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WPPOOL Year in Review – 2023

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, it’s time for us to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had that year. 

In no way the year 2023 was dull but rather a ride through challenges and improvements for the WPPOOL team. The year was full of conscious decisions to prioritize stability over new product releases from our side. 

This focus on enhancing the reliability of our existing products has resulted in a more secure and reliable experience for our users. As a result:

  • The total downloads of our plugins exceeded 350,000 in 2023.
  • We are now serving 30,000+ active users on our plugins.
  • Easy Video Reviews has seen a 68.64% increase in sales.
  • Sheets to WP Table Live Sync has reached 2,000+ active installations.
  • FormyChat has seen a 300% increase in active users after its revamp.
  • Clicks on our website increased by 258.25% in 2023.
  • Our website’s impression has increased by 162.39% in 2023 compared to last year.
  • We resolved 3,685 user tickets.

So, 2023 was a year of growth, stability, and taking on new challenges for WPPOOL. Now, let’s take a ride into the year 2023 for WPPOOL.

What was our focus in 2023?

WPPOOL’s focus on stability, and product enhancements was the highlight of 2023. Rather than pumping out more and more products and features, we emphasized giving our users the best user experience. 

We’re grateful for the continued support of our users and the broader WordPress community. Their continued support and feedback helped us so much to improve our products.

WP Dark Mode

Our goal in 2023 for WP Dark Mode was to live up to its name and expectations. We rolled out several updates in 2023 to make sure the user gets better than the best experience in dark mode. 

Our efforts didn’t go unnoticed by our users. We bagged more than 50 five-star reviews for WP Dark Mode in 2023. Our users’ nice words kept us motivated to pursue new goals for the product’s enhancement.

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2023

This motivation pushed us to keep improving WP Dark Mode. But the biggest boost for WP Dark Mode is yet to be released in January of 2024 with a huge revamp with its newer version 5.0.

What’s new on WP Dark Mode Version 5.0?
New modern and advanced color preset options for a slick Dark Mode experience without any hassle.
Separate image display option for light mode and dark mode
Improved floating, menu, and content switch settings
Improved accessibility features
Convenience of using shortcode
New modern UI and lots of performance upgrades for a superior user experience

With the coming performance upgrade and lots of new customization options, WP Dark Mode is set to give the best dark mode experience one can get in WordPress.

Stock Sync with Google Sheet for WooCommerce

As a result of our attention to continued focus on improvements, Stock Sync with Google Sheets for WooCommerce is now much more reliable and versatile. With new features like,

New features on Stock Sync with Google Sheet
  • Bulk editing for efficient stock management while saving our users valuable time
  • Support popups for better and more efficient assistance

and many more improvements the plugin is now much more capable.

Throughout the year, our users’ feedback helped us a lot to introduce new features and shine the performance of the plugin

Easy Video Reviews

Our beloved testimonial plugin by our users, Easy Video Reviews got a massive overhaul in 2023 to give our users the most friendly and efficient experience and our users were positive about it. The new UI was able to provide a concise instruction to users to enjoy video reviews with minimal steps.

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2023
Glimpse of the new UI

It is yet to get its biggest revamp to fulfill all the needs a user can have. With the upcoming version in January 2024 Easy Video Reviews is set to provide a robust performance and an all-in-one solution for all the testimonial needs for a business with tons of new surprises like added text reviews, etc.

What’s new on Easy Video Reviews Version 2.0?
– Additional text reviews beside our video testimonials. So, that you get everything you need for reviews in one place.
– Improved gallery management to better showcase your testimonials
– New integrations for a smooth experience
– New improved UI for a superior user experience
– Floating widgets and lots more.

Sheets to WP Table Live Sync

Our continuous efforts to improve resulted in superior Sheets to WP Table Live Sync in 2023. The plugin is now more powerful than before and users are giving love to our improvements.

in 2023, Sheets to WP Table Live Sync got features like:

  • Support pop-up functionality
  • New notice feature
  • Translation support
  • Smart link support
  • Redirection to email functionality
  • New improved UI and more
New Smart Link support

Our efforts were received very well by WordPress users. Sheets to WP Table Live Sync has touched 2,000+ active installations in 2023. We are grateful to all of our users for this unwavering support. We promise to keep improving the plugin to enhance the experience and meet the user’s expectations.


One of the highlights of 2023 for our products was the rebranding of the Social Contact Form to FormyChat alongside a big revamp in performance and powerful new features and integrations.

We updated the plugin keeping modern trends and user behaviour in mind. Setting the goal to give a flawless experience with minimal steps on collecting hassle-free high-quality leads.

In 2023, FormyChat has gone through advanced integration with various forms and plugins, along with new features like:

  • Improved email notification
  • SMTP notification
  • Enhanced lead direction
  • Lots of improvement for a complete performance overhaul

We have had positive user growth since then. FormyChat has seen a 300% increase in active users since the rebranding.

The love we got!

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2023

In response to our effort to make our existing products more powerful and user-friendly, we are also getting much positive response from our users. 

The user sentiment regarding our plugins has been positive throughout the years. Our plugins have been downloaded more than 350,000 times in 2023. As a result, we are now serving 30,000+ active users on our plugins.

Our plugins have also shown some promising growth over the year bringing on increased revenue on the house. Easy Video Reviews has seen a 68.64% increase in sales. Sheets to WP Table Live Sync has crossed its 2,000+ regular active users in 2023. FormyChat has seen a 300% increase in active users after its revamp in the same year.

Our presence has also increased in the realm of the Internet last year. Interaction on our websites has improved with an increase of 258.25% in clicks and, an increase of 162.39% in impressions in 2023 compared to last year.

We were proactive in supporting our users with any kind of issues. We resolved 3,685 user tickets throughout the year.

Though we have been through lots of challenges in 2023, our growth hasn’t stopped. All credit goes to our users. We appreciate the support we got from all of our active users. 

Our users are the fuel of all of the growth we experienced last year. We couldn’t be thankful enough for all of their support.

Also, with the goal of extending our services, we launched 2 new products under the banner of WPPOOL.

New products on our shelves

Order Sync with Google Sheets

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2023

A new addition to our WordPress plugin family in the year 2023 is Order Sync with Google Sheets. With powerful features and integration, we aim this plugin to be the easiest solution to sync WooCommerce orders.

The features of the plugin include:
– 2 way order sync between WooCommerce and Google Sheets
– Unlimited automatic order details export from WooCommerce
– Manual order sync on WooCommerce from Google Sheets
– Syncing order details like name, ID, quantity, price, and etc.
– Imported order sync
– Payment method sync
– Shipping details sync
– WooCommerce Custom Fields Sync
– Billing details sync
and a lot more.

This plugin allows you to enjoy limitless bidirectional order syncing with Google Sheets and WooCommerce with just one integration. Rather than changing each WooCommerce order individually, you can use this plugin to modify them all at once in bulk using the linked spreadsheet. It saves you time so that you can concentrate more on the other important side of the business.


WPPOOL Year in Review - 2023

In a major milestone, last year WPPOOL entered into the world of browser extensions with our SaaS product, Clippy. Clippy offers an all-in-one platform as a browser extension to efficiently collaborate and share. Allowing you to record anything you want within your device screen and share and access the video anywhere anytime easily Clippy is the only extension you will need to effectively collaborate with minimal steps required.

Exciting developments and features like annotation tools, trim recording, click highlighting and more are set to roll out in 2024 to provide everything you need in one place to improve your daily work efficiency. The goal of Clippy is to provide a one-stop solution to help you increase your productivity and effective collaboration.

Though we highly emphasized our existing product enhancements and improved user satisfaction, we didn’t back down from new challenges.

Life at WPPOOL

In 2023, we actively tried to give back to the WordPress community. So, the year was full of engagements for WPPOOL members.

In May 2023, WPPOOL had the pleasure of participating in the WordCamp Sylhet, where we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the thriving WordPress community. The occasion offered an excellent forum for establishing relationships with other enthusiasts, exchanging knowledge, and networking. 

Beyond the enlightening WordCamp experience, our members didn’t miss to dive into Sylhet’s spectacular scenic beauty. The beauty of Shada Pathor and tea states in Sylhet was a great escape from our daily city lives.

In our remote work culture, WordCamp Sylhet gave us a great chance to get together and get to know each other on a deep level. It was an experience that will be cherished by all of us for life.

WPPOOL has also continued delivering on its pledge to contribute 5% of its resources to the WordPress project. We have contributed across 13 teams this year for the betterment of the WordPress community.

Also this year, we made some efforts to connect with our users better. We re-energized our WPPOOL Community on Facebook and are listening to our users regularly.

Looking ahead to 2024

As we continue our journey toward 2024, WPPOOL is dedicated to upholding the caliber of our services by persistently refining our plugins while putting new features and bug fixes into action. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide an exceptional user experience. 

We are thrilled to share our ambitious goal to release three new WordPress plugins, each specifically tailored to meet the changing demands of our users and improve the functioning of their websites, in keeping with our dedication to innovation. 

Additionally, WPPOOL is hoping to reenter the Shopify area to broaden its footprint and serve more customers. We are hoping to achieve continued support from our users and serve them with better satisfaction in 2024.

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