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WPPOOL Year in Review – 2022

WPPOOL Year in Review 2022

As we enter 2023, it’s time to reminisce about our journey in 2022, what a year it has been for WPPOOL! It was challenging, to say the least, while creating many beautiful memories that’ll live rent-free in our minds. We learned to work as a team to overcome every challenge and ended the year by exceeding all expectations in terms of growing as a team and developing the best WordPress products. 

In addition to bringing the most-requested features to our products, we also made an effort to give back to the WordPress community by making contributions to international WordPress events and participating in meetups.

Now, it’s time to dive deep into everything that happened at WPPOOL in 2022. But before doing that, take a sneak peek at our numbers from last year. 

  • More than 25,000 websites are now using our products!
  • Jitsi Meet reached 2,000+ active installations.
  • Stock Sync for WooCommerce was featured on Product Hunt!
  • We added social share to WP Dark Mode (the first dedicated dark mode social share in the WordPress industry).
  • WP Dark Mode received 200+ 5-star reviews in the WordPress repository.
  • We solved 5,492 support tickets.
  • Our revenue growth has increased by more than 30% from the last year.

We released 5 unique WordPress plugins!

Similar to 2021, one of our major priorities last year was to develop products that solve our user pain points. Each of our new solutions reflects that goal. We’ve explored new domains including WooCommerce, WordPress security, and lead collection. We released five new plugins that you loved. Let’s recap them one at a time.

Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheets

Stock Sync with Google Sheets for WooCommerce

Last year we completely changed the way WooCommerce stock management works. We solved a major pain point that’s been bothering the WordPress community for a long time – managing WooCommerce stock on the go. Through this plugin, you can manage your WooCommerce products from literally anywhere. Make the required changes on the connected sheet, and it gets synced automatically on your store page. Sounds too good to be true? Not anymore!

Take a look at everything this plugin has to offer:

  • Two-directional stock sync between Google Sheets and WooCommerce
  • Editing of product names, details, pricing, on-sale updates, product type, and stock status
  • New product addition from Google Sheets
  • Variable product sync
  • Display total sales count
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) sync

Social Contact Form

Social Contact Form

Alongside developing solutions for WooCommerce, we released a contact form plugin that’s unlike any other plugin. Through Social Contact Form, you can add a custom contact form that can collect leads (name, email, phone number, message) and send them directly to WhatsApp. You can also check all the leads generated on your website dashboard and take the required actions. It’s super easy to use and instantly affects your eCommerce conversion. With this plugin you can enjoy the following:

  • Contact form leads to WhatsApp chat.
  • Customizable floating contact form icon.
  • Rich customization option for the contact form.

Easy Cloudflare Turnstile

Easy Cloudflare Turnstile

Once Cloudflare Turnstile was introduced in 2022 we knew how important it was to make it easier for the WordPress community to integrate Turnstile into their website. That’s how we developed Easy Cloudflare Turnstile. We are very proud to develop the first plugin in the repository that can integrate Cloudflare Turnstile in WordPress.

Back in Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

Back in Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

Keeping track of WooCommerce stores where thousands of transactions happen each day can be overwhelming. That’s where our plugin Back in Stock Notifier for WooCommerce does the trick. It tracks every time a customer request a product stock and reminds them through WhatsApp or SMS when the product returns in stock. The whole process is automated, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Easy Email Integration

Easy Email Integration

After the success of the Social Contact Form plugin, we decided to develop another lead collection plugin that will send form leads to popular email clients. It reduces the buffer between collecting leads and manually sending them to different email clients. Instead, you can set up the plugin once and enjoy unlimited contact sync with your favorite email marketing apps.

We received recognition for our work, expanded userbase, and made our team bigger

In addition to creating unique and useful products, one of our 2022 goals was to organically expand our user base and promote our products through unique platforms. We released Stock Sync for WooCommerce on Product Hunt and it ranked 12th as the Product of the Day. Not only that, our flagship product WP Dark Mode was nominated for the Monster’s Award 2022 in the Best WordPress Design Plugins category. Also, about 20,000 WordPress users are now using WP Dark Mode as their dark mode solution.

Take a look at our biggest achievements from last year.

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2022
Our major achievements in 2022

Our users continued their support!

As we came up with many unique solutions this year, we needed support from the community to get the maximum exposure. And our users didn’t disappoint us at all, they continued supporting all of our new releases and shared their valuable feedback. The five-star review milestone we received last year alone shows the enormous support from the WordPress community.

Five-star reviews on the WordPress repository
Five-star reviews on the WordPress repository

Feedback from our customers

The feedback we received from our users in 2022 helped us update our product and was a massive source of inspiration for our success. Take a look at some of the feedback we received last year.

I added this plugin to my websites and my traffic (and how long people stay at my site) instantly went up. So, this plugin gets a five-star review. Thanks!

eibhlin, WP Dark Mode

I run a data driven wordpress blog and tables are always a nightmare, especially updating them. The plugin allows me to update via Google Sheets and avoid navigating around a WordPress Table plugin screen. Just create the link and do all the data manipulation in Google Sheets. Perfect for me!

Alanppob, Sheets to WP Table Live Sync

 believe what Jitsi Meet provides is a big addition to my site. Instead of receiving and accepting an invitation on one of the major platforms, people agree to meet at a location that you can name. By embedding a permanent link to a meeting within an image of a pub on my site, it’s a little like olden days, when people used to meet someplace. Performance can be iffy for international calls and larger meetings (I have run into problems with 6 attendees), but local connections are always suspect. I am normally very happy. Some plugin issues cleared themselves up when I upgraded PHP. I think you need at least PHP 7.4. Thanks, Jitsi Meet!

treanormp, Webina and Video Conference with Jitsi Meet

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Very easy step-by-step set up instructions. Changes sync instantly unlike some other tools I’ve looked at. Free version very limited due to number of products, so looking forward to the pro version release.

rsurfer, Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheet

We added 6 new members to our family

As we developed more products, we had to add new members to keep up with our client requests. Needless to say, the new members took no time to become a core part of our team and exceeded all expectations! Also, like last year we continued our trend of providing performance bonuses to appreciate the hard work of our team members.

WPPOOL Year in Review - 2022
Team WPPOOL in Darjeeling

Life at WPPOOL in 2022

Last year has been one of our most momentous years since launch. We developed many cool products, arranged regular hangouts, our bond got stronger, and we made our first international tour – the list goes on. Here we are listing the best moments from our life in WPPOOL.

WPPOOL Day: A day we can’t stop bragging about! 😎

Being a fully remote company, WPPOOL has always been determined to create the best working environment possible for its employees. Our yearlong in-person meetups helped us achieve that goal. We began 2022 with a bang. On 26th January 2022, the entire WPPOOL team gathered and spent the entire day together at a luxurious resort. It was an excellent day for the team full of exciting events and started the year on a great note. We also decided to declare 26th January as “WPPOOL Day” – a day that celebrates our togetherness and growth. 


learn more about everything that happened at the first WPPOOL Day.

We organized an Iftar Party

Ramadan is the month of eternal bliss and this year we decided to gather together and break fast in a different manner. The team joined from different parts of the country to spend some precious time together while enjoying the buffet iftar meal of 85+ items.

We made our first international tour!

We ended last year on a high note making our first international tour with the team. We went to Darjeeling, India, and explored the famous landmarks and attractions in the beautiful hill town, including the Zoological Park, the Japanese Temple, and the Kanchanjungha ranges. It was a unique experience for the team as we were able to bond and create lasting friendships while exploring the stunning landscape and immersing ourselves in the unique culture of Darjeeling.

Take a peek at all the fun we had at the Darjeeling, India.

We are aiming higher in 2023 🎯

Although last year was an amazing year for us in terms of team building and innovations, we are aiming even higher this year. Our goals for 2023 include optimizing our products with the latest security updates, bringing the most requested feature updates, and creating some exciting products that’ll make your life a lot easier. Stay with us to be a huge part of our journey. We are grateful for the support of our customers and look forward to continuing to serve the WordPress community in the coming year.

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