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6 best WordPress review plugins compared

6 best WordPress review plugins compared

If you want to increase traffic to your WordPress site, boost your SEO, or bring in more sales from your WooCommerce products, you will benefit from installing WordPress review plugins on your website.

By taking surveys for your services and products and expanding social confirmation, you’re bound to attract new clients to your business and hold existing ones. Reviews are one of the most remarkable wellsprings of showcasing and the best part is, they’re likewise free! Gathering surveys from your clients and clients is likewise an incredible wellspring of criticism.

This will permit you to make changes and enhancements to your items and client experience as well as structure a relationship with your clients. Not least this increases the opportunity that they will end up being a recurring client however they will likewise be able to better suggest you and your administrators or items to other people.

Why do you need WordPress review plugins?

At the point when people need to purchase something on the web, they will probably look for the item’s review to guarantee they make the right buy. Truth be told, a review shows that more than 80% of individuals take a look at item evaluations on the web before making any exchange. That is the reason showing reviews can be extremely helpful to your site. One of the benefits is that you can carry more guests who need assistance with their choice to purchase something. Another advantage is that you can bring in cash out of it. One method for doing this is to get compensated by an organization for checking on its items.

Or then again, you can draw in additional individuals into purchasing what you sell by showing great tributes from your past purchasers. Yet, WordPress review plugins empower you to gather input on how you can upgrade your site or item. Additionally, while obscure to the vast majority, this sort of hardware can assist you with positioning higher on web search tools through composition markup.

Essentially, a review plugin enables you to collect feedback on how you can enhance your website or product. Also, while unknown to most people, this kind of tool can help you rank higher on search engines through schema markup.

For those who haven’t heard of it yet, schema markup is the additional data on HTML that will be displayed on SERPs. If you rate a certain item on your site using a review plugin, this information will serve more context to search engines, thus making it more SEO-friendly.

Here are some more features that you must have before you get the best WordPress review plugin for your website-

  • Ability to aggregate reviews from multiple popular social sites like Google or Amazon
  • In-depth review of customization options to create a top-notch outlook for the website
  • Notification Popup on the website to show what your happy users are saying
  • Schema snippets for search engine higher rankings
  • Custom text options to set your brand’s tagline
  • Easy integration with popular page builders
  • Better user experience with no coding
  • Third-party integration
  • Mobile responsiveness

The best WordPress review plugins

Here are the best WordPress review plugins.

Easy Video Reviews

Start your website with WPPOOL's WordPress review plugins - Get a smooth and amazing WordPress experience

If you are looking to start collecting video testimonials for your WordPress website with ease and place them in the right place then Easy Video Reviews is the way to go.

Using Easy Video Reviews, you can easily collect customers’ live video reviews. They can upload pre-recorded videos from anywhere on your website. You can display those reviews anywhere with the help of Shortcode, Gutenberg block, Elementor Widgets, or using HTML attr in a variety of ways, i.e., slider, carousel, grid, etc. which makes it one of the best user-friendly WordPress review plugins.


  • Easy Installation Process
  •  You Don’t Need to Be a Pro
  •  Manage Everything in the WordPress Dashboard
  •  WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download Integration 
  •  Personalized Message on Recorder  
  •  Supports Mobile Devices and low-bandwidth
  •  Preview Video Before Sending
  •  Import & Export settings are a matter of a click!
  •  Control video duration for customers
  •  Translate in your language
  •  Ability to add custom fields in the pop-up recorder
  •  Recorder button styles.

Ultimate Editorial Rating – Rating & Review plugin

6 best WordPress review plugins compared

Ultimate Editorial Rating can elevate your WordPress and eCommerce website with multi-criteria ratings, total score calculation, review schema, pros and cons highlights, and more. This plugin boosts your site’s potential with expert Editorial Ratings and engaging Customer Reviews, along with captivating Rating Widgets for visitors.

It offers seamless integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, showcasing genuine customer feedback and expert ratings. The plugin’s review schema enhances SEO, while pros and cons lists aid quick product comparisons. The addition of product buttons directs users to key product pages, maximizing conversions.

The plugin offers high-quality, secure coding, and great support from their dedicated team. With a user-friendly interface, customization options, and ongoing updates, building trust, enhancing user experience, and boosting SEO has never been easier.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Here are the best WordPress review plugins.

WordPress review plugins

While many WooCommerce review plugins today are capable of sending out review invitations via email, the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin does it in a rather unique manner. One with the best chance of eliciting positive responses from your email recipients. The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin permits you to customize the messages for every client. It even incorporates a scope of implicit factors for setting robotization boundaries for your customized messages.

The reviews for this situation are attached to your internet-based store items. When clients buy them, the framework continues to convey customized survey demands using email, allowing purchasers the opportunity to give their criticism as remarks, pictures, evaluations, and votes. Such messages are worked from responsive formats with the WooCommerce audit module. You simply have to choose the most fitting ones and afterward tweak them as indicated by your marking inclinations.

The plugin then, at that point, proceeds to give clients an amassed review structure, making it simple for them to survey various buys without a moment’s delay.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

Positive reviews and testimonials hold immense value today in heavily crowded online commercial spaces. Because they can strongly influence purchasing decisions, trust, and credibility with customers.

The Review block is a standout feature of the Ultimate Blocks plugin. You can create a compelling review box on your website showcasing features, ratings, summaries, and more.

If you’re featuring a product or service, this block allows you to include an unlimited number of features with individual ratings for each one.

Below that, you can add a summarized rating with a short brief. The summarized rating calculates the average of the above-mentioned ratings. The Review block also allows you to add a CTA button.

Last but not least, Ultimate Blocks offers a wide variety of customization options in the Review block. You can customize its rating format, colorization, CTA button, and schema markup. 

Finally, we can say the Review block of the Ultimate Blocks plugins is more than a mere tool for displaying reviews. It can be a powerful way to boost conversions, drive engagement, and reap SEO benefits.

Site Reviews

6 best WordPress review plugins compared

Site Reviews belongs to an exclusive category of WooCommerce review plugins that stretch beyond products.

You can utilize it to review in a real sense anything on your site, from pages to classifications, custom post types, and then some. However, for WooCommerce stores, there’s an exceptional WooCommerce review add-on that allows you to incorporate the plugin into your store. All things considered, the client audits here are submitted as remarks and appraisals. You can likewise require manual administrator endorsement prior to distributing any satisfaction. Other than that, you can have the framework gather audits solely from signed-in customers, while motivations will be a focus for each posting. To keep everything basic and coordinated, Site reviews can additionally restrict the volume of survey entries by username, IP address, or email.

Likewise, it permits you to feature the best surveys, confine the number of audits per page, as well as show a joined synopsis of various evaluations.

Plugin for Google Reviews

6 best WordPress review plugins compared

When it comes to business reviews, Google Reviews is the number one reference platform for consumers. Over 65% of them are said to be relying on the company reviews and ratings posted here – consequently making it the most influential review site on customers’ buying decisions.

This is the sort of thing that you can use for your potential benefit, without fundamentally diverting leads from your site. The best tool for the job is RichPlugin’s Plugin for Google Reviews.

Also, similarly to the name recommended, this WooCommerce review plugin has some expertise in one sort of review – business reviews that clients distribute on Google reviews. Its responsibility is to import them and grandstand them right on your site, therefore giving leads an on-location reference to check your image’s believability. You can without much of a stretch interface with your Google Professional references and import surveys, including adding channels to import specific audits as they were.

To show the reviews, you get a visual connection point to modify their style. Then, at that point, you can install them utilizing shortcodes or widgets.

Choosing the best WordPress review plugin in 2023

With more than 100 WordPress review plugins to choose from, it tends to be difficult to tell where to start. When picking any plugin for your WordPress site, be aware of the star rating, audits, dynamic establishments, and similarities with the most recent rendition of WordPress.

There are a lot of free survey modules for WordPress that are legitimate and solid, however, paid review plugins might offer the extra highlights that you require. Showing reviews from clients and clients on your site is perfect for promoting and laying out trust with your crowd so it merits requiring the investment to pick a survey module that will work consistently on your WordPress site. Hope this article will help you find the best WordPress review plugins according to your needs and goals.

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