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Start your website with WPPOOL plugins – Get a smooth and amazing WordPress experience

Start your website with WPPOOL plugins - Get a smooth and amazing WordPress experience

WPPOOL has always been a company with a goal to create products for customer needs. All the products that we have released till now, have been designed keeping the customer’s requirements in mind.

Today we are going to have a look at all the products we have released so far and also talk about how these plugins help different types of customers.

Let’s start.

Table of Content

Amazing WPPOOL Plugins

Here is the list of our plugins,

WP Dark Mode

wppool, wp dark mode

WP Dark Mode is a one-of-a-kind plugin that helps enable a dark theme in any kind of website. This plugin works across all operating systems including Android, iOS, and macOS. You don’t need settings to configure. This dark mode plugin intelligently detects device preferences and dynamically delivers a handcrafted, expert-designed dark mode experience for your readers.


  • Time Mode
  • OS-Based Color Mode
  • Different Switch Styles
  • Elementor and Gutenberg Support
  • Exclude Posts from Dark Mode
  • Ready-Made Color Scheme.
  • Custom CSS Support.
  • Dark Mode Image
  • WooCommerce Plugin Support
  • Add Dark Mode from the Default WordPress Menu
  • Choose Files from WP Media Library
  • Time-based Dark Mode
  • 5 exclusive color schemes
  • Multiple Dark Mode switch style
  • Shortcode support
  • Switch placement on left/right positions
  • Native WordPress widget
  • Exclude certain pages from WP Dark Mode
  • Excludes certain elements from getting affected by Dark Mode
  • Includes settings
  • Custom Switch Text & Custom Switch Support
  • Dark Mode Switch in Menu
  • Dark Mode usage analytics
  • Background Image Change
  • WooCommerce specific features
  • Dark Mode Logo support
  • User Preferred Remember Dark Mode
  • Custom Switch Icon and more.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

Although this plugin is suitable for any kind of website. But If you have a blogging website, book review website, product review website, etc, you will surely need this plugin. Because this plugin will increase the reading time and your users will be able to go through your content without hurting their eyes.

Stock Sync with Google Sheet for WooCommerce 

Stock Sync with Google Sheet for WooCommerce - Best WooCommerce Stock Sync Plugin for WordPress
Stock Sync with Google Sheet for WooCommerce – Best WooCommerce Stock Sync Plugin for WordPress

Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheet is one the most advanced inventory management system with two-directional sync with Google Sheets. With this stock manager plugin, you can edit almost everything from your linked spreadsheet, and it gets auto-updated on your main eCommerce site. In addition, it helps your customers be engaged with your updated site with inventory updates.


  • Easily export products to Google Sheet
  • Support for variable product
  • Update almost everything
  • Auto-sync with a two-directional path
  • Manually edit or remove products from the sheet
  • One-click manual sync button

Who Should Use This Plugin?

eCommerce store owners will have the most use of this plugin. You can easily ensure keeping track of your inventory as managing product stock and other data from a Google Sheet is easier than entering your site dashboard repeatedly for each product.

Sheets To WP Table Live Sync 

Advantages of Google Sheets To WP Table Live Sync

Google Sheets to WP Table Live Sync allows you to live sync Google Sheets data on WordPress as a table effortlessly. Once you update your Google sheet, it automatically updates on the WordPress table without changing anything. Google Sheets to WP Table is always live synced. With in-built shortcode support, you can add new tables on any page/post and live-sync the data from connected Google Sheets.


  • Live Data Synchronization
  • Shortcode Supported:
  • Table Title
  • Data Fetching
  • Show Info block
  • Show X Entries
  • Swap Filters
  • Swap Bottom Elements
  • Allow Sorting
  • Search Bar
  • Pagination Support
  • Asynchronous Loading and more.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

If you have a travel website, booking website, or website based on any live data, then you can surely use this plugin. All you have to do is update your data in the Google spreadsheet and it will update on your site.

Chat Widgets for Multivendor Marketplaces 

Start your website with WPPOOL plugins - Get a smooth and amazing WordPress experience

Chat Widgets for Multivendor Marketplaces is specially designed to be compatible with the best multi-vendor marketplaces on WordPress like Dokan, WCFM Marketplace, and WC Marketplace. This live chat plugin is all about offering excellent customer service. Stay in touch with your customer through every step of their buyer journey with your brand.


  • Click to chat channels 
  • Location of chat widget
  • Call to action text 
  • Display triggers 
  • Attention effects 
  • Pending messages icon 
  • Customizable chat icons 
  • Different button designs
  • Widget size
  • Widget customization 
  • Channel customization.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

Every marketplace owner should use this plugin in order to communicate with customers more easily.

Easy Video Reviews

Start your website with WPPOOL plugins - Get a smooth and amazing WordPress experience

Easy Video Reviews is the best video review and testimonial plugin for WordPress, fully compatible with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins. Let your customers record and send video testimonials right from their browser, and you can manage and showcase them anywhere on your WordPress website.


  •  Easy Installation Process
  •  You Don’t Need to Be a Pro
  •  Manage Everything in the WordPress Dashboard
  •  WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download Integration 
  •  Personalized Message on Recorder  
  •  Supports Mobile Devices and Low Bandwidth
  •  Preview Video Before Sending
  •  Import & Export settings are a matter of a click!
  •  Control video duration for customers
  •  Translate in your language
  •  Ability to add custom fields in the pop-up recorder
  •  Recorder button styles.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

This plugin is for every website owner who wants to show a video review of their products. Video has a 95% retention rate, while people only remember 12% of textual information.

Jitsi Meet

Experience Powerful BuddyPress Integration of Webinar and Video Conference with Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet’s built-in meeting post type, shortcodes, Elementor widgets, and Gutenberg blocks let you create WordPress meetings without any technical or coding knowledge. The plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce, LMS, Multi vendors, email marketing, and booking plugins. This is the most powerful and convenient WordPress video conference plugin with zero coding.


  • Meeting Gutenberg block 
  • Meeting Elementor widget 
  • Meeting Shortcode 
  • Mute meeting 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Unlimited meetings 
  • Custom domain 
  • Meeting post type 
  • Livestream, recording, and transcript 
  • Calendar integration 
  • Meeting registration 
  • Recurring meeting 

Who Should Use This Plugin?

If you have a course website, online seminar or conference website then you can use this plugin. Because you can use this plugin to host any of these events.

Elementor Speed Optimizer

Start your website with WPPOOL plugins - Get a smooth and amazing WordPress experience

Elementor Speed Optimizer speeds up any Elementor website by quite a mile. This plugin restricts Elementor assets from loading on any page or post. That means your website sections without Elementor will load faster than ever and it will boost your site speed immediately.


  • Blacklist Mode
  • WooCommerce booster
  • Premium Elementor Add-ons support
  • One-click restriction: 
  • Improved performance scores
  • Improved SEO score.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

Any Elementor website owner who is struggling with speed and performance should use this plugin.

Social Contact Form

Social Contact Form

Social Contact Form allows you to send WordPress contact form leads directly to your WhatsApp account. This is a revolutionary contact form plugin for WordPress. The plugin sends the WordPress contact form leads directly to your WhatsApp account, whereas traditional WP forms send leads to your email or website. It also supports automatic redirection to WhatsApp Web for desktop users and WhatsApp Mobile for smartphone/mobile users.


  • Contact form to WhatsApp redirection 
  • Personalized Floating button, Call to action, Popup contact form  
  • Easy setup wizard 
  • Form customization 
  • Preset message customization 
  • Automatic switch to WhatsApp web 
  • Leads collection through the contact form 
  • Lead details access  
  • Leads export in CSV format.

Who Should Use This Plugin?

Website owners who are looking to collect leads with more easy should definitely install this plugin on their website.

Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce WooCommerce stock management

Back in Stock Notifier for WooCommerce enhances the functionality of your online store. It keeps track of your product’s stock and sends instant WhatsApp messages as WhatsApp in-stock notifications to the customers. 


  • WhatsApp gateway
  • Validation of international phone numbers
  • Advanced waitlist plugin
  • Custom messages
  • Available shortcodes
  • Call to action
  • SMS customization
  • WooCommerce and other multivendor support
  • Different types of product options
  • Product visibility
  • Multivendor Settings

Who Should Use This Plugin?

Any WooCommere store owners who are struggling with managing inventory can surely use the help of this plugin.


Now you know about all the WPPOOL plugins. We have listed every plugin along with their features and also who will be most benefitted by using those plugins.

If you want to know more about these plugins, do let us know in the comment section.

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