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Why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world in 2024?

Why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world in 2024?

The reason why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world is because In recent times dark viewing mode for websites has gained a lot of popularity from users worldwide. You will get a slight idea when you see that Google right now offers you the ‘Night Eye’ feature where you can apply dark mode on any website as long as you’re using Google Chrome as your browser.

Think practically. If you are lying in bed with your lights off and want to read your favorite content online, you probably want something that will not affect your eyes and give you a smooth internet surfing experience. That is where Dark Mode comes into play.

The popularity of Dark Mode is so high right now that you will see that every website is offering to shift to Dark Mode and users are happily accepting this. So all in all Dark Mode has become the trend in website designing.

Today we are going to address this topic where we will discuss the recent rise of Dark Mode and we will tell you about this amazing software you can use to turn any website into Dark Mode. So, read along.

Why dark mode got popular?

The idea behind Dark Mode is that it reduces the light emitted by device screens while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability.

Like as we said earlier, if you want to read any content at night or you want your users to visit and explore your website without any trouble to their health at night, then you should adopt Dark Theme for your website. Because,

There is no harm to users’ eyes

why Dark Mode got popular.

We have to go and look at biology to understand the Dark Theme preferences which are further studied according to their impact on users and their eyes. The terms are simple. When we see the light text on a dark screen it allows the iris in our eyes to be more burdened. It has to widen much more than it does in the case of a white screen.

Hence, in dark viewing mode, our eyes’ pupil grows in size, while requiring more effort to focus on things. However, at the same time, dark mode is preferable when the reader on any device has low-light conditions and doesn’t prefer to read long chunks of text. That is one of the reasons why Dark Mode got popular.

Coders & designers love it!

According to a recent study published by Medium.com, over 70% of software engineers use Dark Theme IDEs, and dark theme downloads are almost always within the top 10 themes as per popular demand.

So, you can understand why coders and designers prefer Dark Mode. Some of the most popular coding text editors, including Atom, Sublime Text, Brackets, and Visual Studio Code, all use dark themes.

Loved by tech giants

why Dark Mode got popular

Considering Google as the progenitor of dark mode would be too biased. In fact, many early home computers that used monochrome CRT monitors used to display greenish text on black screens, in recent times, however it was Windows Phone 7 in 2010 that reintroduced dark-colored themes and backgrounds.

Right now, we have major tech giants and popular domains that have actively adopted the so-called ‘Night Mode’ and are offering customers and their users with the ability to shift their viewing preferences as per their choice.

These include big names like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Samsung’s One UI, Apple’s iPad and iOS 13, and Android 10 shadow mode, to name a few who are offering dark mode for users.

Together, these online platforms and companies cater to the majority of the urban-tech population of the planet. Hence there is no doubt that night mode became a popular option for internet and smartphone users.

Less power consumption

Why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world in 2024?

At the 2018 Android Dev Summit, one of Google’s solutions to developers to reduce battery consumption was the introduction of dark UI. Researchers at Google proclaimed that night mode could save battery life.

This finding is shared through a story published by XDA Developers, where it is stated that a dark theme can reduce battery usage up to 63% on AMOLED displays even with max brightness. Furthermore, one also has to consider the fact that white pixels are indeed more power-hungry and that brightness affects both power usage and battery life in a linear fashion. That is why Dark Mode got popular!

User friendly

dark mode web designs - User preference

It is another reason why Dark Mode got popular. We all are pretty aware of the fact that the majority of the audiences rarely read texts online. As the most viewed and popular forms of media are visuals that can be either categorized into videos or images. That is why user preferences do come into play when it comes to the popularity of dark themed websites.

According to a recent study by Smart Insights®, 92% of marketers are using videos as an important part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is estimated that on average people will spend as much as 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021.

This is also supported by the findings of Statista.com, where online video consumption is considered as one of the most popular forms of internet activities worldwide. Hence when taking these studies into perspective, it is definite that dark themes work well with online video streaming sites.

No wonder YouTube and Netflix have become dominant in the usage of these dark tones for the most part.

Now, we have told you about the features of Dark Mode. Remember we told you that we will tell you about a piece of software that will help you add dark theme to your website with ease? Well, here it is!

WP Dark Mode, The best dark mode plugin around!

As you can see Dark Theme trends are rising day by day. Everyone is looking to add a dark theme to their website. However, if you are using a WordPress website, then there is good news for you.

Because with the WP Dark Mode plugin, adding Dark Mode to your website is as easy as ever.

If you are building your website with WordPress, then you are very fortunate. WP Dark Mode has an all the features in their free and pro version that will help you add this elegant dark theme to your website.

This plugin has features like,

  • Time-Based Dark Mode
  • 5 Exclusive Color Schemes
  • Multiple Dark Mode Switch Styles
  • Dark mode Switch Shortcode
  • Place Switch Above Post/Page Content
  • Dark mode Switch Widget
  • Excludes Pages from Dark Mode
  • Excludes Elements from Dark Mode
  • Includes settings
  • Custom Switch Text
  • 10+ Dark Mode Color Schemes
  • Dark Mode based image support
  • Use Custom Dark Mode Colors 
  • WordPress Post Editor in Dark Mode
  • Customize Each Element As You Want
  • All major WordPress Themes supported
  • Dark mode Based Custom CSS
  • Dark mode Switch in Menu
  • Background Image Change
  • Dark Mode Logo support.

This plugin is one of those reasons why Dark Mode is popular in the tech industry right now!


So, now you know why Dark Mode got popular in the tech world. Not only for user preference but also Dark Mode also gives an elegant new look to your website.

This look adds another dimension to your website. When you have a plugin like WP Dark Mode at your disposal, adding a dark mode to your website is not a problem at all. So, what are you waiting for. Grab your copy now!

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