How it Works
Configuring the plugin

Before doing anything, install and activate the plugin from WordPress dashboards. Remember, the plugin requires Elementor page builder to operate, so make sure to activate Elementor.

Chose your preferred mode

Next, you’ll find the option to choose your preferred operating mode (Whitelist mode or Blacklist mode). Both modes have unique features and benefits, so choose the one that meets your needs!

You’re almost ready 😎

Select the pages where you want to enable/disable Elementor assets (depending on the mode). That’s it. Enjoy a better WordPress speed optimization service.

Speeeeeeeeeeed ⚡️ starts here

Elementor & its myriad addons load their assets on every damn posts and pages of WordPress website page. It’s time to take control of that

4 major reasons to use Elementor Speed Optimizer plugin

Load Elementor assets & database queries only on selected posts & pages

2X faster page loading speed (tested in  GTMetrix)

Better Core Web Vitals score (better rank!)

More conversion (faster site = happy users = more sales)

Enjoy swift website experience

Made by SEO experts to improve WordPress speed

Blacklist Mode

Restrict specific pages or posts from loading Elementor assets (.CSS and .JS files, queries, addons, etc.). Choose the pages/posts you think need a speed boost and turn off loading Elementor on those


Whitelist Mode

By default block Elementor assets including CSS, JSS and database queries on all pages. Choose the specific pages or posts where you want to enable Elementor assets (JS/CSS etc) with the Whitelist mode


Supports WooCommerce Out of box

Enable speed optimization on the WooCommerce store. Block Elementor assets from loading and ensure your visitors a faster and more optimized WooCommerce experience.


1-click restriction

Welcome to the future of WordPress optimization! Block every page/post with a single click from the Blacklist mode.


Improved performance and SEO scores

Activate the plugin and test the results by yourself. Get better LCP, FCP and Speed Index instantly. Tested in trusted resources including GTmetrix, and Google page speed tool (PageSpeed Insights).


Integrates seamlessly with existing Elementor addons

Why page speed is so important?

Speed is $money. Remember, once your business is online - every second matters! ⏱️


Even 1s speed boost can increase your conversion up to 20%

Studies conducted by Amazon and Google show that 1s improvement in site loading time can boost conversion from 10% to 20% (source)

Conversion in fast website

10% more

Conversion in slow website


Slower sites have 40% less conversion than a fast site

40% of users will abandon a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds 😲

Abandon rate in fast website

40% less

Abandon rate in slow website

Our test results from GTmetrix

Independent test results show almost 70% improvement on different page speed parameters including LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) and FCP (First Contentful Paint)


FCP with Elementor Speed Optimizer

FCP without Elementor Speed Optimizer

1.67 s


LCP with Elementor Speed Optimizer

LCP without Elementor Speed Optimizer

1.45 s

Experience the best WordPress optimization plugin

With loads of unique features, Speed Optimizer for Elementor will take your page speed optimization to the next level.


Guaranteed satisfaction


Better SEO ranking


WooCommerce Performance Booster

Unlike anything in WordPress. Experience the first Elementor Page Speed plugin on earth

Blacklist Mode

Block specific pages or posts from loading Elementor assets.

WooCommerce booster

A single click from the plugin will block Elementor assets from loading on your WooCommerce store.

1-click restriction

Block all pages/posts from loading unnecessary assets with a single click within the blacklist mode

Whitelist mode

Choose the specific pages or posts where you need Elementor.

Improved performance scores

Improved performance score on GTmetrix, and PageSpeed Insights.

Improved SEO score

Improve SEO score significantly with faster and mobile-friendly website

Get started today with world's first Elementor Speed Optimizer plugin for WordPress

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