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New Release Alert! WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7 is now live

New Release Alert! WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7 is now live

What’s up WordPress industry? We are here with some exciting news for you. The amazing WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7 is now live, along with some exciting new updates and features.

WP Markdown Editor has taken the WordPress industry by storm. Already more than 3000+ active installations. this plugin is creating new trends for writers. As you know, writing requires a lot of creativity. So, as a writer, you need the perfect environment to create the content you want.

However, WordPress has too many distractions with its Gutenberg blocks and other features. While it’s not all so bad, but it sometimes takes away the creativity from the content creators. There are a lot of writers who have complained that they prefer to write in Google Docs because they feel that there are a lot of distractions in the WordPress editor.

That is where the WP Markdown Editor came into play. It gave the environment that the writers were craving for a long time. That is why it’s got so much popularity in such a short time. And with the new update, that popularity will surely go to another level.

What’s New in WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7?

So, we have added not a lot but few necessary features to the WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7. These features will surely help the writers create the perfect content with more ease. Here are the new features in version 4.0.7.

New Fonts to Make Writing More Interesting

As you know there were different fonts to begin with. However, we decided we want to add more fonts to give the writers to play with more diversity. These fonts will make your writing more fun and surely make your work look amazing. You will find fonts like,

  • Oxygen Mono
  • IBM Plex Mono
  • Libre Baskerville
  • Open Dyslexic
  • Atkinson Hyperlegible

And the fonts are as interesting as their names.

WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7

Music Components

Now this is an interesting feature. It would seem like an odd feature, but trust us it’s not. You must be wondering why we we need music feature. We can listen to songs in YouTube or any other platform.

But the problem with that is you need to go back and forth every time to change the songs, which is distracting. So, we have added some music that will help you soothe your mind and will help you write the best content in the perfect environment. You will find music for,

  • Productivity friendly
  • Music for relaxation
  • Or you can mix them to create custom music.
WP Markdown Editor version 4.0.7

Also, you will get sounds like,

WP Markdown Editor

Also, we have added a new update that will help restore old darkmode algorithm.

WP Markdown Editor, The Rest of The Features!

WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7

These are the new features and updates we have added to the new version. But, we are going to remind you what features WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7 had previously.

You will Get Ready-made Color Schema

We all like a little bit of color in our lives. So, why not add a bit of a color when we are writing. That’s exactly what you will get while using the WP Markdown Editor.

You have the luxury to quickly choose your favorite color. As this plugin has a ready-made color schema available. So, you can easily highlight and edit your content the way you want. What more do you want?

Lot’s Of Emojis

In this era of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter people tend to express their emotions through emojis rather than words. They feel they can talk more by using different kinds of emojis in their articles and writing.

Now, the default WordPress editor doesn’t let you use emojis at will. You need to use some tricks. Why go to such lengths to use some emojis in your writing?

The WP Markdown Editor lets you use any kind of emojis. You can make your content more interactive and attractive with emojis. This plugin supports all types of emojis in your write up.

Cool Syntax Shortcuts

When we are writing, we like to keep our hands on the Keyboard as much as possible. That way, we can focus more on our writing. However, when we try to edit and format, that’s a tough time.

Because we have to use the mouse/mousepad more and more. That’s irritating to go back and forth in using the mouse.

That is why a Markdown cheat sheet is available for you which shows other keyboard shortcuts for heading, formatting, and the interface. Now, you can do all your work from the keyboard.

You Will Find and Can Play with Custom Colors

As we said earlier, we all like a little bit of color in our lives. However, when we use the WordPress editor, it is all white in the background. It could become monotonous at one point to write in the same backdrop every time.

With the WP Markdown Editor, you can customize the background text and color as you want with the custom color feature. Now, you can easily pick the color schema of your preference and make it yours!

More features includes,

  • Write post/page with markdown syntax
  • Syntax shortcut
  • Copy all content as markdown
  • Table of contents
  • One-click Dark Mode on the dashboard
  • Fast and easy to use.


The sole purpose of the WP Markdown Editor is to give the writers a great experience in writing and editing their contents. The immersive, peaceful and natural writing experience will help lift your blog to another level.

This new WP Markdown Editor Version 4.0.7 will surely bring out the creativity of all the industry writers out there. And those who like to write in a quiet, peaceful environment at night, this new version is good news for them. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now.

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