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WP Dark Mode Version 2.0- Why users should be excited about this new release

WP Dark Mode Version 2.0- Why users should be excited about this new release

Guess what? we are coming up with a new WP Dark Mode version 2.0 for our users.

Yes, you heard it right. When we released the WP Dark Mode, we had one thing in mind. Give WordPress users a chance to use a dark theme on their sites and control it. We have added all kinds of features to our pro and free versions.

We got an overwhelming response from the WordPress community. And in no time we had a user base of 4000+. However, we noticed that users wanted more from the Dark Mode plugin.

They wanted more features and also gave us some ideas on what to add. And we listened to them. We have added features that will blow the minds of every user and also fixed bugs that were present in the old version.

You can say, we have completely redesigned the WP Dark Mode plugin. Free, pro, and ultimate version, the whole package.

Let’s get to know what they are shall we?

WP Dark Mode Version 2.0, what’s new?

WP Dark Mode 2.0 is a complete re-imagination of the plugin from the ground up.

WP Dark Mode version 2.0 is like a relaunch of the Dark Mode plugin. It’s better, faster and is a giant leap towards making the plugin more user friendly.

Development was done keeping in mind all the issues the previous version had. We tried to fix all those issues and also added a few amazing features along the way. This new update will surely make the life of the user easier.

Here are the notable features and improvements we have made for the new WP Dark Mode version,

WP Dark Mode is now in the WordPress Menu bar!

In the previous version, whenever users activated the WP Dark Mode plugin, they had to look for it in the WordPress settings menu. So, it was a nuisance for users and also some would even get lost trying to find the plugin.

Dark Mode

That is why we thought for WP Dark Mode version 2.0, we are going to bring all the settings of the plugin to the main WordPress menu bar.

Whenever users install and activate the plugin, they will immediately see the plugin icon in the WordPress menu bar. That way they won’t have to look for it elsewhere.

This upgrade will lessen the hassle for the users and will make it easier for them to use the plugin.

Newly improved Menu section

We have brought the Getting Started menu section to the top. Yes. Previously this menu option was at the bottom of the WP Dark Mode menu bar.

gettting started Dark Mode version 2.0

However, we wondered why the Getting Started option is at the bottom of the menu bar. This should be the first option as users will start their settings from here.

That’s exactly what we did. For WP Dark Mode version 2.0, we have completely separated the Getting Started menu. Now, when you click on the WP Dark Mode option, you will see “Gutenberg, Elementor Widget, Switch Widget, Shortcodes” all the options from Getting Started there.

new menu Dark Mode version 2.0

How cool is that?

Separate switch settings menu

If you are a WP Dark Mode user then you must know that WP Dark Mode offers various switch styles. You can use any of the switch design that goes with your site theme and place them anywhere.

previous Switch Settings
Previous Settings

We thought this awesome feature deserves a separate menu all to itself. So that even when a user who hasn’t used WP Dark Mode before, they will know there is an option to customize and select various switch styles for their site to show Dark Mode.

switch settings
New Settings

Display settings & color scheme will adjust color dynamically!

Well, this is one of our biggest updates for WP Dark Mode version 2.0.


When the user’s activated the WP Dark Mode plugin previously, they had to go through a hassle trying to adjust the dark color to their site theme or design.

So, this time we have come up with this Display setting. You can adjust,

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Sepia

of the Dark Mode plugin in order to adjust the dark color to match your website theme from here.

Also, we have adjusted the Algorithm of the color scheme of the plugin. So, whenever any user activates the plugin, the plugin will dynamically adjust the color according to the site theme.

The WP Dark Mode plugin will auto adjust the Dark Mode color in order to match the admin site theme/design.

New color presets & option to enable preset color!

Yes, we have added some newly designed color presets for our users in the WP Dark Mode version 2.0.

color presets

In the previous WP Dark Mode version, users needed to choose a color preset. However, some users wanted to use color settings of their own.

So, this time we have kept the option for users to choose if they want to use any color preset or not. They can enable/disable the Color Presets from the Color Settings option on the menu.

Remember, if you disable the color preset, the plugin will still automatically/dynamically adjust the color according to your site.

Improved image & Custom CSS settings

Users were facing trouble while replacing the images for dark mode.

WP Dark Mode has this feature where you can view a different image of the user when they turn on the Dark Mode feature.

In the previous version, when users used this feature, the plugin created two separate images in order to show one in light mode and one in dark mode.


However, the images were getting too big or too small, sometimes showing double images as well. We have fixed the issue.

Now, all you need to do is change the source of the image dynamically. The image will remain in the same place.

Also, you can now write the normal CSS code and it will be updated accordingly. Previously, users had to add a lot of prefixes in order to use the custom CSS code.

What else?

Well, these are the major improvements that we have brought to WP Dark Mode version 2.0. However, that’s not all. There are significant improvements to the plugin like,

  • The free version of WP Dark Mode will also dynamically adjust to your site theme.
  • The plugin is now much faster than before. Also, it’s lighter than before.
  • The interface is now easy to understand and find.
  • The include and exclude page options are now in a separate section.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of the new version of the WP Dark Mode plugin now!


The WP Dark Mode version 2.0 is a gift to our users for 2021.

Everyone will be looking to start afresh this new year. We also wondered why not give a our Dark Mode plugin a completely new look to make it better then ever.

That is why we are rolling out the latest version of this plugin with some major features and improvements.

2 thoughts on “WP Dark Mode Version 2.0- Why users should be excited about this new release

  1. I haven’t has a good look at the the new version but my biggest issue is trying to do my own custom styling with an external css file. Until that happens, it’s not really useful to me- fine if you are a beginner and want something out-of-the-box, but the ‘pro’ version should have this option.

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