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10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

The rising popularity of e-commerce platforms and digital marketing has made it crucial for every business to design a professional website and stay relevant in the present market. 

WordPress is undoubtedly the most extensively used content management platform. Enterprises of all types are using it to create their interactive websites. WordPress has many features and functions that small businesses can leverage to develop a strong online presence

The following section of this article discusses factors that justify using WordPress for small business websites. 

10 reasons why small businesses should go with WordPress

1. Ownership of the website

WordPress for small business

Any business needs full website ownership when running an online enterprise, unlike some website building services that typically limit the owner’s access to the source code. 

WordPress users have access to the source code allowing everyone to modify and personalize the website to their liking. It is an excellent content management system that allows businesses to scale their website according to their needs.

This content management system is a self-hosted platform, so one can choose any plan or hosting provider. These features make WordPress for small businesses suitable that want to start with affordable options. 

Also, users can easily manage, publish, and control content on their websites. There is no restriction in terms of algorithms or services.

Every webpage, blog post, or video product listing belongs to the business owner. The best part is that they can change it all whenever necessary. 

2. Minimal cost of development

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

Using WordPress for small businesses is truly helpful as the cost of developing a website is minimal. A user only needs to pay for hosting services and domain name as the platform is free and open-source.

Everyone can make use of the source code. It eliminates the need to hire a professional developer to build the website. Almost anyone can learn how a WordPress website works by spending some time on the system.

3. User-friendly interface

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

Managing and building a WordPress website is easy because of its highly interactive interface. WordPress continues to be the most preferred platform for business owners compared to other CMS products available in the market.

Users have access to all the necessary functions through the unique WordPress dashboard. Many menus are available on the sidebar, where one can create the latest blog post or install the plugins with a few clicks. 

Dedicated editors can create custom logos or make changes on a page without much difficulty. 

Business owners can easily customize WordPress websites without any coding knowledge. Besides, those who prefer the Drag and drop interface will find WordPress perfect using plugins like Divi or Elementor. 

Also, you can integrate Google Analytics with WordPress. It provides a clear understanding of the website visitors and customers. Plugins like MonsterInsights further help in simplifying reports into easily understandable data.

4. Wide range of plugins and business themes

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

An extensive range of WordPress themes and plugins are available from third-party companies and individual developers. These particularly made WordPress for small business websites preferable. The range of premium plugins and themes present therein helps include advanced features on a website. 

Besides, there are regional tools that make the WordPress website even more versatile and flexible. One can create any website by using the right plugins and themes. 

Typically, users prefer to use different plugins and themes depending on their business type. For example, WooCommerce is suitable for creating online stores, whereas plugins like WPForms are suitable for creating contact pages. Some of these solutions provide much-needed functionality for most WordPress platforms.

5. Quick and easy setup

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

The procedure involved in configuring and installing WordPress is quite simple and easy. Numerous hosting services offer auto-installing features. Users can install WordPress with a few simple clicks.

All that is necessary is adding essential information like username and password for the admin panel. Besides, the user can also use it to alter technical configurations like updating policy and EMS version. 

However, it is important to remember that the default setting is more than adequate to start a WordPress site. 

6. Ease of accessibility and permission management

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

The number of users on a website also increases with the growth of a business. Hence, it is important to have proper permission and expression for every user. WordPress has a very simple way of addressing user roles. As a result, the site owner can decide what a user can or cannot do within the website. 

The default user roles on a WordPress website include author, administrator, admin, editor, contributor, and subscriber. 

Management of these rules is easy, as the user only needs to access the admin dashboard. One can also use a WordPress plugin to change the default user’s capabilities and role. This makes WordPress for small businesses a great choice.

7. Hassle-free maintenance

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

Having a website up and running is critical for every modern business. It has become an important aspect of maintaining good credit. The best way of keeping a website working is by having proper maintenance. 

Using many plugins, carrying out essential website maintenance tasks is relatively easier in WordPress. There are managed-to-host plans with useful maintenance features like automatic updates, automatic backups, and staging tools. 

WordPress also comes with a maintenance mode allowing users to know about significant changes on the website. It helps avoid bad impressions from nonfunctional platforms and security from external websites. 

8. SEO-friendly

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

Search engine optimization is the most popular way to attract web page traffic. This practice was suitable for making a small business out online. 

WordPress comes integrated with several SEO features to make it suitable for blogging. Using it allows people access to features like custom post type and taxonomy for improving web page ranking. Besides, it gives users access to new features and functions to help improve website visibility. 

9. Highly responsive

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

A fast and responsive website boosts the credibility of the business. Prospective visitors are likely to turn down a website if it takes longer to load or functions poorly.

Using the right approach, one can easily give a satisfying user experience with their WordPress website. Numerous ways are used to speed up the WordPress platform for making an appealing business web page. Most WordPress themes are designed to become mobile responsive and ensure a good user experience on computers and mobile devices.

Another notable aspect of WordPress for small businesses is safety, as most online business owners wish to keep their websites and customer safe from hackers. With WordPress, one can ensure they have all the security measures to protect the business and its clients. It is one CRM tool that provides the much-needed security features to protect a website against unauthorized data breaches. 

10. Extensive community support

10 reasons you should choose WordPress for small business

WordPress is one of the most popular website-building platforms and enjoys an extensive active community. Users talk about different aspects of this CMS platform and share their experiences. Online forums are excellent places for beginners to learn about WordPress. 


Selecting the right platform for a small business is one of the most critical aspects of a small-scale venture. WordPress continues to be one of the most versatile and popular CMS tools for them. It has been designed to help emerging businesses create a strong online presence with little difficulty.

When setting up a business website, everyone wishes to have as many visitors on their platform as possible. Several benefits come with the use of WordPress for small businesses, as it is compatible with mobile devices. 

One need not have coding knowledge or prior experience in creating a WordPress website. The learning curve is easy, together with support from the active community. They help every user create a website that will help them stay ahead of the competition. 

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