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Introducing powerful WP SMS integration for WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

Introducing powerful WP SMS integration for WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

One of the largest dilemmas that WooCommerce and multivendor owners face nowadays is to handle their product stock efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large; meeting every customer’s request can be extremely overwhelming. That’s where the WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce shows its true potential.

This plugin automatically handles customer requests along with their contact details. Also, when their requested product comes back in stock, it automatically notifies them for you! WhatsApp gateway, international number support, Call to action, SMS customization – it does it all.

However, the latest integration of this plugin has the potential to take your business to the next level. Integration with WP SMS, one of the most robust plugins on WordPress for sending SMS notifications to subscribers, allows you to access more than 250 SMS gateways, including Twilio. You can choose the one you like! Today, we will talk more about this integration today and help you get a jump-start.

Table of Content

Perks of WP SMS integration in Stock Notifier

Stock Notifier’s existing WhatsApp gateway support (through Ultramsg, Chat API, or Twilio) allows your customers to get stock notifications when their requested products come back in-store through WhatsApp. The new integration features will help you to get more out of this plugin and boost customer satisfaction.

Access to 250+ SMS gateways

WhatsApp is great, but let’s be honest; sometimes we need to connect our customers directly through their phones. Thanks to our latest integration, you can do that now. Among 250+ SMS gateways offered by WP SMS, choose your preferred one and automate communication with your customers.

WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce new API Settings with WP SMS integration.
New API Settings

Detailed outbox with SMS preview

By navigating to the SMS -> Outbox from your WP dashboard, you can now get a clear history of your previous SMS status and can also see the sent messages.

WP SMS outbox settings
Check SMS status and sent messages from WP SMS settings

Now, let’s see how to integrate WP SMS for WP Stock Notifier for WooCommerce.

How to integrate WP SMS for WhatsApp Stock Notifier for WooCommerce

You need to follow the steps below to set up this integration.

Step 1: Activate the WP SMS Plugin

First, go to Stock Notifier–> Configure Settings. There you need to activate the WP SMS plugin. If you haven’t installed the plugin, then you need to install the plugin from the admin dashboard right away.

activate WP SMS

Step 2: Customize your texts

Now, you need to customize the texts that you will send to the customer who requested the products. Enable in-stock SMS, its subject, etc. Then Save Changes.

activate WP SMS plugin

Step 3: Configure API settings

Select WP SMS in the API Settings menu and hit the Save Changes button.

activate WP SMS again

Step 4: Choose the Gateway from WP SMS settings

Navigate to WP SMS–> Settings. From there, choose your preferred gateway from the dropdown box,

choose gateaways

Add the necessary information and click on the Save Changes button to finish.


And you are done!

How the integration works?

So, when the customer adds his/her WhatsApp number to request for stock,

rquest for stock

He/she will get an SMS that the message has been received.

message recieved

And from the backend, you can see that the number has subscribed,


So, when the product is back in stock, he/she will immediately receive an SMS like this,

messaeg sent

And if you want you can send the message manually,

send message manually

This is how the integration works.


So, now you know how to integrate WP SMS with the WhatsApp Stock Notifier for the WooCommerce plugin. It is the best way to keep communication open with your customers and also raise interest on your product.

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