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How to enable WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature – Get a good score with Google Vital Test

Enable WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature - Get a good score with Google Vital Test

WP Dark Mode is fast becoming one of the best dark mode plugins in the WordPress industry right now. The plugin is adding new features on a regular basis so that the users can stay up to date and their websites don’t lag behind. And in that frequency, there is a new, WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature.

Today we are going to show you how to enable this feature along with Google’s Vital Test for proof that it doesn’t affect your website.

This feature we have added will make sure that your website is still performing as good (better than good) even after you have added the dark mode feature to your website.

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Why is Google Vital Test Important?

Google’s vital test or core web vitals are an important part of any website. Getting a good score in the vital test will pave the way for getting good results in the search engine as well. And if your website doesn’t have a passing score, then this can impact rankings and signify that your website has a poor user experience.

There are different metrics to measure core web vitals, like,

  • Largest Contentful Paint, or LCP. It refers to loading speed. It also measures how long it takes for all of the content the fold on a page to load.
  • First Input Delay or FID. It refers to interactivity. It measures how long it takes for your browser to begin executing an action once a user first tries to initiate an event, such as clicking on a button.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift, or CLS, refers to visual stability. It measures how often and by how much elements on a page unexpectedly move.

So, why exactly is Google core web vitals or the vital test is important? Well, Google uses some page experience metrics to determine the ranking factors.

  • Mobile responsive. Google’s mobile-first crawlers make sure that your site is giving the best experience to the users. Becaus 61% of US’s organic search came from mobile devices.
  • Safe and secure browsing with HTTPS. Google want to make sure that the users are interacting with a safe and secure website.
  • Low quality or possibly spam content. Google has explicitly expressed that they want the content within their index to be expert, authoritative, trustworthy, and high-quality.

All in all, Google wants to make sure that searchers are landing on the pages that give them exactly what they want and also creates a pleasant experience on the site.

That is where the Performance mood feature of the WP Dark Mode comes in. The dark mode makes your site exclusive and the performance mood feature helps you get a good score on the vital test.

Enabling WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature

The WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature is part of the ultimate package. So, you need to purchase the WP Dark Mode ultimate version in order to enable this feature.

Now, to enable this feature, go to WP Dark Mode–> Settings–> Performance.

Performance mode_WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature
Go to Performance mood settings

There you can enable the “Enable Performance Mode” option.

enable_WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature
Enable performance mood feature

When you enable the option, you will get a message box.

message box_WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature
Message box while enabling performance mood

“If you are using Dynamic Dark Mode – the page will take a few seconds to turn into Dark Mode after the initial load (you may see a white flash).
If you want to use Performance mode without the flashing – use a color preset or custom color.”

That means if you are only using the Dark Mode, the page will take a few seconds to load when the performance mode is enabled. But, if you don’t want to see the white flash, you can use a preset or custom color.

custom colors
Color presets

How Does it Work?

You may notice sometimes that a website is taking a long time to load. That is because the JavaScript files are loading before the page content. And if the JavaScript file is big then it may take a while to load. That’s what slows down the website speed.

When the performance mode is off, then the JavaScript files load first then the page content. That is why there is no flashing issue but it takes time to load the page.

However, when you enable the performance mode of WP Dark Mode, then that loads the JavaScript file second, first, it loads the page content, which makes your website speed faster.

Though for the best practice to avoid flashing issues of our plugin, at first, we planned to load the JS files then the content. But when we thought about the site speed, we thought to keep an option of performance mode. With the performance mode you can face flashing problem a bit, but you’ll get an option to make your site superfast!

Performance test for Google Web Vitals

So, we have added the performance mode feature. But does it actually work? Well, we have gone ahead and tested the feature for you.

At first, when we tested the website without dark mode, the performance score was 81.

How to enable WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature - Get a good score with Google Vital Test
Performance report without WP Dark Mode

But when enabled the performance mode, the score was 98. This is a huge improvement and shows that the WP Dark Mode improves the performance of any website.

How to enable WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature - Get a good score with Google Vital Test
Performance score with WP Dark Mode


WP Dark Mode always tries to improve its features so that our users get the best services. Dark Mode for WordPress is a new gem for the WordPress world. The WP Dark Mode Performance Mode Feature is a step towards that.

This feature will help not only improve the performance of any website but also encourage more users to use Dark Mode and add another dynamic to their websites.

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