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5 best WordPress video conference plugins

5 best WordPress video conference plugins

With a projected 5.3 billion internet users by 2023, it’s currently more urgent than any time in recent history to keep potential clients drawn in on the internet.

As the quantity of internet consumers increases, businesses need to capture their attention in new ways to stand out from the competition. Integrating WordPress video conference plugins into your site, whether it is an eCommerce platform, portfolio, or blog, addresses an amazing method for customizing your client collaborations. These installed collaboration tools can create an instant customer service touchpoint for your consumers and add a human experience to your digital platform. 

Without a doubt, as additional clients favor the omnichannel showcasing experience, a video conferencing plugin can be a magnificent method for conveying more consistent associations between channels.

The advantages of video conferencing plugins are, in any case, not restricted to the client experience. Installing video calling into your site can also be valuable for corporate online courses and speaking with your remote workforce. Causing your remote groups to feel more associated with your association and can work on its general proficiency and representative fulfillment.

And when most of the world is adopting the remote work culture, WordPress video conference plugins can help bridge the gap and get your work back on track. So before we get to listing the top video conferencing plugins,

What is a WordPress Plugin?

On the off chance that you’ve yet to investigate the full boundaries of your self-facilitated WordPress site or are new to the stage, you might not have encountered plugins. These are outsider-created additional items that broaden the usefulness of your site.

They can give little or more massive changes to your WordPress site. Such changes can go from installing person-to-person communication highlights to facilitating video gathering gatherings or coordinating Web-based business capacities and then some.

Plugins are not difficult to introduce through the WordPress plugins menu, where north of 60,000 is accessible. Whenever you’ve picked and downloaded your plugins, they can be arranged inside the WordPress dashboard.

It’s fundamental to note that while plugins can expand the capacities of your site, it’s feasible to experience conflicts between plugins or with WordPress themes. No plugins can be ensured to work consistently. Premium plugins with preliminary forms and mistakes will assist you with figuring out which one will work best with your current design.

Now, let’s take a look at the list of the best WordPress video conference plugins.

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How Should WordPress Video Conference Plugins Help You?

In the post-pandemic world, the world wide web and video conferencing programming as a Software as a Service (SaaS) market has been encountering record development. To be certain, the utilization of these administrations depends on 90% starting around 2019. Such an increment has been powered by need, however, this is probably going to be a getting-through technique for correspondence.

Setting up video conferencing on your site can be an extraordinary method for changing client commitment and fostering your relationship with clients across the globe. Further developing the client experience on WordPress effortlessly of video conferencing direct from your site can see your business surpass its correspondence targets.

Whenever utilized as a client care device, video considers more noteworthy adaptability in answering buyer questions and can be a place of separation between your business and rivals. As an approach to speaking with partners, it can assist you with coordinating gatherings at the hint of a button and keep your labor force informed rapidly when time-delicate business choices are important.

It is Important to Choose Suitable Video Conferencing Plugins

It’s important to pick the WordPress video conference plugins that are most suitable for your website to avail yourself of its full benefits. Using each application can provide different advantages for your business. For example, a conferencing plugin that incorporates instant messaging might be more beneficial if your business targets a younger audience.  

These third-party video conferencing software are able to support your business flexibly as the resource can be accessed via WordPress from any location, provided you have logged in as an admin. 

They are, therefore, a convenient way of incorporating platform as a service (PaaS) or cloud computing solutions into your online infrastructure. Offering subscription-based access to visual voicemail and internet phone calls, plugins can offer your business the mobility and customizability traditional hardware lacks.

Global download of business apps during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Best WordPress Video Conference Plugins

Each WordPress video conference plugin provides a different user experience, so it’s critical to choose the one that best caters to your business needs. Here’s a list of the best video conferencing plugins to consider for your WordPress site: 

Jitsi Meet (Recommended)

Experience Powerful BuddyPress Integration of Webinar and Video Conference with Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet’s built-in meeting post type, shortcodes, Elementor widgets, and Gutenberg blocks let you create WordPress meetings without any technical or coding knowledge. The plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce, LMS, Multi vendors, email marketing, and booking plugins. This is the most powerful and convenient WordPress video conference plugin with zero coding.


  • Meeting Gutenberg block 
  • Meeting Elementor widget 
  • Meeting Shortcode 
  • Mute meeting 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Unlimited meetings 
  • Custom domain 
  • Meeting post type 
  • Livestream, recording, and transcript 
  • Calendar integration 
  • Meeting registration 
  • Recurring meeting.


WordPress video conference plugins-eroom

eRoom considers direct coordination with video conferencing arrangements. It allows clients to start video calls and timetable occasions straightforwardly from the WordPress dashboard. Adding this plugin will empower you to begin gatherings directly from any site page, and you could in fact show a commencement to the beginning of a gathering. This component might be especially advantageous assuming individuals from your outreach group are joining from various time regions.

Online course members can join virtual talks of up to 10,000 individuals, and occasion tickets can be sold as WooCommerce items. This makes eRoom an especially convenient choice for organizations that sell administrations or for instructive foundations.

The plugin is basic and simple to explore and is accessible free of charge assuming that you introduce the light variant. Would it be a good idea for you wish to move up to the Genius Highlights rendition, valuing for a solitary site begins at $29.99 with $49.99 for five locales and $99.99 for 25 destinations.


WordPress video conference plugin Webcamconsult

Webcamconsult is another WordPress video conference plugins targeted at medical practitioners, but it’s suitable for use by any business requiring real-time customer interaction. The service is straightforward to use once integrated into your WordPress site. Only one button needs to be pressed to initiate a face-to-face video chat. It also provides a pop-up chatbox to address client needs in an instant. Providing such an immediate service to customers is likely to draw them to your website and thus increase your blog traffic.

Webcamconsult may also be adopted by your business as part of its recruitment process. You can book and schedule interviews within the plugin, and it’s possible to set a limit of time slots per hour for a given timetable.


In the event that live video conferencing isn’t your need, RumbleTalk may be a possibility for your site. With an emphasis on individuals’ talks and the potential chance to transfer video messages, it offers effective support that is less inclined to dial back the working of your site.

Confidential sound and video calls are accessible for coordination, however, the plugin stands apart for its adaptation highlights. Here, you have the valuable chance to put paywalls in front of the content, charge for occasions, demand installments, and gather online gifts.

A little visit gadget is accessible for your webpage that can be tweaked to your inclinations to make your WordPress site remarkable from different destinations that might coordinate the equivalent plugin. Free visit is accessible for gatherings of up to five members, and costs start at $25 for groups of 50 to 800.



In the event that your need is to utilize video conferencing devices for inside correspondences with partners or representatives, Consolto markets itself as a ‘virtual office’. In addition to the fact that it considers video joining, it likewise offers the capacity to implant online entertainment couriers straightforwardly into your WordPress webpage. Voice messages can be instrumental, both for partners and clients. Likewise, the assistance considers warning of messages to be shipped off your email, so you’re less inclined to miss dire interchanges.

Consolto also supports 12 languages, which could make it an important resource for global organizations. A free service is not available, but there is a free trial period, and payment starts at $10.00 a month.

Stay Connected With Your Users

With so many WordPress video conference plugin options available, video conferencing has become an important piece of software for any business. It helps you to interact easily and expediently with colleagues and customers. 

Addressing consumer queries instantly can significantly impact your business’s revenue, and improve customer satisfaction and, therefore, loyalty. As a tool for internal communication, it can improve the efficiency of your organization and keep your sales team united in their strategy and targets.

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