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Best accounting plugin WordPress: Zero BS Accounting

Best accounting plugin WordPress: Zero BS Accounting

People think handling the calculations of accounting is very complex. However, with the right tool, anyone can handle all the calculations related to accounting. We are going to introduce you to the best accounting plugin WordPress ” Zero BS Accounting” plugin.

Hiring an accountant is always a tough job. Not only it hampers with the budget but it creates some trust issues as well. However, accounting is an important part of any small to medium companies. That is why they should check out this best accounting plugin for WordPress.

This plugin will not only help you keep sight of your earnings and expenses, but also turn you into an full-fledged accountant. The specialty of this plugin is, it is made for non-accountants. That means you don’t need to know any coding or you don’t need to be an expert in accounting to operate this plugin.

So today we are going to learn more about this plugin and see how it helps you keep monthly earning track in WordPress software.

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Why is Zero BS Accounting plugin the best accounting plugin in WordPress repository?

Well first and foremost, you don’t need any coding knowledge to use this plugin. Also, you don’t have to have any expertise in accounting in order to operate this plugin.

This plugin will make your life easier and you will feel like an accounting expert. Now we are not saying you will learn all the deep knowledge regarding accounitng, but you will have enough to get by.

Since this accounting plugin is for WordPress ,

Will make you an expert!

We may have said it too many times, but still you don’t need to be an accounting expert to use this plugin. You won’t have to search here and there in order to find your accounting records. Rather, you will find everything sorted beforehand.

Has no complex process!

Accounting itself has some complex procedures. If you find a tool that you are using complex as well, then there is no point.

The Zero BS Accounting plugin is very easy to use. And the user interface is so user friendly that you will learn about the functions as soon as you install the plugin. That is why is is one of the best accouting plugin.

Get detailed summary reports

It is fairly tough to check all the accounting data regularly as much as we would like to. That is why we usually check the reports at the end of the month. Using the Zero BS Accounting plugin you will get a detailed report at the end of the month and also monthly expenses and earnings summary.

Mobile responsive, access the software from anywhere!

The design of the Zero Bs Accounting plugin is very responsive so that you can access this accounting software from any kind of device.

Expenses and earnings can happen at anytime, anywhere. So, you can easily record your transaction from any device using the Zero BS Accounting plugin.

24/7 support

You can face any kind of trouble. We have kept the support system open 24/7. Feel free to knock us anytime from anywhere.

However,now that you have learnt how the features, let’s see how this plugin can be installed.

How to install Zero BS Accounting plugin?

Installing the Zero BS Accounting Plugin is very easy and simple. Just like any other WordPress plugin you can install this plugin on your WordPress site.

Just go to WP Admin–> Plugins–> Add New. There type Zero BS Accounting. You will find the plugin. Install and activate the plugin.

Best accounting plugin WordPress: Zero BS Accounting

After installing the plugin, you need to know how and where to use it from. Zero BS Accounting operates from the frontend. That means you don’t need to bother with the complications of the WordPress admin dashboard.

After installing the plugin, go to WP Admin–> Plugins. There you will find the Zero BS Accounting Plugin. If you hover your mouse, you will find the option ZBS Page option. Click on it and you will be taken to the frontend.

Zero BS Accounting Plugin
Activate Zero Bs Accounting

Or else, you can find the ZBS page from the WP Admin–> Pages–> All Pages.

New Page

Zero BS Accounting frontend

Now, you are in the Zero BS Accounting frontend. Here you will get all the options.

ZERO BS Frontend
Zero BS Accounting Frontend


So, here it is, the best accounting plugin WordPress repository. If you want to calculate your yearly/monthly expenses accurately, we suggest you take a smart decisions and install this plugin on your WordPress site.

If you have any problems do let us know in the comment section.

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