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Jitsi Meet

Best WordPress Webinar Plugins

Best WordPress Webinar Plugins

Best WordPress webinar plugins, Webinars help you to enter the homes of potential customers and clients. Also it is an excellent way to interact with your site’s subscribers and social media followers. You can engage with your followers, gain new ideas and grow your community.

And if you can successfully market your webinars then you can generate a lot of online sales, build up your domain authority and build a tight-knit community of followers.

Here is the list,

Table of content

1. Jitsi Meet – Best WordPress Webinar Plugins in the Repo

jitsi-Best WordPress Webinar Plugins
Webinar & Video Conference With Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is one of the best WordPress webinar plugins right now. This simple WordPress plugin can help you easily create webinars. conferences and live classes on your WordPress website. It has a built-in Gutenberg block that allows you to create as many conferences and video calls as you want in the easiest way.

This plugin will help you share presentations, collaborative meetings, improve business functionality, and access numerous people simultaneously easily. It also has a pro version with more advanced features.

The features include,

  • You can render using shortcode
  • Render using gutenberg block
  • Easily customize width, height
  • Start the meeting with audio muted or not
  • Extended Global Settings
  • Extended local setting with shortcode and gutenberg block
  • Meeting as a post On click shortcode on classic editor and integration with lms support etc.
  • Admin settings and use admin as moderator
  • Custom user avatar
  • Enable disable – welcome page. livestream, Recording, audio only
  • And more.

2. eRoom

eroom-Best WordPress Webinar Plugins
Webinar & Video Conference With eRoom

You can create and manage meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard using eRoom, one of the top WordPress webinars plugin. This plugin is great for educational institutions, consulting firms, and remote teams to offer virtual lectures or to just diversify content.

It has features like,

  • Zoom engagement reports
  • Sell your webinars as WooCommerce products
  • Compatible with Zoom API
  • Enables Zoom video conferencing features
  • Provides shortcode to conduct the meeting on any WordPress page
  • Has admins area to manage the meetings
  • Allows to add and manage users.

3. WebinarIgnition

Webinar & Video Conference With Webinarlgnition

This is a one of a kind WordPress webinar plugin for advanced users. Users can build and customize webinar registration and confirmation pages along with live webinar and replay pages. Also, they can send emails and text reminders to users and monitor the number of attendees in real-time. It is one of the most popular WordPress webinar plugins.

The Q&A/Chat integration makes it convenient to ask participants questions.


  • Customizable Registration, Confirmation, & Live Pages
  • Sales and Conversion Tracking
  • Multiple Email & Text Message (SMS) Reminders
  • Fully translatable
  • Integrated with any email auto-responder
  • Paid Webinars.

4. Webinara

webinara-Best WordPress Webinar Plugins
Webinar & Video Conference With Webinara

You can create webinars and events with similar functionality to WordPress posts using Webinara, one of the best WordPress webinar plugins. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add tags, build custom templates, and display webinar listings. You can promote your webinars on multiple platforms.


  • Ability to enable/disable webinar or event.
  • Featured rich webinar/event form for posting any webinar or event effectively.
  • In-built multiple standard categories to categorize webinars and events.
  • Add, edit and delete event categories using the familiar WordPress UI.
  • Ability to add tags in webinar and event.
  • Ability to handle webinar and event form fields from the backend.
  • Ability to publish webinars on Webinara.com platform for more perfect promotion and registrations.

5. WP GoToWebinar 

Best WordPress Webinar Plugins
Webinar & Video Conference With WP GoToWebinar

This plugin helps you to display upcoming webinars from your GoToWebinar account in a table, calendar, or widget format. Also, you can shortcodes to place webinars and registration forms on any page or post you want. Google reCaptcha support reduces spam registrations, too. No wonder it is one of the top WordPress Webinar Plugins.

Also, it comes with smart caching to boost loading times for your visitors.


  • Shortcode available
  • Can display webinars in table, idget format.
  • Google reCaptcha support
  • Show webinars from a particular timezone
  • Show webinars within the next X number of days

Final Verdict

If you want an easy and simple way to integrate a webinar system into your WordPress site, then we suggest you go for Jitsi Meet. This plugin was created with the intention so that users who don’t have the expertise in WordPress can use it.

Also, it has a pro version that will take care of the special customizations you require. Slowly but eventually it will become the best WordPress webinar plugins around.


So, we have listed the best WordPress webinars plugin in the year 2021. You can choose one and get started to educate your audience and bring awareness to your brand.

And if you have any comments do tell us.

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