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Why online marketplaces should embrace Shopify Dark Mode

Why online marketplaces should embrace Shopify Dark Mode

One of the most well-known eCommerce stages is Shopify: adaptable, simple to get everything rolling, and with the capacity to develop your business, countless traders all over the planet have picked it to host and run their web-based stores. And when you have a Shopify Dark Mode app, your experience is elevated.

There are many stores that are constructed utilizing Shopify. Notwithstanding, the test for you is to make your shop stand apart from every one of them. The Shopify Dark Mode application can be an answer for you.

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The reasons for online marketplaces embracing Shopify Dark Mode app

Just because this is our product we are not saying it is the best choice for you. But we have listed some concrete reasons for you to choose the Dark Mode app we created for Shopify.

The app is easy to setup

Just like any other Shopify app, this app is very easy to set up. All you have to do is download the app from the Shopify app store and dark mode will be automatically activated. You are done!

Schedule your dark mode

As we all know about the Dark Mode Trend. Individuals favor the dark theme when they are visiting a site in the evening time. That assists their visual perception and diminishes with focusing.

time based

Using the time-based dark mode feature, you can undoubtedly establish a point in time when your store will naturally enact the dark theme. You don’t need to stress over physically setting the dark theme any longer!

Alternate between different switch styles

As you know, when you enable the Dark Mode app, you will get a switch to activate the dark mode. To give your clients an extraordinary encounter visiting your store, you can switch between different switch styles sometimes.

switch style Shopify Dark Mode

That way, if a user visits your store for the second or third time, he/she will get a different experience every time. How cool will that be!

Leave what you want to leave!

When you set up your online store, you want your website to look a particular way. You certainly spend a lot of time organizing your website structure.

However, if the Shopify Dark Mode app suddenly turns everything black, you may feel disappointed. Therefore, we have added a trick.

Assuming you need, you can reject specific segments of your site that won’t be dark themed. Subsequently, your site will get something else altogether!

Various color presets available

Although it is dark in the name, considering our users, we have kept certain varieties in our color choices.

color preset Shopify Dark Mode

Yes, other than the dark theme, you can give your site an alternate shading blend. That way, your site won’t become boring.

Rather it will become thousands of times more interesting.

Add dark mode based image

You can replace any images when you are using the dark theme. That means, when a user turns on Dark Mode, he/she will see the replaced image.

Users can choose a replacement image using the Dark Mode feature.

Just choose the SRC SET of the image you want to replace for Dark Mode. For example, you can choose to show a different icon when a user switches to Dark Mode.

Replace the image with the source of your chosen image.


Custom CSS

Yes, like always, you can customize the dark theme if you want using the CUstom CSS option. This is great for modification and if you have a requirement for your website then you can definitely use this option.



Adding the Shopify Dark Mode application to your eCommerce store won’t just give your eCommerce store a significant redesign yet additionally assist you with standing apart from the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the newly designed Shopify Dark Mode App and increase your conversion rate.

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