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Announcing WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce WooCommerce stock management

WooCommerce and multi-vendor store owners now don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of taking pre-orders anymore. The new WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce plugin will take care of all that.

Taking orders for products that are out of stock is a hassle. You’ll have to take down the notes of the order and their contact. Then you had to notify them again manually after the product is in stock. Many a times you could forget about it and the customer is left wondering.

That is bad not only for your brand but you lose a lot of revenue as well.  Why not make it easier and use the back-to-stock notifier option on your site? WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce enhances the functionality of your online store. It keeps track of your product stock record, your customers store data and sends instant WhatsApp messages to the customers of the products back in stock status so they can avail themselves of it.

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Today we will show the ins and outs of this plugin. Before that let’s see,

The Features of the WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

WhatsApp Stock Notfier for WooCommerce comes with some unique features and functions. These features will help you better serve your customers and also increase the brand value of your store. Here are some notable features you will find while you are using,

WhatsApp gateway

You will get in-stock notifications through WhatsApp message option.It is one of the popular communication option in the modern world. So, people can respond when they receive the message as most of the people in the world is using this chat option.

Connect WhatsApp number with the store simply through Chat API or Twilio. Get in-stock notifications easily.

Validation of even international phone numbers

You can validate any number with the WhatsApp Stock Notifer for WooCommerce plugin. So, no one won’t be able to subscribe with a false number and give you trouble. Customers from all over the world can easily find their living country by choosing their flag or entering the country code and phone number.

All they need is a WhatsApp connection on their device. 

Advanced waitlist plugin

Just stay updated on your products in stock status from your end. WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce will do the rest of notifying your customers.

You don’t have to do anything. The plugin will activate automatically and send instant messages to the customer who searched for a product that is back in stock. 

Custom messages

You can send customized messages to the customers who searched for the products. Customers will use their name and number to subscribe. Based on that, you can send customized messages to your subscribers. That way you will give customers a unique feeling.

Available shortcodes

Manage your store with available shortcodes. WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce gets simpler and hassle-free. Managing your online store is not a hard task anymore. 

Call to action

Dealing with WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce is quite simple. Your subscribed audience gets a call to action button with the product status. They just need to click the button to request stock. That’s it. They’ll get WhatsApp SMS automatically when the product is back in stock. Simple. 

SMS customization

WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce usually send messages automatically by default. But it’ll give you the option of sending SMS manually. You can send WhatsApp SMS manually choosing both single customers or bulk options.

WooCommerce and other multivendor support

You can activate the WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce on any multivendor store. This plugin allows you to receive real-time notifications right on the screen letting customers know about products back in stock. A quick and easy way to feel connected to your customers and their needs.

Different types of product options

Store simple products, variant products, and group products in your inventory. No worries. Your customers will get notifications of their specific criteria. Suppose you have a t-shirt display in your store. You can showcase this product in different colors and sizes in one place and send the message to your audience with the specific one they searched for. 

Product visibility

Showcase your shop inventory with different types of products. Also, choose specific audiences for your products. In case if you want to hide any of your products from any of your logged-in audience you’ll get the option easily from your end. 

Multivendor Settings

WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce has an option for Multivendor marketplace. Multiple vendors can showcase their product stock in one place. 

How to install & use WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

You can easily install and use the WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 1: Install the plugin

You can install the plugin from WP-Admin–> Plugins–> Add New. Or you can download the plugin from WordPress.org.

Step 2: Integrate with WhatsApp

You can integrate the plugin with WhatsApp in 3 different ways. You can use Twilio, ChatApi or Ultramsg. Go to Stock Notifier–> Configure Settings–> Select Gateway.


Step 3: Collect ChatApi credentials

You can collect your ChatApi credentials from here. Just copy the instance ID and Auth token.

auth token

Step 4: Place auth token & instance ID

Go back to the dashboard and paste your ChatApi credentials. Hit the Save and Next button.

add id

Step 5: Customize Text

Now, you can enable and customize different notifications texts from here,


and you are done,


Step 6: Configure the General settings

In the General option, enable the settings you want like in the screenshot,

general settings whatsapp stock notifier

Step 7: Configure the notifications and enable the Multivendor Settings

Now, enable the notifications like Frontend form, Message Settings, SMS Settings. Customize the messages as well.

notifications whatsapp stock notifier

Also, enable the mulitvendor options,

multivendor options whatsapp stock notifier

And you are done. That is how you can use the WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce.

Here is the Dashboard,



WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce are some of the best plugins for WooCommerce sales, increasing This tool will build trust and a sense of urgency in your customers. It will send real-time stock notifications from your store and keep trust in them. Save their time and build good communication.

A fast interaction makes you trustworthy and grows your sales. Whether your platform is small or big, busy or not, customers are the only ones to furnish your business growth. 

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