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How WPPOOL Team members came together for Ramadan Iftar 🌙

iftar with wppoolians

Ramadan is the holy month for the Muslim community. Healthy adult Muslims fast in Ramadan from dawn until dusk. Iftar means the breaking of a long day of fasting at sundown.

Ramadan brings us blessings. Having Ramadan Iftar with the favorite team adds extra happiness with the blessings.

We, the WPPOOL team made an arrangement of having iftar together exactly on April 16, 2022.

Table of Content

Starting off the Day 💥

It was a summer day. We were doing our regular work at our home. All of a sudden, we thought we need to meet, we need to have iftar together. As we maintain Work from ANYWHERE culture at WPPOOL, it’s not every day we can meet and greet the WPPOOLians. So it was high time to plan a meetup and hang out together. And we did so! 🥳

On Saturday, April 16, the day started at 4 pm. The reservation was at Mirpur, The Premium Lounge Restaurant. Members reached there one by one.

📆 How the event was planned

The Iftar was an unofficial one. Despite our Founder wanting to do an official meetup where all team members would come along, he had to cancel the plan because many of the team members live in faraway places.

Coming from long-distance travel was not feasible for many of them during the month of Ramadan. This Iftar plan was fully done on Slack when one of our team members had an idea to meet everyone who is residing in Dhaka.

How WPPOOL Team members came together for Ramadan Iftar 🌙


Let’s have an Iftar party one day. Since tomorrow is Pohela Boishakh and there’s a holiday – let’s do a meetup. Many of us stay busy with family on Friday/Saturday. As tomorrow is holiday, how about an iftar together? Those who are in Dhaka can come and join us! Let’s discuss how we can do it!

– Ehsanul Islam, Product Manager, WPPOOL

We even chose the date based on a poll 🎉

How WPPOOL Team members came together for Ramadan Iftar 🌙

🤝 We met and greeted each other

The whole team was together after 3 months more or less. Members came from all over the places like Narayanganj or Chittagong. The maximum of us was from the capital, Dhaka. Everyone embraced each other, shaking hands and sharing everyday life. We were happy.

How WPPOOL Team members came together for Ramadan Iftar 🌙
Happy moment

🌙 Breaking fast at sundown and praying together

We were fasting. So we waited for the sundown. As we heard the sound of Azan from the nearby mosque, we broke our fast. Ate some light food. Then we went for saying Maghrib prayer together. We prayed together.

It was nice to have favorite WPPOOLians meeting in person and sharing a holy meal together. 🤗

🍗 Buffet Iftar and dinner 😋

The iftar and dinner buffet combo was for 3.5 hours. And we took full advantage of it. Total 85+ items were on the menu. Various types of juice, fruits, and soup. Chicken, mutton and beef corner were amazing. Also, they had seafood there.

How WPPOOL Team members came together for Ramadan Iftar 🌙

After Maghrib prayer, we came to the restaurant again and sit cozy. Everyone, there was sharing life and had food comfortably. Refreshing juice or salad, mouthwatering biriani, or sweet desserts. The top priority was to have them in one place with the team. Being together was super exciting for everyone

💬 Continuous chit-chat

We shared our life. Personal life, family life, work-life everything. We enjoyed the togetherness wholesomely.

🎯 Words from CEO

The founder and CEO of WPPOOL, Azizul Haque wins our hearts always. He was there for hearing our thoughts about our work and everything.

May be an image of 5 people, people sitting and indoor
A frame with WPPOOL CEO with awesome WPPOOLians

He was asking about happiness and listening to our thoughts. We shared our Eid plan, too. At one moment, we discussed WPPOOL, our work life, and professional growth. He provided some great advice to fully enjoy our remote work culture. This man always make sure each of are having a smooth work life.

Wish to be one of our members?

☕️ Coffee Time

A heavy meal of 85+ items on the menu was enough reason for a good coffee craving. And we instantly asked our Boss for it. 😋

We went to a nearby rooftop coffee place. Heavenly time it was. Your favorite cappuccino, a windy rooftop, a bunch of favorite people to talk about life.

Goodbye and Eid Mubarak 🌙

We continued the WPPOOL team talk till late at night. Then we called our event end for the day and reached home safely everyone.

How WPPOOL Team members came together for Ramadan Iftar 🌙
A sweet token of Love

Here’s a short summary from our Founder & CEO.

The goal of the day was to spend a quality time of our holy month with the favorite WPPOOL team. And it was successful. The iftar event is an excellent memory for WPPOOLians. Wish for the best on this holy month. May this Ramadan fill our heart with peace, harmony and joy. Take warm wishes on behalf of the whole team of WPPOOL for the upcoming Eid 2022.

Eid Mubarak. ❤

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