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WP Dark Mode Black Friday Offer, Sale is ON! Save Up to 75%

Halloween is over! Well, don’t worry. We are back with yet another big surprise for you. Yes, we are talking about the WP Dark Mode Black Friday Offer.

November is a festive month for tech enthusiasts. And also for people who missed out on the celebrations of Halloween. They eagerly wait for the coolest celebration of the year, “Black Friday Sale!”.

And the WordPress community get’s busy with their impressive offers in this time as well. Plugins, Themes, Hosting, Security, etc, you name it and there is an offer for everything.

And here in WPPool, we are not behind as well. After Halloween, we are coming back with another interesting offer for all of our users. Stay tuned!

Black Friday Sale! The Coolest Celebration of the Year

The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss and black a profit

Back in the day on Black Fridays, people used to stand in line in a queue for hours in front of the store to get the desired product at a discount. But, now with limited time and online shopping, you will hardly find this scene anywhere.

Black Friday  WP Dark Mode Black Friday Offer

The benefit of online shopping is that you will know right away if the gaming system or pressure cooker you want is out of stock, and can easily find another one without having to travel from store to store.

Also, many online retailers have pre-Black Friday or special Thanksgiving sales, so you may not even have to wait until the big day to save. In 2020, especially, we expect to see stores emphasizing their online sales

Black Friday 2018 (Thanksgiving Day plus Black Friday) raked in $9.9 billion in online sales. That’s $6.2 billion spent on Black Friday and $3.7 billion spent on Thanksgiving. That’s a 19.7% increase over 2017 (Source: Adobe Analytics)

That is exactly why the WordPress community gets ready with mouth watering deals and discounts on their products.

And if you visit you will find that there is a big discount on our prized product WP Dark Mode.

WP Dark Mode: Add the Ultimate Dark Feature to Your Website

Dark Mode is cool!

There is no other way to say it. Even all the biggies like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Google Chrome have launched the dark mode features for their users.

When you work with a dark background it gives you feel like you are doing very important work. Even you are just surfing the internet.

Fun aside, the dark mode actually helps a lot.

As we spend 90% of our time on our smart devices. Gradually it affects our eyesight. And a lot of people So, we should take all the measures to protect our eyes as much as we can.

That is why the craze of dark mode has been on the rise for quite some time now.

Moreover, the users are loving it. So, if you are a website owner or a webmaster, you kind of wished you can give your website a cool dark look, didn’t you?

At 100% screen brightness, the dark interface is saving a whopping 60% of screen energy!

It is not only about the look, but dark mode has other benefits like,

  • Eye fatigue from video glare is reduced
  • Flicker problems (if they exist) are reduced by dark backgrounds
  • Some medical conditions (e.g. photophobia) are less aggravated by dark backgrounds
  • Colors, when used to convey information like syntax highlighting, might be easier to notice against a dark background
  • Less blue light could mean less disruption to the body’s sleep cycle if using the display in the evening

So, the WP Dark Mode can do all of that. Yes, it has features to give your website the perfect Dark Mode look that you have been wanting. The features include,

  • Enable Switching Option in Page content or Posts
  • Dark mode Switch Widget
  • OS Based Color Mode
  • Custom CSS Support
  • Various switch style
  • Elementor And Gutenberg Supported
  • Time mode
  • Different color schema
  • Dark Mode Switch Shortcode
  • 24/7 support.

So, you can see how amazing the plugin is. You can view a small change to your website but you have no idea how big of an impact it will create.

Now if you are interested in trying out the premium features, then this is the best time.

WP Dark Mode Black Friday Offer! Save Upto 75% on Premium Plans

Yes, you heard it right! To give our users more joy on these occasions, we are offering a whopping 75% discount on our premium plans. The WP Black Friday offer includes,

  • 40% off on Pro annual
  • 50% off on Ultimate annual
  • 75% off on Both (Pro & Ultimate) lifetime.

Now, normally we sell the Pro Annual package for $49 and the Ultimate Annual package for $99.

Now, you will be getting those two for $29.40 and $49.50 respectively. Saving up to 50%.

Annual deal WP Dark Mode Black Friday Offer

And if you purchase our Lifetime packages, then you will be saving up to 75%.

lifetime deal

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who missed our great Halloween deals, then you shouldn’t waste another second. There is no coupon needed, as it will be auto-applied when you avail the WP Dark Mode Black Friday offer.

Last Words

The Dark Trend is slowly but eventually growing. So, if you don’t want to stay left behind, then you must follow the trend. And, if you own a WordPress website then adding this feature is really easy with plugins like WP Dark Mode.

Moreover, with an offer like this, it is the right time to grab this plugin. With thousands of deals and discounts floating online, don’t get stressed out. Keep your calm and pick the right one.

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