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WPPOOL Day – A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

WPPOOL Day Celebration

The definition of working has evolved a lot in the past two years; working from home has become the new normal. Even before this transition, we at WPPOOL have always believed that productivity does not require office space and have been performing remotely since the beginning of our journey. We are the first company in Bangladesh to successfully operate from home. And we have also achieved some significant landmarks – our success stories in 2021 speak for ourselves.

But at the end of the day, face-to-face meetings are also required for a distributed team to function correctly. To achieve that, WPPOOL regularly arranges meetups with its team members and provides them the scope to share their ideas and increase productivity. However, our latest meetup on 22nd January 2022 was different.

Announcing our first WPPOOL Day!

We’ve announced a new yearly event which is WPPOOL Day! This year, it was co-incidental with our birthday!

It was bigger and better than ever! Since our last gathering, our team has gotten bigger, so we arranged something different this time. We decided to spend an entire day at a gorgeous location named Aronnobash Resort in Jaydevpur, Dhaka.

We traveled together, took pictures, and most importantly, made some great memories together. We celebrated the first-ever WPPOOL Day.

Table of Contents:

How did the day start?

In the early morning of the event day, the WPPOOL team met at Mirpur-10, where our bus was waiting. As the destination was pretty remote from the city, we began our journey early at 7:30 AM.

The journey and the destination

The journey lasted about 1.5 hours, and we took full advantage of it. We gossiped, we sang, and we shared our everyday life. Also, we met some new members of our team for the first time and got introduced to them in person.

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

We reached the destination at 9 AM and were fascinated by the surrounding natural beauty of the resort. It was the perfect winter morning anyone could ask for.

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

All of us were starving from the journey, so we took our breakfast, and it was fantastic.

Swags for everyone

The office admins distributed gift bags with a gorgeous winter jacket and swags among everyone. Then, we took a quick tour around the resort and filled our lungs with the fresh, natural air. We also did not forget to take a mandatory group picture.

In each bag there were

👔 WPPOOL Hoodie
💳 WPPOOL Business Card
🎯 WPPOOL’s Mission & Vision (following)

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

The fun begins!

The next program was the cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the birthday of WPPOOL. Our CEO and founder, Azizul Haque, and other well-wishers of the company joined this session. It turned into a festive environment as the entire WPPOOL team, and our family members were there.

The WPPOOL Day was full of exciting sporting events. We love cricket at WPPOOL and follow the sport with passion. So when we found a cricket field, we had to step into it. We came prepared with cricket instruments and made two teams of 10 members. It was a thrilling match as everyone was trying to showcase their skills with bat and ball. The game, however, ended in a stalemate.

The next game was football. As everyone got tired from participating in the thrilling cricket match, the match did not last long and eventually ended in a draw.

Some of us also played badminton under the cool breeze of winter, and it was incredible.

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

There was a large lake in the resort and some of us took the opportunity to brag about our fishing skills.

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

Besides cricket and football, there was also arrangement for some fun games like marble race, balloon carry race, and needle-yarn game. These games made us all nostalgic and took us back to our childhood. These sports events starting at 11:30 AM, lasted about two hours and helped us forget our workload on that particular day. 

The resort had a large pool, and we took full advantage of it. We dived into the pool, relaxed, and took lots of photos to reminisce about the day. There was a separate pool for women, where our female workers also had fun. Watch this clip to visualize how much fun we had at the pool!

Everyone was tired from all these activities. So next, we sat for an excellent lunch.

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

Speech from the founder

After the lunch break, the CEO, Azizul Haque, arranged a session where he discussed the mission and vision of WPPOOL, yearly growth, and announced various exciting employee benefits, including medical allowance. He also provided us with some great advice to take full advantage of remote working. This session helped us understand our company’s future directions and motivated us to grow as a team.

WPPOOL Day - A Day for WPPOOLians ✨

Prizegiving ceremony and the departure

The final event of the day was the prize-giving ceremony with the winners of various sports competitions. The winners received some fantastic rewards for their participation. Finally, after taking the Maghrib prayer, we enjoyed some winter pithas (cakes) and prepared to depart from the event venue.

In conclusion

The goal of the WPPOOL Day was to meet the entire team in person and take care of their well-being. As a distributed team, we must develop our bonding continually. The goal was successful as everyone spent an incredible day together, and it strengthened our bond as a team even more than before. The event will be an excellent memory for the WPPOOL team as it helped us lift our team spirit and take the company to the next level.

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