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How to Use the Shopify Dark Mode App 2023

How to Use the Shopify Dark Mode App 2023

A few months ago, we launched the Shopify Dark Mode app. However, there were some users who were confused about how to use the Shopify Dark Mode app.

And it is natural as Shopify is a dedicated platform for eCommerce stores. So using a Dark Mode app can be confusing. So, we are going to create this easy guide on how you can install and use the newly launched Shopify Dark Mode app.

Here we go.

How to use the Shopify Dark Mode App, Easy steps

Using the Shopify Dark Mode app is pretty simple if you can get the hang of it. We are going to go through the steps that you can follow so you will easily know how to use the Shopify Dark Mode app. Let’s see the steps. Shall we?

Step 1: Installation

First of all, you need to install the Shopify Dark Mode app. We are assuming you have already created and launched your Shopify store.

Now, go to the Shopify App Store and search for the Dark Mode app. Just type in Dark Mode in the search bar. In the below you will find the Shopify Dark Mode App by WPPool. Select the app and click on Add App to add the app to your store.

Add app from the Shopify store
Dark Mode App

You will get a 14 days trial period as well.

Step 2: Find the Shopify Dark Mode App

Next, you need to find the app on your online store. Select the Apps option from your menu bar. You will find the Dark Mode app there. Click on it to start using and setting up the plugin.

 Find the Dark Mode app in Shopify
Find the Dark Mode app in Shopify

Step 3: General Settings

We will start the settings with the General option. Here you will need to Enable Frontend Darkmode (which will enable dark mode for the frontend). Also, you need to enable OS aware Dark Mode. So your users will be served a dark mode of your website when their device preference is set to Dark Mode or by switching the DarkMode switch button.

Hit the save button to finish. You need to do that after every settings.

General Settings
General Settings

Step 4: Advanced Settings

Here you will find some interesting options. You can enable the Time-Based Dark Mode. That means you get to choose a time as when the Dark Mode will activate on your website and when it will deactivate. Based on your region, you can choose a timing where the Dark Mode will deactivate in the daytime and activate at night.

Advanced settings for How to use the Shopify dark mode
Advanced settings

Step 5: Display Settings

Here you will be able to choose what kind of switch you will view on your website. This switch will enable and disable Dark Mode on your Shopify website. Also, you can select the position you want to place the switch on your website. Also, you can exclude elements as well.

Display Settings
Display Settings

Step 6: Style Settings

You can select the color preset for your website when it displays the Dark Mode. You will get some great options to choose from. Select one.

style settings for How to use the shopify dark mode
Style Settings

Step 7: DarkMode Image

Using this feature, you can replace an image and show a different image while in Dark Mode instead. All you need to add the link of the image you want to replace from the light mode and also add the link of the image you want to show in the Dark Mode.

Dark Mode image for How to use the shopify dark mode
DarkMode Image

Step 8: Custom CSS

This is the last step to learn how to use the Shopify Dark Mode app. You can add some Custom CSS to elevate the design of the website in Dark Mode.

Custom CSS for How to use the shopify dark mode
Custom CSS

Lastly, hit the save button to finish the setting and you will know how to use the Shopify Dark Mode app.

Is it a Wise Choice to Use Shopify

Now you that you know about the Shopify Dark Mode app, let us tell you about the platform this app is made for. Shopify is one of the largest platforms out there to create your own eCommerce store. Why,

Great Collection of Apps

You have heard of Apple & Android, right? Shopify also offers an app store with apps from trusted sources and technology partners, all with features designed to improve the experience of your store.

Some apps included in the app store include upselling, subscription payments, customer service, inventory management, and more. Without any surprise, every day, a great number of apps are being released. So you really can stay on top of the latest. Take – never get left behind.

The flexibility of the app store means Shopify continually becomes more and more powerful, with the world’s best developers delivering the very best apps for you to use.

One of them is the Shopify Dark Mode app!

Awesome Store Design

You will find in the platform that it has a great variety of professional templates. These will give you the freedom to reach the creation of unique and visually appealing online stores. Although it has a thin collection of themes, designers and developers can work on it to create a store with rich UI and exceptional UX.

Easy Installation Process

Shopify may be a terribly easy platform that’s straightforward to line up and use. This can be the most effective difference for those that desire a complete resolution, with no technicalities associated with the event and hosting of the web store.

The platform itself offers the package and hosting that’s required for launching the website. The admin interface is artistic and easy, whereas the user interface is pretty compelling too.


A strong marketing & SEO strategy is vital to attract new customers to your website. SEO is affected by both the way the website is built (by Shopify) and also the marketing & SEO skill of the person working on the site. A suitable SEO tool is important, too to clarify. You can use free SEO tools or any paid one for it!

Once your store is ready up, it’s vital to create it user-friendly. SEO is essential for guaranteeing that the webstore is well accessible to shoppers looking for your merchandise. Shopify improves the power to style landing pages for campaigns that could be a huge identifying issue from alternative e-commerce platforms. It also supports SEO parameters like custom title tags and meta tags.

Amazing Performance

Being a globally hosted solution, Shopify has a reliable infrastructure along with optimized hardware and software. This gives the platform a super-fast loading speed, and the e-commerce made on it load in a matter of seconds.

Great Security

Another benefit of Shopify is the security and reliability it offers. Security is essential for an online business because it deals with the confidential personal and financial information of the customers.

Similarly, it must always be available online. Both of these features are taken care of with this hosted solution that takes care of upgrades and maintenance.

So you see why Shopify has global recognition.


So, now you know how to use the Shopify Dark Mode app. So, if you want to stand out from all of the rest of the Shopify online eCommerce store, then you should install the Shopify Dark Mode App for your store and give your store the much needed lift.

What are you waiting for, grab your copy now.

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