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Why WP Dark Mode Plugin is better than browser extensions?

Why WP Dark Mode Plugin is better than browser extensions?

WP Dark Mode Plugin is better? Or Browser Extensions? There is a long-standing debate on whether users should go for WP Dark Mode plugin or extensions. So today we are going to end that debate and hopefully establish why WP Dark Mode plugin is better than the browser extensions.

Dark mode has been on trend for quite some time now. And users are really liking this feature. There are quite a few reasons as to why you can use dark mode to reduce bounce rates and at the same time increase the conversion rates for your websites.

  • It’s visually comforting
  • Increases Readability
  • Saves Battery Power
  • Creates Amazing Designs
  • Increases the awesomeness of your website.

There are many tools to add a dark theme to your website. Namely dark mode plugin and extensions. However, people often get confused as to what tool they should choose.

We are going to clear that confusion today and give you a proper reason as to which tool you should choose. WP Dark Mode or Browser extension.

WP Dark Mode Plugin, Definition

Why Dark Mode is better

Before we get into why WP Dark Mode Plugin is better, there are a few things you need to know about this awesome plugin.

If you have a WordPress website and you want to add a dark mode plugin to your website, then your first choice should be WP Dark Mode. This plugin is rich in features.

To make a WordPress website, it is very necessary to make your website comfortable and pleasant looking to reach your targeted visitor count. WP Dark Mode Plugin will always be ready to support you to make your website smarter. It is the best Dark Mode Plugin.

You will find features like,

  • Time-Based Dark Mode
  • 5 Exclusive Color Schemes
  • Multiple Dark Mode Switch Styles
  • Dark mode Switch Shortcode
  • Place Switch Above Post/Page Content
  • Dark mode Switch Widget
  • Excludes Pages from Dark Mode
  • Excludes Elements from Dark Mode
  • Includes settings
  • Custom Switch Text
  • 10+ Dark Mode Color Schemes
  • Dark Mode based image support
  • Use Custom Dark Mode Colors 
  • WordPress Post Editor in Dark Mode
  • Customize Each Element As You Want
  • All major WordPress Themes supported
  • Dark mode Based Custom CSS
  • Dark mode Switch in Menu
  • Background Image Change
  • Dark Mode Logo support.

So, you can see why it already has 4000+ active installations in just a few months time.

A Little Bit About Browser Extensions

5 Best Browser Extensions

Extensions are small software that can provide you with different options and can enhance functionality.

For example, the extensions for Google Chrome will allow you to do different things using the Extensions. You can write your own chrome extensions by using simple web technologies that are common like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. These extensions have no user interface, they provide you with simple buttons to enable or disable the function it gives.

A common and most used extension is Adblock which is being used by many users. Adblock allows you to block all of the ads available on the webpage you are visiting.

There are many Dark Mode Extensions as well. Like

  • Dark Reader
  • Night Eye
  • Dark Theme for Google Chrome
  • Turn off the Lights
  • Midnight Lizard
  • Lunar Reader
  • Dark Night Mode
  • Super Dark Mode

Why WP Dark Mode Plugin is Better, Head to Head Comparison

Now you have to get to know both the WP Dark Mode Plugin and also a little bit about different browser extensions.

We are going to do a head to head comparison between the WP Dark Mode Plugin and some of the dark browser extensions.

FeaturesWP Dark Mode PluginBrowser Extensions (Dark)
Works similarly on all websites Yes No
Always bring new functionalities in order to satisfy the user’s needs. Yes No
Automatically adjust your website design. Yes No
Adds elegance to your website design with different switch styles and widgets Yes No
The number of features is pretty high Yes No
24/7 support, that means you will get instant support whenever you require Yes No
You will receive regular updates which will help keep your website up to date Yes No
Can change the image of your website Yes No
You can set Dark Mode by default Yes No

Winner: “WP Dark Mode”

You can see the reasons yourself as to why WP Dark Mode Plugin is better than any other dark browser extension out there.

Before Ending

We might say a lot of things as to why WP Dark Mode Plugin is better than dark browser extensions. However, if you use both of them, then it will become clearer as to why WP Dark Mode is superior.

Also, WP Dark Mode is also bringing their latest version of Dark Mode 2.0. This new version will redefine as to how a Dark Mode Plugin should work.

So keep looking at our site and also tell us if you have any requests for WP Dark Mode features.

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