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WordPress 6.1 : What to expect in the next release

WordPress 6.1 : What to expect in the next release

After the recent releases of WordPress that have been preludes to updates. It is designed to fine-tune the content management system’s user experience, stability, and efficiency. As of early June 2022, Matías Ventura from the WordPress core development team has released an early WordPress 6.1 roadmap that covers the main areas of work anticipated for 6.1’s official release. The release is expected sometime around the fall season of this year.

“The tune of the release will be to refine the experiences introduced in 5.9 and 6.0, weave the various flows into more coherent and fulfilling experiences for users, maintainers, and extenders, and close some gaps in functionality as we start to look towards Phase 3 of the Gutenberg roadmap,” Ventura said.

Table of Content:

What are the development focus areas for WordPress 6.1?

WordPress 6.1

However there is no timeline of development- stage dates for WordPress 6.1 yet, We can get five key areas from Ventura’s concise roadmap that are expected to be developed.

  • Template editor: All thanks to modifications to the template editor, users have been able to browse, visualize, and edit the structure of their sites with low to no knowledge of underlying code. The planned revisions to the editor will also provide more clarity between global elements like templates, template parts, and styles, the goal of which will be unifying the template editor and post editor user experience.
  • Building with patterns: The development team is also keen to fully unlock the potential of block patterns that it highlighted in “Building with Patterns,” which came along a bit late in the WordPress 6.0 development cycle. This component of the WordPress 6.1 update will permit examples to be integral to the imaginative experience for everyday clients. Examples will actually want to be customized for custom post types and block types. Work on further developing the block locking experience, and it is likewise expected to oversee saved designs.
  • Global styles: The WordPress core development team’s ongoing global styles roadmap includes updates to the styles engine, main interface and user experience, styles variations panel, Webfont and typography customization, cross-block elements, per-block styles, and supports, and block style variations.
  • Blocks and design tools: Progress will continue on the global styles interface while improving support for restrictions, privileges, and curated presets. The 6.1 release will hopefully allow users to manage web fonts, implement responsive typography, and expand the blocks toolset — all to improve consistency, reliability, and user satisfaction.
  • Themes and wider adoption: The team will resolve issues concerning the capacity to take on highlights like format parts progressively on existing inheritance subjects. It will likewise look towards whether it will be feasible to get more extensive admittance to theme.json altering, and will look towards subject changing streams and how to best utilize recent trend and format prospects.

Conclusion on WordPress 6.1

Because the WordPress core team is continually discussing and developing new features and bug fixes, and testing them in beta releases, it is able to put out new major versions of WordPress quite quickly. WordPress 5.9, which introduced the hotly-anticipated Full Site Editing, was released on January 25, 2022. And WordPress 6.0, dubbed “Arturo,” went live on May 24, 2022.

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