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10 easy steps to increase WooCommerce sales

10 easy steps to increase WooCommerce sales

The global e-commerce market is expected to be worth $58.74 Trillion by 2028. People now are increasingly leaning towards online shopping for its growing convenience. 

No wonder online shopping is on its way to becoming one of the biggest industries in the world and there will be millions of small and medium-sized businesses entering this industry due to its low barrier of entry.

WooCommerce is undoubtedly one of the top choices for this massive small and medium-sized player trying to enter this e-commerce industry. With nearly 39% of the market share, WooCommerce is leading among e-commerce platforms and technologies worldwide in 2023.

If you are willing to start your business using WooCommerce or are already a WooCommerce user, you are now exactly where you should be. Today we will discuss some easy but crucial steps to increase WooCommerce sales.

Increase WooCommerce sales with 10 easy steps

Let’s dive directly into ways that can increase WooCommerce sales if done correctly.

Optimize your product pages

Optimize your product pages to increase WooCommerce sales

Your product pages are often a potential customer’s initial point of contact, and first impressions do matter. Make sure your product pages have eye-catching graphics and informative product descriptions. 

Highlight the benefits of your items with convincing language, and make it simple for customers to locate the information they need. Customers should get the full idea about the product from the product page itself.

Make sure to clear any doubts a customer may have so that they can take the decision easily. An FAQ section could be a useful addition in this regard.

Adapt a user-friendly design

Adapt a user-friendly design to increase WooCommerce sales

Having an intuitive design is essential for boosting WooCommerce sales. Give priority to a responsive interface, simplified navigation, and aesthetically pleasing product pages. Also, think about what’s currently trending in the industry. For example, the dark mode is getting much loved by people on the internet. So consider adding dark mode on your store too.

Most importantly, make sure visitors don’t face any difficulties in finding your products or understanding how to proceed with shopping. You can lose a potential customer if this happens.

Also, ensure that your site’s loading speed is minimal. You can lose nearly 50% of customers if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure your site isn’t overloaded with unnecessary plugins.

So, following the best practices while designing a website, make sure your site is user-friendly to decrease bounce rate thus giving your business a higher chance of acquiring customers.

Implement a robust recommendation system

Implement a robust recommendation system to increase WooCommerce sales

Having set up a strong product recommendation system can have a big effect on your WooCommerce sales. A good recommendation can encourage customers to explore additional products by displaying related items.

Upsells and cross-sells can raise the average order value in addition to improving the shopping experience. But make sure the recommendations are relevant and useful for the customers. 

Keep a good eye on your customer’s approach towards your products to make decisions on cross-selling and upselling bundles that can save you from too much dead inventory.

Make sure your checkout process is easy

Make sure your checkout process is easy to increase WooCommerce sales

A complicated and lengthy checkout process can lead to cart abandonment. Minimize the number of stages and only request the information that is absolutely necessary to streamline the checkout process. 

Keep the option of ordering or completing checkout as a guest. Sometimes people could leave if they find a lengthy sign-up process with information they might not be willing to provide. 

To reach a larger audience, provide a variety of payment methods, and think about adding a guest checkout tool for ease of use. Make sure the process is clear and concise. A shady checkout procedure can drive away customers.

Implement an Abandoned Cart Recovery System

Implement an Abandoned Cart Recovery System to increase WooCommerce sales

Implementing an abandoned cart recovery system is a smart step that could assist you in achieving higher WooCommerce sales and recovering lost purchases. 

Sometimes customers forget to confirm the order while surfing your products in a busy time, or they might not be sure about making the purchase that particular time, or maybe they got disconnected from the internet, and for etc reasons, a customer could abandon making a purchase.

People could also abandon shopping for multiple products if they find one of the items they want is out of stock. So, Make sure to keep track of your product stocks. You can get help from plugins like Stock Sync with Google Sheets to avoid this kind of situation. 

In this situation, reminder emails containing incentives, such as exclusive discounts or time-limited deals, might encourage customers to come back and complete their transactions. By offering a quick and customized purchasing experience, this proactive strategy not only recovers possibly lost purchases but also shows your dedication to client happiness.

Implement an efficient customer service

Implement an efficient customer service to increase WooCommerce sales

A strong customer support system is crucial in maintaining the prosperity and reputation of your WooCommerce store. Rapid and friendly customer service has a big impact on client loyalty and satisfaction. 

Make sure your customers can easily reach you for any kind of assistance needed. Offer a variety of contact channels to consumers, including live chat, email, and a helpful phone number.

Always keep representatives informed about your goods and services so that they can offer a quick solution to any kind of customer problem. 

Investing in effective customer service allows you to not only quickly resolve issues but also establish a solid relationship with clients, which promotes trust and repeat business.

Utilize your customer testimonials or reviews

Utilize your customer testimonials or reviews to increase WooCommerce sales

People trust other real customer’s words more than any marketing or so. According to a report from Global Newswire, 95% of customers go through online reviews before deciding to buy a product. 

So, if have have already good reviews about your business or services make sure to leverage them to gain your potential customer’s trust. 

Take time to showcase your great service and product reviews. Nowadays video testimonials are getting more attention from shoppers on the internet.

Offer discounts and incentives

Offer discounts and incentives to increase WooCommerce sales

Everyone loves a good bargain. Use exclusive discounts, promos, and time-limited deals to draw in clients. 

Consider having deals during the busiest times of the year to sell things or setting aside special discounts for new customers. Make sure these offers are shown prominently on your website.

Also, make sure the offers are useful for users and keep your attention on offer volumes. Too many offers can create a low-value mindset about your products and services too and affect your WooCommerce sales.

To make visitors trust your product and service, try to offer easy return policies. So, people feel confident to engage in your business. After engaging, try to provide them an excellent service so that they stay with you long time. 

Invest in marketing and SEO

Invest in marketing and SEO to increase WooCommerce sales

Putting money into SEO and marketing is essential if you want to increase your WooCommerce store’s exposure and traffic. A smart marketing plan that makes use of online advertising, email marketing, and social media campaigns can successfully reach your target market and build brand awareness. 

In addition, a strong SEO plan makes sure that your online store appears highly in search engine results, which makes it easier for prospective buyers to find it resulting in better WooCommerce sales. 

Together, marketing and SEO activities create a powerful foundation for long-term growth and drive initial customer acquisition, which will help your WooCommerce business succeed in a cutthroat online market.

Analyze performance & adapt

Analyze performance & adapt to increase WooCommerce sales

Use analytics to regularly assess the performance of your store. Keep an eye on important data like conversion rates, average order values, and cost of customer acquisition.

It is important to adapt regularly to maintain substantial WooCommerce sales where customers’ choices and preferences are changing almost every week. Keep your attention on how your products and services are performing and don’t hesitate to change things here and there to keep your business relevant to your target audience.


Staying in business in the world of the internet is not an easy task where hundreds and thousands of emerging online every day. We hope by implementing these 10 strategies, you will have an upper hand over your competitors in the field.

To guarantee the ongoing success of your WooCommerce business, keep an eye on consumer feedback, industry trends, and technology improvements. Constantly evolving and changing according to the contemporary world is crucial for business growth as well as to increase WooCommerce sales.


Q: How can I improve my WooCommerce store?

A: Overall optimize your WooCommerce store to present an efficient and user-friendly experience to your visitors.

  • Check your site speed. Choose a trustworthy hosting service, optimize your product images, and don’t overload your site with unnecessary plugins to make sure your site’s loading speed is minimal.
  • Adapt a user-friendly design for your sites. People should face no difficulties in navigating through your site and finding products.
  • Analyze your site’s performance and matrix regularly and adapt accordingly.

Q: How can I increase my WooCommerce sales?

A: Make sure your site responds to your visitor’s needs.

  • Make your site easy to understand. People should easily find the options and products they want.
  • Make your checkout process easy.
  • Provide multiple payment options.
  • Implement a robust recommendation system.
  • Implement an Abandoned Cart Recovery System.
  • Offer a great customer service experience.
  • Find ways to highlight your satisfied customers’ reviews to gain trust
  • Offer discounts and incentives
  • Invest in marketing

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