging user-generated content and SEO both depend on having a user-friendly website

Start by creating a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows users to navigate around it with ease. Since more and more people read material while on the go, make sure your website is optimized and adaptable for a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Consider using easy and concise calls to action to encourage people to interact with your brand or submit content. 

Make accessibility of your website a priority to make sure people with impairments can easily navigate your website. Maintain and update your website regularly to address usability problems and keep it up to date with changing consumer expectations. 

In addition to promoting user interaction, a user-friendly website improves SEO rankings by decreasing bounce rates and lengthening stay times, which signals to search engines that your site provides valuable content and a positive user experience.

Use social media

UGC SEO: Use social media to gain more user generated content

Get into the social media game. Be a consistent presence on the channels that your target audience uses. 

Also, try to build a community of users who use your services or products. Participate in conversations and actively communicate with your followers. That contributes to increasing loyalty to your products and services.

Run campaigns using distinctive hashtags to entice people to share their experiences via images, videos, or reviews. Think of Instagram, Pinterest TikTok, and other highly used media. Visual material is extremely effective.

Also, use your official accounts to highlight the work that your community produces. This creates a sense of validation and encourages people to create more content with your products.

SEO is impacted by social media, so keep up the good work. Monitor data, adjust tactics, and keep the good energy flowing.

Arrange contests and reward your audience

UGC SEO: Arrange contests and reward your audience to gain more user generated content

According to 60% of consumers, if rewarded, they would produce content for a brand.

So, an efficient approach to encourage user generated content is to have freebies and contests. Provide enticing rewards, clearly explain the regulations, and use eye-catching writing and images to advertise the competition across media. 

To increase participation, provide interactive components, keep people informed, and interact on a regular basis. Following the competition, thank all of the participants, declare the winners in public, and think about providing special benefits. 

In addition to producing user-generated content, contests increase brand awareness, draw in new fans, and strengthen a feeling of community. But make sure to deliver on promises. Otherwise, this could lead to a bad reputation for the brand. 

Collect reviews and testimonials

UGC SEO: Collect reviews and testimonials to make users interested in your business

Collecting reviews and testimonials about your service is an easy way to on user-generated content to improve SEO. SEO rankings for your product pages can be boosted by up to 25% using user generated reviews.

So, requesting testimonials and reviews is a powerful way to build your online reputation and improve SEO. Invite your satisfied clients to provide reviews about their experiences on your website. 

Make sure everything is clear and easy to understand, and include directions on where and how to submit evaluations. For WordPress, you can use plugins like Easy Video Reviews that provide an easy and clear method for users to submit reviews in the ways they want. 

But make sure to provide stunning customer service to make them feel like leaving a positive review. Talk to consumers one-on-one and thank them for their input.

Good reviews can establish trust with future clients, enhance a brand’s reputation, and affect search engine results.

Try to streamline a hashtag for your brand 

UGC SEO: Try to streamline a hashtag for your brand to gain more user generated content

Hashtags are big nowadays. Using relevant hashtags with your posts can significantly improve the click and impression resulting in a broader reach for the brand. 

Create a memorable and distinctive hashtag for your company. Inspire people to share material about your goods or services using this hashtag.

You can do this by telling them to share their stories with hashtags and share them on your social media or website to give them a sense of reward.

Share the hashtags from your side too. But make sure to share them on relevant content. Unnecessary and inappropriate use of hashtags can result in low-quality brand perception.

Create interesting and shareable content

UGC SEO: Create interesting and shareable content to gain more user generated content

Producing shareable content on social media is an important requirement for reaching a wider audience online thus improving SEO. Create material that is readily share-worthy on a variety of media. 

Infographics, captivating films, and visually striking photos are examples of visual components that work effectively on social media. Put social media sharing buttons on your website to make it simple for others to share your material.

Create material that appeals to the interests and feelings of your target audience to boost the possibility that it will be shared. 

Add a narrative component to your information to increase its memorability and relatability. In addition to raising brand awareness, shareable content builds natural backlinks, which improves search engine results. 


User generated content now now an important parameter for the visibility of a business. It’s growing in popularity and use among marketers and business giants.

Search engines now also value UGC for ranking the content on the web. UGC pr user generated content helps to present your website as reliable and high-quality which makes it rank higher on search results.

To use UGC SEO to its advantage, the steps discussed above are expected to help improve SEO for your website or business. These can help you to gain more exposure and trust among your potential customers.


What is UGC?

A: Any information or content, including text, photos, videos, reviews, and more regarding a service or product that is created by users or customers rather than by the company or brand itself is known as user generated content or UGC. 

These are not the works of professional producers; rather, they are regular people sharing their ideas, insights, and thoughts.

Is UGC or user generated content good for business?

A: UGC or user generated content comes with several benefits including improving SEO for business. It can help a business grow by giving it more exposure and visibility among a large set of audience.

Also, UGC gives a business more credibility and authenticity as people trust the words of other users more than ads from the business itself. UGC can also help build a community around a product or service that helps the business gain loyalty among its users which supports the business in the long run.

How to get user generated content or UGC for my business?

A: To encourage your customers to provide UGC or generate content for your business:

  • Make your website user-friendly 
  • Leverage social media to get close to your customers
  • Arrange contests and reward your audience to make them interested in creating content for your business
  • Collect reviews and testimonials of your service
  • Try to trend a hashtag for your brand 
  • Create interesting and shareable content

Is UGC or user generated content good for SEO?

A: The simple answer is yes!

UGC is quite beneficial for the exposure and reach of a business. User generated content signals search engines that your website is reliable and useful for visitors as they interact with the site often. Also, UGC provides updated and diverse content for business regularly which has substantial SEO benefits as search engines prioritise new and updated content.

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