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WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022

Here at WPPOOL, we believe in ending the year with style. So, We decided to chill a bit at the end of a beautiful year in the beautiful and picturesque hill town of Darjeeling, India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is known for its stunning views of the mountain range, its rich history and culture, and its delicious tea. We couldn’t wait to experience the views with a cup of Darjeeling tea in our hands.

As we gathered together for this annual event, we had the opportunity to relax, recharge, and connect with our colleagues in a stunning natural setting. Sure we had opportunities for bonding and stuff but let’s be clear, we were there to enjoy, and that we did to the fullest.

We had a wonderful time at the retreat and made lasting memories together in Darjeeling. Why not share some with you?

Table of content

The beginning

retreat starts

The journey started on the 16th of December, 2022 from Dhaka. We were not going to have a boring bus journey of almost 10 hours. In the middle of the journey, we took the opportunity of a break to celebrate one of our member’s marriage anniversary. The cake boosts some of us. then, The bus journey ended the next day at Shiliguri after completing all the necessary immigration processes. We are not going to lie, the immigration process was hectic. After a short break for lunch at Shiliguri in the early afternoon, our journey continued toward Darjeeling. The hilly road toward Darjeeling made our eyes pop with dangerous beauties. We arrived at the hotel in Darjeeling in the late afternoon and checked into our rooms. Later in the evening, we marked the end of a long but exciting day with dinner together. But some of us still had the energy to pay a visit to the nightlife of the city.

The fun part

The real fun starts on Day 2, after a hearty breakfast at 8:00 AM, the day started with a visit to Zoological Park. There we also stopped by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, a renowned institution for mountaineering and related adventure sports. The visit was a knowledge-gaining experience.

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022

Then our journey continued to soothe our eyes with views from tea gardens and Tenzing rock. We got the chance to enjoy the famous Darjeeling tea there. Sadly we had to skip the once-in-a-lifetime experience of Ropeway due to the unimaginable crowd that day. We had to be happy with papri chat and veg momos there for this time.

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022
The beauty of the city of Darjeeling
WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022
The Japanese Temple

But the day was still exciting as we got the chance to have a picture-perfect view from the Japanese Temple. Our day ended with a perfect touch of the springs and waterfalls of Rock Garden. Aside from the view and calmness of the place, we must admit the road to the Rock Garden was an exciting experience for sure. But that’s not what Rock Garden is going to be remembered in our memory for sure. Our HR getting slipped on a rock is what still comes to my mind when I think of that place. Sadly every one of us was humble enough to not catch the moment in pictures, so he can deny the incident as much as he wants. Finally, We returned to the hotel in the late afternoon and had some time to relax before dinner at 9.

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022
Some moments from the day

But wait, the best part is yet to come.

The World Cup Finale

Don’t forget what the night was like. Come on, it’s FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 FINALE NIGHT. Our group was not having any scarcity of both, die-hard Argentine fans and full-time Brazil and part-time France fans. So, you can imagine how the night went. I don’t think the hotel staff is going to forget us soon for those screams during the match time and even after the match. One of our Brazil fans was also in a hideout for that night. Some went to have a victory parade. I don’t think a day can be more eventful than that. What a day!

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022
enjoying WC Final together

A glimpse of Himalayan

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022
sun shining over the mountain range of Kanchanjangha

On the third day of the retreat, we started the day early at 4:30 AM to catch the breathtaking sunrise over the Kanchanjungha ranges. We watched as the reflection rays danced over the mountain peaks, creating a truly magical experience. We must admit, the glimpse of the mountain peak was worth the bone-freezing wait in the cold for nearly an hour, thanks to the perfect weather of that day. After enjoying the sunrise, we visited the Batasia Loop and the Ghum Monastery on the way, taking in the peaceful and serene atmosphere of these beautiful sites. We also had breakfast during this time.

After a morning of sightseeing, we had the rest of the day to spend at our leisure. Some participants chose to spend the day shopping for souvenirs and other local items, while others took the opportunity to relax and unwind. It was a perfect day to recharge and enjoy some personal time. For me, it was time to try every snack and chocolate one could find there. I am still surprised how my body was able to digest that many things.

The last day

On the fourth and final day of the retreat, after breakfast together, we checked out of the hotel and began our journey towards Mirik, via the Nepal border. The journey took us about 32 kilometers and we arrived in Mirik around 12 PM. We have to admit, the breathtaking view of the roads on this journey was one of the best parts of the retreat. We had some time to roam around and explore the town before stopping for lunch at Shiliguri at 2:00 PM.

WPPOOL Annual Retreat 2022
moments from Mirik

In the late afternoon, we crossed the border and started our journey back toward Dhaka. We arrived in Dhaka at around 7 AM the next day, marking the end of an amazing and memorable retreat in Darjeeling. We returned home with new experiences, lasting memories, and a renewed sense of connection with our colleagues.

A glimpse of our journey.

Last words

As we reflect on the WPPOOL Annual Retreat of 2022 in Darjeeling, it is clear that it was a truly special and memorable event. From the stunning natural beauty of the Himalayan mountain range to the personal banters among ourselves, Darjeeling offered something for everyone. We were truly able to relax and recharge and connect with our colleagues, sorry it’s family because that’s why we were there.

It would take days to read if we share all of our experiences here. This retreat has provided a foundation for stronger bonds and connections within our team. So, until our next journey, let’s just stop here. See ya in our next experience.

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