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Google Embraces Dark Mode on Search – Say Bye-Bye to Eye Strain

google dark mode

“Google embraces dark mode.” That is the talk of the town right now.

It is not new that big brands are offering dark mode to their users. If you look at brands like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all have an option for dark mode. And it didn’t happen because they wanted to change the design. Users were demanding dark mode.

Turns out people like dark mode. It helps with the eye strain and makes it easier to read at night. Also, the conversion rate for those websites embracing dark mode was also increasing.

At last, Google has also embraced this dark technology. Yes, Google has rolled out dark mode for web search and chrome users.

Today we are going to share some insights into these Google updates and also share a bonus part involving WordPress Dark Mode with you. So stay tuned.

Google Introduces Dark Mode for Web Searches

After months of A/B testing, Google has finally introduced dark mode for web search systems. The Dark Mode feature is slowly rolling out to Desktop users running Windows 10 and macOS. According to reports, a small percentage of users are able to activate Dark Mode on the Google Search page at first.

google dark technology
Google Dark Theme

But now, slowly, everyone is embracing this dark technology. At first, users will first get a notification at the corner of the page that will say, “Dark theme is now available.” They need to enable that option by clicking on the ‘Turn on’ button. This will switch the search page to Dark.

Once enabled, you will have the option to set it either to Light, Dark, or System Default.

Dark Technology for Chrome Browser

It is no doubt dark mode is popular in the tech world, and most major apps and websites have it as an option. That is why the popular Chrome browser, a product of Google, also has the dark mode theme now.

When you open up incognito mode on your Chrome browser, you will see the dark mode option in searches already. If you like the look of Dark Mode, you can manually apply the dark theme to your Chrome browsers. So, how are you going to enable dark mode on Chrome?

Google Dark technology for chrome browser
Google Dark technology for chrome browser

Chrome users will get a notification on their Google search tab with the message, ‘Dark Mode is now available.’,  with an option to turn it on. Click on the ‘Turn On’ button to enable the dark theme on your Chrome browser. Similarly, users can turn off Dark Mode by going to the settings and manually turning off the Dark Mode option.

Now, if you are a site owner, you must want to add a dark theme to your website as well. As Google is slowly embracing the concept of dark technology, you may want to use dark mode as well. For a contemporary site, that may be difficult.

However, if you have a WordPress site, then adding a dark mode is quite easy. Because you can use a plugin like WP Dark Mode, it is the best dark mode plugin right now to add a dark theme to your WordPress site. Let’s get to know about this plugin a little bit, shall we?

Use WP Dark Mode to Add a Dark Theme to Your Website, The Best Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress

From the behavior of Google, you can probably take a guess that Dark Theme trends are rising day by day. Everyone except Google is looking to add a dark theme to their website. However, if you are using a WordPress website, then there is good news for you.

WP Dark Mode is one of the best dark mode plugins in the WordPress repository right now. With over 8000+ active installations, it is fast becoming a user favorite. And with regular updates, users are getting all the necessary features they are looking for.

There are quite a few reasons as to why you can use dark mode to reduce bounce rates and, at the same time, increase the conversion rates for your websites.

This plugin has features like,

  • Time-Based Dark Mode
  • 5 Exclusive Color Schemes
  • Multiple Dark Mode Switch Styles
  • Dark mode Switch Shortcode
  • Place Switch Above Post/Page Content
  • Dark mode Switch Widget
  • Excludes Pages from Dark Mode
  • Excludes Elements from Dark Mode
  • Includes settings
  • Custom Switch Text
  • 10+ Dark Mode Color Schemes
  • Dark Mode based image support
  • Use Custom Dark Mode Colors 
  • WordPress Post Editor in Dark Mode
  • Customize Each Element As You Want
  • All major WordPress Themes supported
  • Dark mode Based Custom CSS
  • Dark mode Switch in Menu
  • Background Image Change
  • Dark Mode Logo support.


One way to stay ahead of the competition is to know the trend that is going on. It’s late, but Google is doing just that by embracing dark technology.

Whether you like it or not. Dark Mode is the trend right now. Whenever you visit a website, you will see that there is an option to enable dark mode. And the trick is working as well. People are spending more time on their sites, and it is also increasing the conversion rate.

And if you have a WordPress website, then you are in luck. As we said, WP Dark Mode will make it easier to add a dark theme to your website. You can easily understand by seeing the feature list of the plugin we mentioned earlier.

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